Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Shinsaku jumps on Ai's bed]

Announcer: "Jo visits the family with the most badly-behaved Japanese teenagers Jo has ever encountered."

[Sachiko banishes Toshihiro to the attic]

Sachiko: "" (Translated: "Now you stay in that attic!")

[Satomi knocks down Thornton's crib]

[Thornton cries]

Satomi: "(bleep)!"

[Satsuki kicks Templeton]

[Templeton cries]

[Shinsaku throws a wooden paddle at Toshihiro]

[Shinsaku sucks his armpit]

[Satomi punches Thorton]

Submission ReelEdit

???: "I'm Angeline, this is my husband Marshall. We have 11 children, 7 are from Japan."

Marshall: "Oldest to youngest, from Japan is Ai and Akio who are 18, the unruly children from Japan are Satomi, Sachiko, Satsuki, and Shinsaku who are all 16, Adreinne, who is 7 January is 6, Templeton is 5, Toshihiro is 4, Thornton is 4 months."

Angeline: "Toshihiro is also adopted from Japan. Those who are adopted from Japan cannot speak english, but I am Japanese-American."

Satomi: "" (Translation: "Ai, where the **** are you?")

Sachiko: "" (Translation: "Let go of me, you lousy, filthy idiot!")

Marshall: "I couldn't speak Japanese the year we adopted them, but Angeline taught me Japanese the next year."

Angeline: "Others than the 16-year olds are well-behaved."

[The sets of twins stab Akio in the neck with knives]

Jo: (gasps)

[The sets of twins stab Akio in the stomach with knives]

Jo: "Are you kidding me?"

Shinsaku: "" (Translation: "*****!")

Marshall: "" (Translation: "GO TO YOUR ROOM!")

Jo: "That's not good at all."

Shinsaku and Satsuki: (pointing at Angeline) "" (Translation: "*****! Witch! ****ing Hag! Supercentenarian!")

Observation BeginsEdit

Observation ContinuesEdit

Family IssuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Meeting the 16-year olds' friendsEdit

Meeting January's friendsEdit

Jo: "Later on, mom was looking for January who should have been home from school at least a half hour ago."

Angeline: "January, where are you?"

Introducing Discipline TechniquesEdit

Introducing the Stationary ChairsEdit

Jo: "Angeline and Marshall never discipline the 16-year olds, so today, I brought in the four Stationary Chairs."

Jo: "I've brought in four Stationary Chairs. One for Satomi, one for Sachiko, one for Satsuki, and one for Shinsaku. They each stay there for 16 minutes. As soon as they are up, they must apologize, or the time will restart.

Introducing the Lose What You Like ChartEdit

Jo: "I introduced the Lose What You Like Chart, so as the four 16-year olds misbehave, they will lose privileges."

Allowance ChartEdit

Jo: "I'm also introducing the Allowance Chart. You get your allowance by doing chores and helping around the house. However, every-time you swear, we will take off 25 cents from your pay."

Introducing the White SheetsEdit

Jo: "When you see a White Sheet, it means untouchable. Can't touch, can't use, it's no go."

[Jo puts a White Sheet over the TV]

Stationary ChairsEdit

Toshihiro's fifth birthday partyEdit

Jo: "Toshihiro was having a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed birthday."

[Sonic music is playing in the background]

[Toshihiro is dressed in a Sonic the Hedgehog costume]

[On the buffet table, we see chili dogs, Rings (Onion Rings), Sonic's Slushies, Chaos Emerald Fruit Mix, Super Sonic's Energy Bars, Dr. Eggman's Eggs, Amy Rose's Pretty Pink Parfait, Tails' Flying Fish (Goldfish Crackers), Cream the Rabbit's Ice Cream Dream, Sonic's Spin Dash Blueberries, and Hamburgers]

Jo: "The children also played games like Chaos Emerald Search, Pin the Ring on Sonic, Ring Toss, Badnik Beatup, See Who is the Fastest, Badnik Balloon Pop, and Hedgehog Bingo."

[Toshihiro receives a Sonic the Hedgehog backpack from his best friend, Yoshi]

[Yoshi is dressed in a Tails the Fox costume]

[Toshihiro receives a Sonic Generations XBOX 360 video game from his friend Timmy]

[Timmy is dressed in a Charmy the Bee costume]

[Toshihiro receives a Sonic Free Riders XBOX 360 video game from his friend Tyler]

[Tyler is dressed in a Silver the Hedgehog costume]

[Toshihiro receives a Sonic the Hedgehog '06 XBOX 360 video game from his friend Melinda]

[Melinda is dressed up as Princess Elise]

[Toshihiro receives a Sonic plush toy from his friend Diana]

[Diana is dressed up as Cosmo the Seedrian]

[Toshihiro receives a Sonic Unleashed XBOX 360 video game from his friend Franklin]

[Adrianne is dressed in a Amy the Hedgehog costume]

[January is dressed in a Cream the Rabbit costume]

[Ai is dressed in a Tikal the Echidna costume]

[Akio is dressed in a Knuckles the Echidna costume]

Angeline: "Shinsaku began to ruin it after it began."

[Shinsaku, who is dressed in a Dr. Eggman costume complete, changes the Sonic music to Karate Chop by Future, the bad words are blocked by bleeps]

Toshihiro: "いや、ああ!誰が音楽を変えた?" (Translated: "Oh, no! Who changed the music?")

