• RubbadubbersFTW DoraFTL

    I think that, not to be rude or to upset anyone, that I really think that the rule that we shouldn't on center profanity should be removed. People can swear whenever it's censored or uncensored (but I think there should be a rule that you shouldn't swear against anyone), and all of you should kindly deal with it.

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  • Plankton5165

    Samuel the Otter has decided to team up with Sophie, and is now the team leader.

    Luigi Todaro also is recruited by the Terrific 10, and is going to marry Reicheru. When? Let's find out by scrolling down!

    APRIL FOOLS * 2! It is 8/2, April Fools is 4/1, what is 4/1 times 2? 8/2! Happy April Fools times 2!

    What? You seriously thought Samuel and Luigi are teaming up with us? There just ain't a way.

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  • Plankton5165

    If you were reading the fanfics, go on.

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  • Plankton5165

    CEC is coming!

    July 11, 2017 by Plankton5165

    CEC stands for "Character Electoral College"

    Let's see if this will psych you up.

    • Product's apparent history: The CEC is 12.5 years old.
    • Our real-life history: The CEC is coming real soon, who's able to say what the date is?

    Here is a list of SNFW-related characters in the CEC, and their EV values as of July 2017:

    • Jade Tanner - 47
    • Plankton5165 - 33
    • Brittany Soler - 29
    • Chartfanlover - 27
    • Nicole Jennings - 25
    • LaToya Tanner - 24
    • Joe Tanner - 22
    • Cooper Bates - 15
    • Jordan Tanner - 15
    • Japanlover86 - 14
    • Igor the Mii - 13
    • Hinomaru the Espeon - 13
    • Ken Chisholm - 11
    • Dick Brien - 9
    • Bouncer - 8
    • Botle Cap - 7
    • Catherine the Spellcaster - 7
    • FlipTable122 - 6
    • Gemma the Good Witch - 6
    • Sophie the Otter - 4
    • Flames the Reshiram - 4
    • Joseph the Alolan Vulpix - 4
    • Anna Kirochu - 3
    • Willow Mora…
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  • Plankton5165

    Poll Day 1 and 2 were late. Poll Day 3... not so the case this time around.

    Unveil your answers in the comments.

    Here's the deadline: N/A.

    We have three questions.

    Here's question 1: Name all of the companies you hate, sort them by how bad they are, with the top company being the worst. (i.e. PETA, Disgusting)

    Question 2: name all of the phrases of the Disgusting staff that you strongly dislike, sort them by how much you dislike them, with the number one being the worst (i.e. "Go suck the plunger", "Hinomaru, throw your child in the garbage")

    Question 3: You have a favorite Mario Kart 8 course, besides a downloadable one?

    Maybe this will cement your decision.

    I will display some team names. The objective is to reach the top 3 in the logo primary i…

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  • PB&Jotterisnumber1

    In Supernanny: The Theory Animated, there have been characters who are either treated unfairly or deserve fitting punishments that match their poor interaction with others. In your opinion, who in the series should deserve better or worse? Make two separate lists for characters that deserve better and ones that deserve worse. Don't forget to include good explanations why.

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  • RubbadubbersFTW DoraFTL

    In some episodes, like the Hill Family and the Bones Family, they think that peeing and pooping in diapers is considered a missed behaving. Doesn't that defeat the diaper's purpose? Babies usually can't contain themselves, you know. How exactly is this misbehaving???

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  • Thejohnfan

    My AU idea

    July 4, 2017 by Thejohnfan

    I came up with an AU for Supernannya. The origin was in a couple of comments on the Samuel the Otter page where I said Samuel would be 17 and thus be allowed to do whatever he wants. Sophie said that due to the timeline, Samuel will forever be 14. This made me come up with an AU.

    So this universe would have everybody age normally but start out the same ages as they are as of today, July 4, 2017.

