Nicole: "Bridget Spotlow-Garbiel, also known as Whining Snotface by the Sly Fox Trio and the Kuro Unit and their families along with Another Giuseppe, caught her younger brother Frank playing Pokemon and did the unthinkable, broke his Nintendo 3TS, leaving Nicolette and David angry."

Tokiko Shako: "" (Translation: "That's not very nice. I feel very bad for Frank.")

Ryou Shako: "" (Translation: "I agree with you, my daughter. Bridget shouldn't do anything like that.")

[We see Frank playing Pokémon Y on his 3TS]

The ConsequencesEdit

Nicolette: "Bridget, for destroying your brother's game system, you lost TV and computer privileges for a week. Just like the time you got suspended from school for five days for spanking a teacher just because she decided to have the class dissect a frog."

Huizong/Hideki: "" (Translation: Spanking a teacher, Is this legal in any country to spank an adult by a child?!)

Meimei/Meiko: "" (Translation: I don't think so. She could get in trouble for that.)

Jiao,/Jiko: "" (Translation: What, is going on in the United States......)

Another Marie: "" (Translation: "Seriously, why? Why the f*** did she overreact to a frog dissecting lesson?")

Another Mark: "" (Translation: What an imperialist and a b****!)

Bridget: "But come on mom! It's not fair!"

[David finds a broken 3TS]

David: "No, don't take them away for a week, Nicolette."

Bridget: "If you do that, I will kill you all!"

David: "Take them away for 6 months! She said if he doesn't want to join, that's fine, but she seems to want everyone to join."

Bridget: "It had to be done."

David: "Yeah right Bridget Emily, GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR ROOM NOW!"

Bridget: "NO! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"

Nicolette: Bridgette, how dare you talk like that."

David: "Fine then. Have it your way."

[The rest of Bridget's family banishes her into her room within just 10 seconds and confiscates everything within 60 seconds]

Nicolette: "I guess it's Supernanny for you now!"

[Bridget starts smashing everything in her room, including the window and her vanity]

[7 minutes later]

[Everything is back in Bridget's room]

Cut to:

[Frank talking to his friend Oliver]

Frank: "I hate Bridget so much, I want to get her arrested. Can you help me? Please?"

[Cut to: Frank sneaking a can of beer into Bridget's lunch bag without anyone looking]

[Bridget rushes off to school]

[cut to: Lunchtime. Bridget pulling out a can of beer without noticing]

[everyone is looking at Bridget]

Bridget: "What?"

Student: "Principal! Bridget brought alcohol on school grounds!"

Bridget: (shocked) WHAT?!"

[The principal comes over]

Another Giuseppe: "I'm quite very proud of Frank for trying to get Whining Snotface sent home by inserting a bottle of beer into her backpack. I never liked her at all."

Marilou: "Me neither. I'll make her play the original version of Super Mario Bros. from 1985 instead of Super Chick Sisters."


David: " "

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