Shinsaku: "" (Translated: "I did! But you ain't stopping me! I will also have Lil' Wayne!")

[Shinsaku adds alcoholic drinks to the buffet table and gets into a countless number of them]

Shinsaku: "この...paattiiiii....shiii.iii..nnnaaaa...karibaaaa....nn...n.n.nn..naaaaaa.raaaa...nai....aruuuu...hakai..saaaa...reeta..." (Translated: "This party shall be destroyed!")

[Shinsaku tosses all the balloons for Badnik Balloon Pop out the fence]

Toshihiro: "晋作は、やめなさい!なぜあなたは私にこれをやっている?" (Translated: "Shinsaku, stop! Why are you doing this to me?")

[Shinsaku destroys the Pin the Ring on Sonic by tossing it out the fence]

[Shinsaku chuckles evily]

[Shinsaku dances out of style]

Marshall: "Satomi, Sachiko, and Satsuki began to ruin it next."

Satomi: "ショーが終わった!" (Translated: "Show's over!")

Sachiko: "ねえ、敏弘!" (Translated: "Hey, Toshihiro!")

Toshihiro: "うん?" (Translated: "Yeah?")

Satsuki: "ゴジラがセガ本社を破壊しているためソニック·ザ·ヘッジホッグはキャンセルされます。" (Translated: "Sonic the Hedgehog is cancelled because Godzilla destroyed Sega headquarters.")

Toshihiro: (sniffs) "それは本当ですか?" (Translated: "Is it true?")

Sachiko: (smiles) "うん!" (Translated: "Yep!")

[Toshihiro cries, wails, and bawls]

Sachiko: "あなたのおかしく頭をオフに泣くことは(bleep)本部は修復されません!" (Translated: "Crying your freaking head off won't repair the ******* headquarters!")

Angeline: "たびに、あなたはそれを行う、幸子とさつき!あなたは彼を泣かせる!" (Translated: "Every time, you do that, Sachiko and Satsuki! You make him cry!")

Marshall: "そしてそれは確かにゴジラがセガ本社を破壊した真実ではありません!" (Translated: "And it is certainly untrue that Godzilla destroyed Sega headquarters!")

[Satsuki inserts lit fireworks into the birthday cake]

Angeline: "Save the birthday cake!"

[Marshall deposits the lit fireworks out of the cake]

Angeline: "行きましょう。静止椅子。" (Translated: "Let's go. Stationary Chairs.")

[Angeline deposits each and every 16-year old to the Naughty Swivel]

[Angeline takes Shinsaku's Dr. Eggman costume off]

Shinsaku: "私はあなたが知っている多くのスペアを持っている!" (Translated: "I have many spares you know!")

[Angelique takes Satsuki's Rouge the Bat costume off]

Satsuki: " " (Translated: "What the (bleep) are you doing, you filthy (bleep)?")

[Angelique takes Sachiko's Wave the Swallow costume off]

Sachiko: " " (Translated: "What the (bleep) is the big idea?")

[Angelique takes Satomi's Blaze the Cat costume off]

Satomi: "やめろ、ママ!" (Translated: "Stop it, mom!")

Angeline: "私はあなたのために貧しい態度、嫌がらせ、荒らし、なりすまし、無礼、そしてあなたの家族に不公平ここのすべてを配置している。あなたの16分がアップしているように私はすぐに謝罪を期待しています。それに加えて、私はあなたがチャートを好きなものを失うにあなたのそれぞれに1つの光栄を削除するつもりです。また、私はあなたの支払うのそれぞれの25セントを取るつもりです。" (Translated: "I have placed all of you here because of your poor attitude, harassment, vandalism, impersonation, disrespect, and unfairness to your family. I expect apologies as soon as your 16 minutes are up. In addition to that, I'm going to remove one privelege for each of you on the Lose What You Like chart. Also, I am going to take 25 cents of each of your pays.")

[Marshall gives the 16-year-olds their clothes they took off to change into their costumes]

Marshall: " " (Translated: "Now get your own clothes back on and then stay on your Naughty Swivels for 16 minutes!")

25 minutes later

[Shinsaku is taking fangs to his teeth, and launching to another Dr. Eggman costume]

[Satomi is taking fangs to her teeth, coming back to her Blaze the Cat costume]

[Satomi has tobasco sauce]

40 minutes later

[Shinsaku force-feeds a party guest tobasco sauce]

Toshihiro: "" (Translation: You gotta stop!)

Party AftermathEdit

[Jo gets very angry with the 16-year-olds]

Jo: "I do not find it funny that you think it is okay to pull a stunt like that. It was also not very nice."

[The 16-year-olds take out their pencils and paper and begin writing their foul essays under Jo and Angeline's supervision]

[The 16-year-olds then write their false apology letters to all the guests at the party and to Toshihiro under Jo and Angeline's supervision]

[Jo and Angeline check their essays and apology letters]

Angeline: (sarcastically) "" (Translated: "Good, good...very good...")

Angeline: "" (Translated:"Not very good...not good at all! OK.")

[The Japanese apology letters by Satomi, Sachiko, Satsuki, and Shinsaku come to "You're out of ideas", "Bite my ***", "0 PERCENT SOORY STUPID", and "Cram it".]

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