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[Brahm and Treat are with their friends, Brahm's friends are Richard, Lucas, and Leon, and Treat's friends are Ross, Chris, Craig, and Mitchell, in a treehouse, with a sign that says "NO ADULTS ALLOWED" and another that says "NO GIRLS ALLOWED"]

Richard: "Isn't your mother going to be mad, Brahm? Even Nicole Birou-Jennings?"

Brahm: "Oh, no. No adults OR girls allowed in our treehouse, especially our mummy, who IS Nicole Birou-Jennings, and she is a big fat meanie!"

Mitchell: "Treat and Brahm, both of you will become adults in 15 years."

[Nicole arrives by]

Brahm: "Club rules: No adults OR girls allowed!"

Treat: "You must go away or else you'll be..."

Craig: "SORRY!"

Nicole: "Enough already! You do not act like this. Continue and I will reasonably destroy the treehouse!"

[The boys stop]

Nicole: "That's much better."

Lucas: "Come on, let's go to my house."

[Brahm, Craig, Chris, Leon, Mitchell, Ross, Richard, and Treat follow Lucas to his house]

Nicole: "At least I can have peace and quiet."

[The nine boys come back with water balloons filled with carrot juice, wine, mud, snot, feces, worms, and broccoli, and throw them at Nicole, but they miss.]

Nicole: "You're going to the Naughty Pit, boys!"

Brahm: "We aren't, skunk!"

[Nicole takes the boys back into the house and places them to their respective Naughty Pits]

Nicole: " "

[Nicole walks away]

Nicole: "As for the rest of you boys, I'm calling your parents to come and take you all home."

[Nicole calls the parents of Brahm and Treat's friends on her cell phone]


[Brahm and Treat are sitting in timeout]

[The timer on the stove in the kitchen goes off, meaning that their 3 minutes are up]

[Nicole walks over to the twin boys]

Nicole: "Okay, boys. You were sitting in the Naughty Pit because you both misbehaved, right?"

Treat: "Right..."

Nicole: "Boys, I want an apology."

Brahm: "Sorry, mommy."

Treat: "Sorry, mama."

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