    • Sophie, Samuel, Marilou, and CJ would be 17 1/2.
    • Reicheru would still be 14.
    • Gemma would be 31.
    • Satoko Samo would be 12.
    • Huizong would be 23.
    • Curt and Danielle would be 41 (because for ghosts, they incarnate as the age they were at death)
    • Nicole would be 26.
    • The only Kiranokos would be the Chinese twins, Hans, the Japanese twins, Ania, Adele, Dita, Agape, A…

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  • RubbadubbersFTW DoraFTL

    Why are there so many families that have thousands of foster and adopted children, like the Cap family, or the Langbroek family? Who in the right mind decides to adopt thousands of foster children like they were Adam and Eve? The money to raise these outrageous amount of children in these articles is probably equal to a few private islands, or maybe about a hundred yachts. Not all families all rich enough to raise thousands of children. You might even have to own the largest building in the world to house all these children. These people are just like the Duggars, but with loads more kids. This should be considered child hoarding, like people who collect animals animal hoarding. People who do this, make me lose my faith in humanity.

    And i…

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  • Thejohnfan

    So, every Theory Animated episode has a good ending. Let's see what the endings would be if they were bad.

    • Wild Otter Chase: Sophie and co. fail to find Samuel.
    • Finding Satoko: Toshio is unable to escape the prison and dies of dehydration.
    • Pyrokinesis Torture: The Sebastian doll is unable to be fixed, or the torture has no effect.
    • Irina's Ambush: The murderer is able to kill Irina.
    • Exploding Spirit Comes to Town: The malfuctions kill every instrument, and Shadow Japanese Child is never resumed.
    • Asthma Trouble: Satoko fails to find an inhaler, and Toshio dies of lack of oxygen.
    • Fights! Hammer 'Em! Auction?!: Ri Dae-Jung and Matthew Duric are killed and the weapons kill the north side.
    • Cosmic Crusader: The fall kills Princess Starlight.
    • Eat, Ri Dae-J…

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  • Plankton5165

    Poll Day 2 of 2017!

    April 21, 2017 by Plankton5165

    Well, this is running late. Answer in the comments, there will be no deadlines.

    On with the questions...

    1. Rate the Pokemon teams from strongest to weakest.

    • Reicheru's team
    • Sophie's team
    • Jade's team
    • Igor's team
    • Satoko Samo's team
    • Brittany Soler's team
    • Ken Chisholm's team
    • Mei's team
    • Gemma's team

    2. See the 7 pictures of Jade Tanner? This is the evolution of the drawing. Rate every one of them from 1 to 10, and explain your opinions on all of them.

    3. Who do you think will win the 2015 election - heroes vs. villains?

    The heroes, Team HTML Green/Black, Brittany Soler, Plankton5165, and NitroG?

    Or the villains, Team Innate Whiplash, Maggie Wilson, Sheriff Callie, and Oldmanhenderson420?

    4. Whichever candidate will win by how much?

    • Close margin - less than 3 p…

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  • Plankton5165

    Happy birthday, Chartfanlover! The battle of the XLJ teams is now here! Which team will be the winner? You'll have to find out.

    First, let's see if I can stun you with this link:

    Here is a link to the 6 pm edition:

    I will inform you when other editions are released.

    Don't miss out!

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  • PB&Jotterisnumber1

    Coming this year, a new game called Tomas' Adventure will be released on the Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, and Nintendo 3DS!

    When Mairead and the entire Supernannya region turns against Tomas MacSherry, it's up to him to defeat every member of both TT10 and GBS. He must also find a way to be brought back to life.

    Can Tomas conquer Supernannya?

    • Everyone will be aged up by 10 years.
    • Supernannya will look rather sickeningly-sweet at first, but as Tomas defeats more characters, the darker the region becomes.
    • Enemies will look "exactly" like their official artwork from Supernanny: The Theory of Nicole.

    Give us a drumroll, please. (Psst, scroll down to find the answer!)

    Never! Tomas doesn't deserve his own game at all! April Fool's from the SNFW!

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  • Andrewteel213

    I like this wiki

    March 24, 2017 by Andrewteel213

    I like this wiki because it has Brahm and Treat being bad in the Birou Family/ Revisited article.

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  • RubbadubbersFTW DoraFTL

    Should there be a limit to children the parents have? Because I've seen articles with millions of foster and adopted children, such as Langbroek Family Revisited. Reasons why:

    1. The family won't raise all those kids.
    2. Most, if all, of these kids could get neglected, and grow up to be unhealthy.
    3. That's going to turn the family, including the kids, into moms and dads in training
    4.  It's just simply not healthy!
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  • Thejohnfan

    There are a lot of massive numbered siblings on this wikia, so I made a page with a list.

