Jo Frost helps out Angeline (40) and her husband Marshall (35) to deal with children. They have 11 children. Fraternal twins Ai and Akio (18) are adopted from Japan. They both are well-behaved. Akio is male and Ai is female. They also adopted Satomi, Sachiko, Satsuki, and Shinsaku (16) from Japan, they are not well-behaved. Shinsaku is male, as for the others, they are female. They also have Adrianne (7), January (6), Templeton (5), Toshihiro (4), and Thornton (4 months). The youngest five are also well-behaved. Satomi, Sachiko, Satsuki, and Shinsaku are not biological quadruplets, but Satomi and Sachiko are a pair of twins, and Satsuki and Shinsaku are the other pair. The 16-year olds are very cruel to animals, in addition, Akio has four lacerations on his neck caused by the 16-year olds. They are selfish, defiant, spoiled, and domaint. They have been expelled from 200 schools. Their attitude is atrocious, their behavior is appauling. Something that the four 16-year olds have in common is jumping on the beds. Shinsaku also sucks his skin until it bleeds when things don't go his way. Angeline and Marshall have tried teen camp, BMC, military school, boot camp, theraputic boarding school, and residential treatment center. Will Jo's Lose What You Like Chart and quartet of Naughty Swivels stop the troublesome team of 16-year old Japanese teenagers? This episode marks an issue of the White Sheets and Essay Order as well.