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Before the Revolving line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Gloria: "Wow, this is the biggest family I have ever seen!"

Announcer: "Gloria heads off to California on a mission to save a family with 500 adopted children."


Bruno: "I hate you, mummy!"

[Shin spits on Joanne]

Submission ReelEdit

Meeting the Adopted Kids from JapanEdit

[We see Takumi, Ayaka, Kenji, Mao, Ai, Yuki, Yoshi, Kenta, Yuta, Kouki, Sakura, Sota, Ku, Megumi, Miyu, Daito, Tomoyo, Ren, Rina and Momoka gathered in the living room, watching a movie called Pokémon 3 the Movie: Spell of the Unown]

Gloria: "Hello there, darlings. Nice to meet all of you. My name is Gloria,"

[The Japanese vigintuplets get confused]

Joanne: "They do not understand English."

Takumi: "、グロリアをあなたに会えて喜んで." (Translated to: "Pleased to meet you, Gloria.")

Gloria: "How old are they?"

Joanne: " "

Gloria: "How are they?"

Louie: "They are all well-behaved except for Daito, who fights over toys and answers back, and got kicked out of 18 schools for his disruptive behavior"

Daito: "(bleep) !" (Translation: "(bleep) YOU!")

[Daito throws a vase at Ayaka]

[Ayaka cries]

Gloria: "What happened, sweetie?"

Meeting the Adopted Kids from PolandEdit

Joanne: "We have Agata, Bazyil, Aniela, Bendek, Dobry, Filipina, Kaz, Lilka, Jadzia, Jedrek, Jagienka, Jedrzej, Otylia, Stanislaw, Ksena, Lolek, Wanda, Zbigniew, Piotr and Truda."

Gloria: "How are you doing today, darlings?"

Gloria: "How old are you?"

Gloria: "How do they behave?"

Joanne: "Well, Jadzia, Kaz, Ksena, Wanda and Piotr are very well-behaved."

Gloria: "What about the others?"

Louie: "They are never well-behaved and can misbehave all the time."

[Dobry throws a toy at Kaz]

[Agata spits on Jadzia]

[Jedrzej pees on Ksena]

[Truda spits on Wanda]

[Filipina throws a cup at Piotr]

Introducing the Kids from CanadaEdit

[We meet Blake, Levi, Liam, Avery, Carter, Grayson, Danica, Eva, David, Owen, Evelyn, Nevaeh, Scarlett, Nora, Piper, Wyatt, Hudson, Alan, Felix and Teagan.]

Joanne: "These are our vigintuplets from Canada. They are 2 1/2 years old."

Gloria: "Hello, there. Nice to meet all of you."

Owen: "Nice to meet you too, Gloria!"

Gloria: "How are you?"

Teagan: "I am fine, thank you."

Louie: "They are all well-behaved."

Alan: "My favorite sport is hockey."

Meeting the Adopted Kids from ThailandEdit

Louie: "These are Achara, Anurak, Chimlin, Chompoo, Aran, Bussaba, Chai Son, Kusa, Karawek, Kanya, Kannika, Chao Fah, Charanya, Dok Phi Sua, Kit, Kohsoom, Kraisee, Lamon, Phueng and Thu Kai Bok."

Gloria: "How old are they?"

Joanne: "They are all sweet well-behaved little angels."

Gloria: " "

Kids from AustraliaEdit

Joanne: "Now, I will show you the kids from Australia. Their names are Lark, Audrianna, Kaelen, Kiel, Adaline, Abbey, Adnoartina, Darniel, Lawson, Bruno, Honour, Bindi, Lachlan, Elias, Gavin, Jewel, Jody, Jaylen, Hayley and Coleen."

Gloria: "OK."

[Jewel appears]

Jewel: "G'day!"

Bindi: "G'day, Gloria."

Gloria: "How old are they?"

Gloria: "How are they well-behaved?"

Joanne: "Bindi, Jewel, Jody, Abbey, Lark and Hayley are well-behaved but not the rest of them."