    • The Mazar Family, who have ten kids. (=2nd)
    • The Langbroek Family, who have ten kids and a grandchild. (1st)
    • The Room Family, who have eight kids. (Last)
    • The Anderson Family, who have nine kids. (4th)
    • The Irine Family, who have ten kids. (=2nd)

    Most kids: Langbroek Family (ten, technically eleven kids.)

    Least kids: Room Family (eight kids.)

    • The Gabroonie Family, who have seven kids. (Last)
    • The Megnet Family, who have eleven kids. (=4th)
    • The Belushi Family, who have ten kids. (6th)
    • The Truel Family, who have eleven kids. (=4th)
    • The Regunal Family, who have eight kids.
    • The Everitt Family, who have twenty-three kids. (1st)
    • The Hillsborough-Doggerel Family, who have twelv…

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  • Plankton5165

    Poll Day 1 of 2017!

    January 24, 2017 by Plankton5165

    Better late than never! You thought poll day was gonna be discontinued?

    There will be no SurveyMonkey poll. Instead, vote in the comments. No deadline.

    The question is: On a scale of 0 to 20, how much do you like each character on both lists?

    See a year and a rank? That's the year that the character made the top 3 in the XL primary, and where it was.

    In the XL primary, the objective is to make the top 3, and it's pretty much as simple as that.

    However, before 1999, the judging panels and hosts hand-picked the top 3 on both sides each year. Since 1999, they just hand-pick which characters are going to run, rather than hand-picking the entire top 3, for a rather epic Friday.

    What day is the votes counted? Any day from November 9 to November 15, wh…

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  • Japanlover86

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2016 by Japanlover86

    We made through 2016 safely, with the celebrity deaths, the centenary year of the Somme and the Easter Rising, threats of bombs, and everything else, let's hope we make it through 2017...

    Easter Rising Parade: Happiest moment of my life, I was one of the few that came up north, I felt so safe and happy, it taught me not all Irish rebels are vicious killers like what my mother had to put up with and it gave the rebels are more sympathetic approach, taught me some very useful life lessons.

    Visiting the GPO: It was so much fun! I've never been happy in Dublin for a long time!

    Visiting Dublin: I felt so safe and happy, the atmosphere was charming and people were friendly.

    Pokemon Sun and Moon: I need to say more?

    I finish school

    1916 Beyond Barricad…

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  • Thejohnfan

    Supernanny Fanon Wiki is a wiki founded by Plankton5165. It's based around Supernanny and a whole bunch of other things.

    Abusive Parents: Quite a few. Special mention goes to Takumi Sato, who killed 2 children and even damaged one of the murdered ones 2,546 times. Special mention also goes to Giuseppe Todaro, who shook a baby to death, abused all of his children by spanking them and giving them cold showers, and when getting divorced attempted to kill them all.

    Accidental Truth:

    Barry Eriksonner, "I'm not sitting on some dumb Naughty Step!"

    Jo Frost: "That is right. You are not."

    [Barry looks confused]

    Alliterative Name: So many it needs its own page.

    Arson, Murder and Jaywalking: "Keisha (5) will throw tantrums, scream, throw toys, kick, hit and…

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  • Plankton5165

    We will announce a voting ballot for characters in a racing game which is estimated to be released in early Spring 2017.

    The game is expected to have estimates of 32 default characters, 32 unlockable characters.

    The more votes a character receives, the more likely the character is to be playable in the game.

    The fan-made voting results will reveal the results from all 50 states.

    You guys, however, will request the people on the ballots.

    Voting ends on December 31, 2016.

    Currently, 22 characters are on the ballot, the goal is 200. If we reached 200, you still are able to add more. The more, the better.

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  • Japanlover86

    I want to give a Happy Rememberance and Veterans Day to the users of the wikia, it has been at least 102 years WWI started and 98 years when it ended, I know I am late, my charger broke.

    In Britian and the Commonwealth, this year, it is a three-day event, but in other years, it depends on the calendar and the day it is on, starting with Rememberance or Poppy Day and ending with Rememberance Sunday, which is extremely important in British and Scottish culture, next year will have the Poppy Day followed by Remembersnce Sunday.

