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Nicole: "Bridget from the Spotlow-Garbiel Family was turning 10, and she was having a rock star themed birthday party with her friends from school."

Bridget: "Oh, it's you guys! Come and join the party, Macy, Hank, Satoko, Rylan, Dalton, Lucy, Mica, Lois, and Tina!"

Lois: "Here, Bridget, this is for you."

[Bridget opens her present to reveal a PETA piggy bank]

Bridget: "Oh, how cute..."


Bridget: (singing) " spin me around, the earth is moving, but I can't feel the ground, loving you means so much more..."


Make a music videoEdit


Guitar HeroEdit

Rock BandEdit

[Frank pees into the punch bowl when nobody is looking at him and enjoying the game]


Food and CakeEdit

[Frank hogs the vegan cupcakes and gorges them all in less than 2 minutes flat]

Frank: "Ah, that tasted good!"

Mayhem BeginsEdit

Nicole: "The trouble started when Frank ruined the party, first he changed the video to A Krampus Carol, changed the music to the Rolie Polie Olie theme and then changed the game to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4."

Orla Birou: "That wasn't nice."

(Everyone is watching their new music video)

David: "I'll send it to Facebook."

(Frank changes the video to "A Krampus Carol")

Narrator (from A Krampus Carol): "Inside the children warmed by the fire and with presents galore, were happy and excited to hear a knock at the door."

Satoko: "Oh no! Now it's not the music video!"

Narrator (from A Krampus Carol): "But alas, it was not Santa, it was Krampus!"

(Screaming is heard from the video)

David: "Who changed it?"

Frank: "I DID, MOTHER(bleep)ER!"

David: "Your PC, Wii 30, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS7, and 3TS XL games have been confiscated!"

Frank: "You are a horrible person to take away my fun!"

Krampus (from the video): "Oh, delicious little liars! It was both of you!"

Krampus (from the video): "I think it's time to get into the bag!"

(Whipping is shown)

Macy: "What the?"

(We see a boy and girl in the video getting spanked)

(We see Krampus in the video kicking a kid in the Christmas tree and hitting a girl)

Mica: "Oh god!"

(We see in the video that there are arms all over at the floor)

Lois: "I'm never seeing that film again!"

(Frank plays it over and over again)

(Frank changes the theme music to the Rolie Polie Olie theme song)

Mica: "Who changed the music?"

Frank: "I WANT ROLIE POLIE OLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[Bridget changes the music, the game and the video back]

Bridget: "No, I am not!"

Frank: "YESSSS!"

Party AftermathEdit

David: "Francis Malcolm Spotlow-Garbiel!"

Frank: "What?"

David: "Write a letter to all of the guests to say how sorry you were!"

Frank: "I'm not writing the letter to (bleep)ing Lois!"

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