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Nicole: "The Bones Family was preparing for Halloween night."

Louie: "All right, kids. What would you like to be for Halloween?"

Wanda: "I wanna be Minnie Mouse!"

Daito: " " (Translated to: "I wanna be Naruto!")

Shin: " " (Translated to: "I wanna be a Dancing Queen!")

Louie: "Ready for Halloween?"

[Shin is dressed as a Dancing Queen complete with silver Dora boots, metal peace pendant, peace earrings and a 4-piece disco bangle bracelet set]

[Achara is dressed up as a cute little leopard]

[Louise is dressed as a golden princess.]


[Yanis runs across the road]

Joanne: "Yanis, stop! You are disobeying the rules of crossing the road!"

[Dylan runs across the road]

Louie: "Dylan, stay with us!"

Back HomeEdit

[The family is watching Frankenweenie on TV]

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