    On Sunday, from 10:40-11 am, I will not be editing the wiki for 1 hour for the two minute silence, probably spending time with family members, I will be down commemorating it with family members.

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  • Plankton5165

    Alright, I'm gonna share and explain my prediction for the 2016 election, which begins tonight at 7:00 pm EST, 4 pm on the Pacific Time Zone.

    So, before we reveal my prediction for the 2016 election, we just reveal stats from PMB, right?

    R means regular (the regular forecast).

    N means now (if the election was held the day of).

    • 8/11 - R - 78% - N - 33%
    • 8/12 - R - 78% - N - 38%
    • 8/13 - R - 87% - N - 40%
    • 8/14 - R - 87% - N - 42%
    • 8/15 - R - 89% - N - 34%
    • 8/16 - R - 94% - N - 40%
    • 8/17 - R - 89% - N - 40%
    • 8/18 - R - 95% - N - 38%
    • 8/19 - R - 96% - N - 42%
    • 8/20 - R - 98% - N - 48%
    • 8/21 - R - 97% - N - 60%
    • 8/22 - R - 97% - N - 54%
    • 8/23 - R - 97% - N - 57%
    • 8/24 - R - 96% - N - 47%
    • 8/25 - R - 91% - N - 42%
    • 8/26 - R - 94% - N - 57%
    • 8/27 - R - 96% - N - 62%
    • 8/28 - R - 97% …

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  • PB&Jotterisnumber1

    What if the Theory Animated cast did parodies of TV shows, movies, video games, books, etc.?  Put your recasts in the comments below!

    Here's an example proposed by Japanlover86 back in 2013.

    • Sophie as Sonic
    • Catherine as Tails
    • Plankton as Knuckles
    • Reicheru as Rouge/Shadow
    • Footballmatch as Cream
    • Supernanny Girl as Amy Rose
    • Malek as Big the Cat

    And here is an example of mine.

    • Toshio Samo as Cuddles
    • Shika Koshi as Giggles
    • Arata Kenji as Toothy
    • Curt Scar as Lumpy
    • Monika Fech I as Petunia
    • Dietrich Fech as Handy
    • Catherine the Spellcaster as Splendid (genderbent role)
    • Sophie the Otter as Sniffles (genderbent role)
    • Matthew Cap as Pop
    • Demetri Cap as Cub
    • Maria Tachimi as Flaky
    • Huizong Zhungxi as Nutty
    • Dennis Cap as Lifty
    • Samuel the Otter as Shifty
    • Hiro Shinozawa as The Mole …

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  • Plankton5165

    Poll Day 4 of 2016!

    October 10, 2016 by Plankton5165

    Now, this is the final set of polls of the year of 2016.

    So, here's how it's gonna work. There will be 20 questions split into two parts.

    • Part 1 -
    • Part 2 -

    Good luck and have fun!

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  • Plankton5165


    October 1, 2016 by Plankton5165

    Back in July 2009, Jamie Hulbert released a new series: Ze Fashionista Electorate.

    To form contests, people would usually search for YouTube videos to try and find a casual-like candidate and a hardcore-like candidate. They will be the opponents in something very similar to US elections, however with character appearances.

    A small amount of voters vote for their favorite character appearances on the last day of every month. Here is the leaderboard with some SNFW-related characters:

    1. Jade - 58 (gained a ludicrous FORTY EVs, at the beginning of the month she had 18.)
    2. Brittany Soler - 57 (same as last month, peak was 61 EVs in May/June 2016, still more than California.)
    3. Amy Brooks - 38 (same as last month, but not a record.)
    4. Cooper Bates - 37 (same …
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  • Plankton5165

    This was predicted by Jamie Hulbert, aka Tellyznphonezfor Adultsonly, on September 26, 2016.

    The most likely next DS game to be released for Virtual Console for the Wii U is Meteos.


    • 9/29/2016 - 10.5%
    • October 2016 - 35.5%
    • November 2016 - 16.3%
    • December 2016 - 11.6%
    • Someday, but not in 2016 - 16.3%
    • Never - 9.9%
    • Before October 31 - 46%
    • Before November 30 - 62.3%

    Titles they have released (22 titles):

    • Big Brain Academy
    • Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes a Day!
    • DK: Jungle Climber
    • Kirby Mass Attack
    • Kirby Squeak Squad
    • Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
    • Mario Kart 64
    • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
    • Metroid: Prime Hunters
    • New Super Mario Bros.
    • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
    • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
    • Pokémon Ranger
    • Pokémon Ranger: Guardia…
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  • HermioneGrangerfan1234

    They are: Julie,Jennifer,Tommy,Lauren,and Vicki.

