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Brie Spotlow-Garbiel (born July 21, 2036) is the adoptive daughter of David and Nicolette Spotlow-Garbiel. She was born in Paris, France.


Brie's hair is decorated with barrettes shaped like various candies, and her scrunchie is red.

Family TreeEdit


David -

Nicolette - she fears that Brie might hurt her upcoming twin boy and girl named Percy and Jennifer

Andi -

Bridget - not a very friendly one. Brie is afraid of Bridget because she attacked Mac and almost killed him.

Jason -

Frank -

Mac -

Aunt Alexa -

Uncle Michael -

Aunt Nastazia -


  • Her full name is Brie Adele Spotlow-Gabriel
  • Her favorite candy is Carambar
  • Her favorite soup is French Onion Soup
  • Her favorite movie is Madeline: Lost in Paris


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