[Lark spits on Bindi]

[Audrianna spits on Jewel]

[Kaelen throws a rock at Jody]

[Kiel disfigures Abbey by smashing her with a glass cup]

[Coleen pees on Lark]

[Honour headbutts Hayley]

Introducing the kids from South KoreaEdit

[We meet Kwang-sun, Gi, Shin, Ji-min, Joonsuh, Ye-jun, Hyo, Mun-Hee, Hyeonwoo, In-Su, Cho-Hee, Hae-Won, Kyung, Mi-Ok, Mi-Cha, Woo-jin, Joosuh, Eun-Kyung, Sang-Ook and Jin-Kyong]

Gloria: "And how well do they behave?"

Louie: "Mi-Cha, Mi-Ok, Ji-min, Gi, Mun-Hee, Woo-Jin and Cho-Hee are perfectly well-behaved angels."

[Hyeonwoo slams the door]

Hyeonwoo, Joonsuh and Ye-jun: "S(bleep)!"

[Shin spits on Mi-Cha]

[Joonsuh spits on Gi]

[Ye-jun pees on Cho-Hee]

Introducing the kids from FranceEdit

Joanne: "Here we have the kids from France,"

[In another room, we see Margot, Capucine, Clémentine, Flavie, Lorenzo, Pierre, Axel, Hugo, Maëlys, Yanis, Gabriel, Louise, Ambre, Eclair, Coline, Thibaut, Vincent, Elliot, Simon and Eloise]

Eclair: "Salut, Gloria." (translates to: "Hi, Gloria.")

Louie: "That means, 'Hi, Gloria'."

Gloria: "Oh, hello."

Gloria: "And how old are you all?"

Eclair: "Nous sommes trois ans." (translates to: "We're three years old.")

Louie: "That means, "We're three years old."

[Axel punches Gloria]

Gloria: "How well do they behave?"

Joanne: "Well, Elliot, Eclair, Clémentine, Eloise, Simon, Lorenzo and Capucine are very well behaved, but not Axel and the rest of them."

[Hugo punches Joanne]

Joanne: "We do not punch."

[Hugo punches Simon and Eloise]

[Simon and Eloise cries]

[Hugo beats up all of the well-behaved siblings from France]

[All well-behaved siblings from France cries]

[Maëlys stabs Clementine]

Kids from IndiaEdit

Joanne: "We have Shanti, Apu, Asha, Yogi, Arlet, Brinda, Deepnita, Daruka, Cala, Baka, Aja, Paras, Ashok, Ananda, Mallika, Naveen, Avatari, Shasta, Mojil and Bansi."

Gloria: "How old are they?"

Kids from GermanyEdit

Joanne: "Over there is Huey, Delaware, Kaiser, Johanna, Johan, Dale, Mathilda, Lotte, Daniel, Irma, Guy, Louis, Ludwig, Augustus...and there's Diesel, Abelinda, Sonja, Tanner, Trula and Nixie."

Gloria: "How old?"

Joanne: "They are all well-behaved, except Lotte."

[Lotte grabs Kaiser and bites him]

[Kaiser cries]

[Abelinda is playing with her Disney Babies Rapunzel plush doll and personalized blanket]

Lotte: "F(bleep)!"

Kids from ChinaEdit

Joanne: "That's Miao, Mulan, Fang, Chien Po, Hai, Mei-Lin, Ping, Zhou, Bao-Zhi, Chang, Lang-Hao, Ushi, Xiang, Wing, Xiu Mei, Zhen, Yang, Dao, Deshi and Fu-han."

Gloria: "Hi, there!"

Gloria: "How old are you?"

Zhen: "12."

Gloria: "And how do they behave?"

Joanne: "They are all well-behaved execpt for Dao, who kicks and hurts people, and bullies others, especially his North Korean and South Korean siblings."

[Dao tries to kick Gloria]

Gloria: "Dao! No! We don't do that!"

Dao: " " (Translation: "I CAN DO WHAT I WANT, (bleep)!")

Joanne: "Dao! No! That is not how you say to your mother!"

Dao: " " (Translation: "I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT AND DO WHAT I WANT!")

[Dao spits on Miao]

Miao: " " (Translation: "DAO! STOP!")

[Dao kicks, bites and punches Miao]

[Dao assaults Miao]

[Dao uses a knife to stab Mei-Lin]

[Mei-Lin screams and cries in pain]

Dao: " " (Translation: "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, (bleep)!")

