This is an extension to be added on to the existing story Brahm and Treats huge mistake.

It will involve significant rewrites to character dialogue.

I botched up badly on the existing additions, i made it where the boys are doing stupid things normal 3 year olds would not do.

this piece will be dialogueless and in narrative only, I learned don't add dialogue unless its in line and in character properly.

The Boys MoralEdit

We revealed part of the moral which is to always listen to authority figures, the rest of the lesson is the boys should always display good character, be fair to others and good behavior out in public when representing family.

The Epilogue to the existing storyEdit

The boys would listen to Robert and Nicole more and they would eventually let off doing the stupid things young children do.

They would take on a much more mature approach before the age of 5.

As they got older they would become well rounded young men. They and their sisters in future transcripts would marry great men and women.

Robert and Nicole would experience being empty nesters, that is a point in a married couples life where their kids leave and life is lived on their own.

As 3 year olds in the existing material which i added very poor story extensions, they would apologize to their parents and not ever engage in the bad and wrong things again. They both learned to do the right things in life.

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