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Bridget and her conversion to PETA

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This story is a Bridget Spotlow Garbiel solo focus story, this will be the first time a character will appear without other family members.

Bridget Signs up for PETA kidsEdit

Steven Jordan: "Hello everyone, Steven Jordan here. And today we're going to learn how Bridget Spotlow-Garbiel's entrance into PETA came to be. Let's see what happens."

[The science teacher, Mr. Ernest, puts in the documentary film called "Blackfish"]

[2 hours later]

[The class view a brutal the Canadian Seal Slaughter video]

[Bridget gasps in horror as she sees a baby seal getting clubbed to death by a Canadian sealer]

Bridget: "I think I am going to be sick! This is so disgusting!"

(This story begins with Bridget after school as she signs up for PETA kids)

[The video ends three minutes later]

Mr. Ernest: "Does anybody have any questions?"

Bridget: "What can we do to put an end to this awful slaughter to those poor baby seals?"

The Beginning of Bridget's BrainwashingEdit

Steven Jordan: "Now, this is the part where Bridget's PETA experience was born."

[Bridget curiously takes a PETA pamphlet from a student who was handing it out to her]

Student: "Save the animals and go vegan!"

[Bridget carefully reads the pamphlet]

1 hour later, Bridget returns home

Bridget: "I'm home!"

Nicolette: "Where've you been, dear?"

Bridget: "At School."

Nicolette: "For that long dear?"

Bridget: "I want to save the animals, PETA is going to teach me all kinds of wonderful things."

Nicolette: "I have every reason to worry about this Bridget, I won't let you be involved."

Bridget: "Why don't you support what I want??!!  Why must it always be about you!!!!"

Nicolette: "Because as your mother, it's my job to protect you!!!! Besides, I think that PETA isn't a good company."

Bridget: "Maybe I don't want to be protected!!!!  Maybe I want to experience what this will bring me!!!!"

Nicolette: "I don't understand why you've changed so much. This is not the Bridgett I know."

[Bridget storms off, leaving Nicolette in tears and wondering what in the world will happen to her child]

Nicolette: "I am going to have a talk with her science teacher."

Pokémon BanEdit

[Andi is seen playing with her Vulpix plush toy while her parents watch TV, and her brothers are playing with Lego, then Bridget comes into the room]

Andi: "Look, Bridget, look what mommy's got me from Japan."

[Andi shows the Vulpix plush to Bridget, who snatches it off her]

Bridget: "Pokémon is animal abuse, murder, and evil!"

Frank: "Bridget, give Andi back her toy."

Bridget: "NO! POKEMON IS ANIMAL ABUSE! If I see you playing with that toy again, I will cut your throat!"

[Bridget tosses the Vulpix plush into the garbage]

Andi: "That is mine!"

Bridget: "Not anymore it's not! It now belongs in the garbage!"


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