Introducing the kids from GreeceEdit

Joanne: "There is Gogo, Katerina, Athanasios, Eleni, Ioannis, Nikolaos, Christos, Panagiotis, Dimitrios, Kostas, Maria, Vaso, Angeliki, Paraskevi, Basiliki, Aikaterini, Georgios, Vasileios, Evangelos and Georgia."

Gogo: "Hello, Gloria."

Gloria: "Hello and how old are you?"

Gogo: "13."

Gloria: "And how are you all?"

Gogo: " "

Gloria: "How do they behave?"

Louie: "They are all very well behaved but not Vaso."

Gloria: "Why is that?"

Louie: "Well you see, "

[Katerina is playing with her Disney's Babies Pegasus plush doll and personalized blanket]

[Vaso spits on Katerina, uses a knife to stab Katerina, beheads Pegasus, punches, kicks, violently attacks, pinches and scratches Katerina]


[Katerina cries]

[Vaso kicks Gloria]

Vaso: "(bleep) YOU!"

[Vaso kicks Christos down the floor, making him cry]

[Vaso violently attacks Georgia]

[Vaso spits on Louie]

[Vaso grabs on Maria's wrists and slaps her]

[Maria cries]

Introducing the kids from New ZealandEdit

Gloria: "And who are those little darlings?"

Joanne: "These are the vigintuplets from New Zealand named Nicola, Nathan, Shayne, Toni, Shelley, Helen, Jessie, Peter, Blaine, Ellie, Michaela, Stephanie, Rebecca, Robyn, Chris, Alexander, Toby, Stacey, Shona and Charlie."

Gloria: "Hello darlings."

Louie: "They're 16 months old and they're all well behaved."

Kids from SpainEdit

Joanne: "This is Miguel, Francisca, Tulio, Dolores, María Carmen, Antonio, Juan Carlos, Ramón, Luis, Jesús, Antonia, Manuel, Pilar, Concepción, Isabel Ángeles, Ángel, Sergios, Mónica, Raquel and Yolanda."

Gloria: "How old are all of you?"

Gloria: "And how do they behave?"

Louie: "They are all well-behaved, except Manuel and Sergios."

Gloria: "Why is that?"

Louie: "They swear a lot."

Gloria: "I can only imagine."

Introducing the kids from TurkeyEdit

Louie: "In here, we have Bash, Can, Altim, Gokmen, Damla, Akay, Ender, Meltem, Doga, Umay, Zeki, Ruzgar, Kiral, Deniz, Sevilen, Ugur, Yagmur, Umut, Aysel and Kadri."

Gloria: "How old are they?"

Gloria: "How did they behave?"

Kids from North KoreaEdit

Gloria: "And who are these kids?"

Louie: "These are Mi-Young, Min-Hee, Kang-Dae, Yun, Ae-Cha, Young Mi, Bong-chol, Weon-kee, Duck-Hwan, Bae, Chin-Ho, Mee-Yon, Jin-sang, Hyun-Su, So-Young, Sang-Kyu, Nam-Kyu, Sun, Hye-Su and Ho-Sook."

Gloria: " "

Louie: " "

Gloria: "How do they behave?"

Joanne: "Well... So-Young and Sun are good kids, but the rest of them are far from it."

Gloria: "Why is that?"

Joanne: "They "

Kids from MexicoEdit

[We see Isabella, Sofia, Iker, Matias, Camila, Romina, Regina, Santiago, Diego, Vincete, Leonardo, Ximena, Victoria, Renata, Nicolás, Emiliano, Sebastian, Mateo, Valeria, and Valentina]

Diego: "Hola, Gloria!" (translates to: "Hello, Gloria!")

Gloria: "Hola to you, too. How old are you all?"

Victoria: "Estamos 15 años." (translates to: "We are 15.")

Louie: "That means 'We are 15 years old'."

Gloria: "How do they behave?"

Joanne: "The ones who misbehave are Diego, Sofia..."

Gloria: "What do you mean? How so?"

Joanne: "Well, for starters, Diego is a teenage delinquent. He sneaks out after curfew, gets in fights at school, slacks on his chores, has a bad attendance record..."

