Brendan Liver (born April 12th 2008) is the eldest child of a Jewish single mother Caroline Liver.



Family TreeEdit

  • Mother: Caroline Liver (1980-)
  • Brother: Martin Liver (2013-)
  • Sisters: Mariah Liver (2013-), Marie Liver (2018-), Regan Liver (2021-)
  • Aunt: Diane Liver-Johnson ( -)
  • Uncle: Eric Johnson ( -)
  • Cousin: Rachel Johnson (2003-), Josie Johnson (2007-), Ivy Johnson (2013-)
  • Grandmother: Mildred Liver (née: Crump) (1955-)
  • Grandfather: Stephen Liver (1952-)


  • His full name is Brendan Tyler Liver
  • He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 3 years old
  • He was expelled from 9 schools
  1. Inspire Virtual Charter School for
  2. Borah Senior High School for
  3. The Keystone School for pushing his classmates and his teacher down the stairs
  4. Riverstone International School for brandishing his buttocks at the school groundskeeper
  5. Centennial High School for plagiarism
  6. K12 International School for vandalism and the hazing incident
  7. Timberline High School for setting the football field on fire
  8. Boise Senior High School for karate kicking the teacher
  9. Rosehill Montessori for shoplifting some merchandise on a school trip
  • He and his family moved to Indiana after he and all his siblings were kicked out of numerous schools. They were originally from Boise, Idaho.


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