• Caitlin, Dolly and Lilly attend Edenderry Primary School, Banbridge
  • Gemma attends Banbridge High School
  • Aimee attends Banbridge Nursery School
  • Gemma decides to become a third parent
  • Gemma's favorite hobbies are face painting, baking, painting, shopping and playing video games
  • On special occasions, Gemma invites her friends from her school (Sam, Paula, Nicola, Bobby, Beth, Emma and Darren) to help her with the face painting, body art, temporary tattoos, glitter tattoos, Henna body art, mini makeup and nail art. She picks a random of two friends to help out.
  • Gemma also dreams of becoming a makeup artist
  • Gemma's favorite TV show is The Simpsons
  • When Gemma and two of her friends are doing the face painting on her sisters' birthdays, Danielle and Jay organize a competition for the best face

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