Jo Frost is called in for help by the Brady Family, who lives in Albany, New York. Mom, Angelina (42), is at her full-time job at the Hospital, and Dad, Frank (48), has been deployed to a war zone in Afghanistan for a year or so. Christina, the eldest child by the age of 16, is struggling with her younger siblings, 4-year-old Henry, 2-year-old triplets, Joni, Otter, and Mick, 8-year-old Phoebe, and 3-year-old William, who are misbehaving by biting, refusing to sit at the dining table during mealtimes or eat their given meals, hitting, screaming, throwing things, swearing, and even throw tantrums. Christina tries to convince Mom to give her a break, but no avail. She's at the end of her ropes because she is in danger of failing out of school since she has to take care of all of her younger siblings while mom is at work and dad is in Afganistan for a long time, which leaves her completely exhausted and overwhelmed. It's up to Supernanny to set things right before things get worse. This episode features an issue of the Naughty Log.


Naughty Log

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