Louie: "And Sofia "

Kids from WalesEdit

[We see Harrison, Angus, Rhys, Reece, Noah, Amelia, Mikayla, Gemma, Zara, Tayla, Caleb, Vanessa, Chloe, Logan, Brock, Jacinta, Brontë, Zane, Adam and Tamara]

Gloria: "How old are you?"

Gemma: "We're 11."

Adam: "And we were born in Wales."

Gloria: "And how are you all doing today?"

Adam: "We're fine thank you."

Gemma: " "

Gloria: "How do they behave?"

Joanne: "Unfortunately, Vanessa is the one who misbehaves."

[Vanessa screams]

[Adam and Gemma cover their ears]

Gemma: "I've got these flowers for you, Gloria."

Gloria: " "

[Vanessa spits on Gemma]

[Vanessa violently attacks Zara]

Kids from ScotlandEdit

Gloria: "Who are the kids from Scotland?"

Joanne: "Their names are Jock, Kyla, Rob Roy, Cora, Dhoire, Kendrix, Blaney, Minna, Tavey, Fearcharia, Fiona, Tara, Montgomery, Wynda, Torri, Robina, Mackenzie, Thane, Uisdean and Sinclair."

Gloria: "Hello."

Fiona: "Hello!"

Tara: "Hi Gloria."

Gloria: "How are you doing today?"

Fiona: "We are doing fine, thank you very much."

Gloria: "How old are you?"

Tara: "6."

Gloria: "How do they behave?"

Joanne: "They're all good kids, except Jock, Rob Roy and Montgomery."

Gloria: "Why is that?"

Joanne: "Jock gets very poor grades in school, Rob Roy swears and Montgomery abuses his toys and uses bad language."

[Montgomery beheads Tara's Rainbow Dash plush]

[Tara cries]

Jock: "(bleep) OFF, JACKA(bleep)!"

Rob Roy: "YEAH! (bleep) OFF AND DROP DEAD, (Bleep)!"

Introducing the kids from FinlandEdit

Joanne: "Over there is Kevin, Clas, Ellen, Otto, Tarja, Koop, J.J., Christa, Emma, Janina, Sari, Kaarlo, Neko, Pelle, Francis, Leelee, Kalya, Miro, Jeri, Helvig."

Joanne: "They are all 21 months old."

Kids from ItalyEdit

Joanne: "We have Pablo, Dino, Alfredo, Giovanni, Angelo, Capri, Aldo, Bambi, Pietro, Carla, Rita, Marizzio, Marcello...Francesca, Elena, Concetta, Gino, Bella, Contessa and Diva."

Gloria: " "

Carla: "We're two!"

Joanne: "They are also the sweetest well behaved little angels."

[Capri is eating provolone cheese]

Meeting the kids from IrelandEdit

Joanne: "Gloria, meet these kids from Ireland."

Gloria: "Tell me their names."

Vigintuplet #1: "I'm Dylan,"

vigintuplet #2: "I'm Ciara."

Vigintuplet #3: "Keeva,"

Vigintuplet #4: "Sam,"

Vigintuplet #5: "Darragh."

Vigintuplet #6: "Brianna."

Vigintuplet #7: "Cassidy."

Vigintuplet #8: "Alroy."

Vigintuplet #9: "Sinead."

Vigintuplet #10: "Clooney."

Vigintuplet #11: "Emmet."

Vigintuplet #12: "Enda."

Vigintuplet #13: "Gearoid."

Vigintuplet #14: "Hugh."

Vigintuplet #15: "Gael."

Vigintuplet #16: "Nuala."

Vigintuplet #17: "Fergus."

Vigintuplet #18: "Rionach."

Vigintuplet #19: "Bartley."

Vigintuplet #20: "And I'm Colleen."

Gloria: "And how old are you all?"

Gloria: "Were any of them good or bad?"

Joanne: "Cassidy is very well-behaved, except for the rest of her siblings."

Kids from VietmanEdit

Joanne: "We have Emily-Michelle, Duy, Nguyen, Linh, Jenny, Tinh, Duyen, Trung, Minh, Dung, Phuong, Phuc, Hieu, Yen, Cara, Dat, Kye, Naoi, Vuong and Elyshia."

Joanne: "They are all well behaved along with the rest of the children aged from 6 months to 2."

