The bosses from the Theory series.

Forever bossesEdit

  • Lauren Tiniathan
  • Sharpay Finster
  • Adrian Megnet
  • Joshua Juritin

Ongoing bossesEdit

  • Anna Kirochu (Theory of Nicole-present)
  • Leslie Baker (Theory of Nicole-present)
  • Lester Simpson (Theory of Nicole-present)
  • Meghann Qixxel (Theory of Nicole-present)
  • Sam Horne (Theory of Nicole-present)
  • Bryce Remano
  • Jose Remano
  • Orla Sanderman
  • Brahm Jennings
  • Treat Jennings
  • Joshua Remano
  • Sam Remano
  • Rowan Ikin
  • Rowan Remano
  • Michaela Britiana
  • Meghann Remano
  • Lois Keijiliches
  • Teddy Langbroek
  • Bryce Langbroek
  • Sherman Langbroek
  • Orla Winer
  • Canoe Killers
  • Orla Remano
  • Frank Spotlow-Garbiel
  • Douglas Kon (Theory 6)
  • Giuseppe Todaro and his siblings
  • Rolf Kiranoko

Former bossesEdit

  • Imogen Panizza (exclusive to Theory of Nicole, status: may come back)
  • Christine Moranis (exclusive to Theory of Nicole, status: may come back)
  • Alexandra Jenkins (exclusive to Theory of Nicole, status: may come back)
  • Orla Birou (exclusive to Theory of Nicole, status: ended)

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