Kids from RussiaEdit

Joanne: "We have Anna, Igor, Czar, Alexel, Platon, Gleb, Pyotr, Sava, Olesia, Natasha, Irina, Oktyabrina, Liubov, Ksenia, Konstantin, Anatoliy, Pavel, Elizaveta, Orya and Melora."

Gloria: "How old are they?"

Joanne: "They're 12 months old and they are all well behaved."

Kids from GhanaEdit

Joanne: "There's Eddy, Donkor, Kim, Abrewa, Garret, Lydia, Julie, Mark, Enoch, Joel, Ramat, Kwame, Miriam, Awusone, Kwaku, Ejo, Osei, Coffie, Serwaa and Perpetual."

[Eddy, Donkor, Kim, Abrewa and Lydia's eyes are squeezed shut]

Gloria: "How old are they?"

Louie: "They're all 9. In Ghana, it is considered disrespectful for a child to make eye contact to an adult."

Gloria: "And how do they behave?"

Louie: "They don't speak English, and they have been in the U.S. for 3 months now, and they get frustrated and angry when they can't communicate."

[Kim pulls Lydia's hair]

Lydia: "Ow!"

Introducing the kids from TanzaniaEdit

Joanne: "We want you to meet Michael, Kurt, John, Mustafa, Bessie, James, Samira, Janeth, Duni, Phillip, Jackie, Sheila, Zaramo, Khalid, Hwinga, Richard, Doto, Lisa, Gregory and Neybeth."

Gloria: "Hello."

Kurt: "Hi Gloria! Nice to meet you."

Gloria: "How old are you?"

Kurt: "We're all 9 years old."

Gloria: "How are you all doing today?"

Kurt: "Great."

Joanne: "Samira was diagnosed with bipolar disorder since she and her siblings were "

Gloria: "How do they behave?"

[The Tanzanian vigintuplets are playing a board game called Sorry!]

Louie: "Well... the "

Observation BeginsEdit

Gloria: "It wasn't long before Diego kicked off."

[Diego runs away from Joanne and runs outdoors naked]

Diego: "Nos vemos pronto, idiota tonto!" (translates to: "See you soon, silly idiot!")

Joanne: "Come back here, Diego, and put your clothes on before someone sees you!"

Diego: "Cierra la boca, maldita mujer!" (translates to: "Shut your mouth, you freaking lady!")

cut to:

Gloria: "Did anybody in this family ruin any holidays?"

Joanne: "Why yes. Halloween was simply awful, because Yanis and Dylan disobeyed the rules of the road."

Gloria: "My goodness."

Louie: "And Thanksgiving was appalling because Hugh and Yanis..."

Gloria: " "

Joanne: "Well unfortunately, Christmas was awful. The Thai vigintuplets are Buddhists and didn't get to celebrate Christmas with us. On Christmas Day, several kids got coal in their stockings. The Irish vigintuplets got revenge on Cassidy for being the only one who got presents. "

Gloria: "How did the Thai vigintuplets feel about being left out?"

Joanne: " "

Gloria: " "

Louie: "And New Year's Eve was anything but happy because ."

Gloria: " "

Joanne: "St. Valentine's day was nothing but sheer chaos because ."

Gloria: "Oh, dear."

Louie: "And St. Patrick's Day was downright awful because "

Gloria: " "

Joanne: "Of course. Easter do I say this?"

Observation ContinuesEdit

Bruno: "Hey, Yoshi! Can Mario ride you?"


Parent MeetingEdit

Joanne: "The last school Daito got kicked out of was Nha Carlsbad Head Start Center for making the whole class watch a disgusting Internet video called 2 Girls, 1 Cup. That video was absolutely disgusting...showing two young women...who were conducting themselves in fetishistic intimate relations, including defecating into a cup, taking turns in what appears to be consuming the excrement, and vomiting it into each other's mouths."

Gloria: "That's disgusting, I could only imagine..."

House RulesEdit

Naughty PitEdit

Super Naughty PitEdit

Around the World Reward ChartEdit

Joanne: "This is you in your own hot-air balloon, and you are traveling around the world."

Green SmoothieEdit

Reflection RoomEdit

Naughty SwivelEdit

Naughty ChairEdit

Stay in BedEdit

Learn EnglishEdit

Dining OutEdit


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