    My favorite is Lauren: Page for her is going to be made soon!

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  • Plankton5165

    It is time to announce that a series similar to Will The Chick Play With It? will be released on July 22. The series will be called "Da Dual Seven Cardz". Fourteen characters will be ranked by characters from projects here in the SNFW.

    Here now are the fourteen candidates, seven male and seven female:

    • Adolf Hitler
    • Alfred Jodl
    • Brittany Soler
    • Cooper Bates
    • Jade
    • Jeffrey Ridgway, Sr.
    • Joseph "ThePlankton5165" Capozza (Me!)
    • Joseph Goebbels
    • Kai-Lan
    • Larry Abraham
    • Melissa Stahlberger
    • Nicole Jennings
    • Rintoo the Tiger
    • Theresa Ridgway

    And now, on with the allocation method:

    1. 60 points
    2. 40 points
    3. 30 points
    4. 25 points
    5. 20 points
    6. 16 points
    7. 14 points
    8. 12 points
    9. 11 points
    10. 10 points
    11. 9 points
    12. 8 points
    13. 7 points
    14. 6 points

    The voter's ballot will automatically calculate which gender the voter prefe…

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  • Japanlover86

    I am going to my sister's wedding in the Isle of Arran, which is off the coast of Scotland, which probably has no internet.

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  • Plankton5165

    If you want to be technical, this is the fourth annual poll day. Back in 2013, Poll Day was originally scheduled to be annually only. Instead, Poll Day is three-monthly.

    And now, on with the polls.

    You will not see the polls on this article, you click on the following link to see them:

    It would be nice if you explain why you chose specific options in the polls. Do it in the comments below. First, take the polls.

    Good luck!

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  • IceCreamFanatic2001

    This episode is my very first adopted child episode. You guys can give me an idea for the kids, the countries ( only the ones I did not do yet ), their ages ( has to be the same ages, except the Japan children ), and type in their behavior. If they are well-behaved or an amok runner. If you choose amok runner, type in what they do that is bad. Any name except the ones I used unless you add "The Second" or planned to use. I planned to use Jennifer Parker, her age will be 5, she is well-behaved and she is adopted from Venezuela. This episode is from the US, the location is Alexandria, Scranton, PA, the nanny is Jennifer Gardener and the family is very big! Parents Jenny Parker and Ian Parker, both 24. They have over 56+ children from differe…

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  • Japanlover86

    Okay, Tommorrow, I am going to Newcastle in County Down and I will be away for a few days, here are some rules when I'm away, Do not type anything on my message wall as I will not be able to answer you, and if you are handling vandals, you have to deal with them on your own.

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  • Plankton5165

    At the moment, you will see unsettling and strong Pokémon from selfish parents. A 17-year old girl from a region which draws inspiration from Greenville, SC would blast the s*** out of the selfish parents with her own Pokémon, the most brutally strong and unsettling Pokémon you have ever seen. If Supernannya/Pokémon AU refuses to accept, they’re voting for the Todaro siblings and everybody similar to them. She uses Pokémon that are stronger than all the other current protagonists'.

    JPL86 created the series. She likes to see selfish parents, especially the Todaro siblings suffer. Wait until they battle the 17-year old trainer. This will become the best thing JPL86 ever saw in her life.

    Let’s say the next game will take place in the region bas…

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  • Plankton5165

    So, here is what I sent to the GoAnimate staff:


    I heard a YouTube user say she told him she talked to an agent woman who works with GoAnimate. She said she is migrating GoAnimate for Schools, but all the nonbusiness themes will be gone for a while, and will return in the Summer of 2016 via updates. That will never happen to them on the normal GoAnimate.

    I heard Mister C F say GoAnimate for Schools will migrate to HTML5, and abolish every bit of every nonbusiness theme forever, no exceptions. He also said free trials and GoPublish will be removed, and the other subscription prices will increase. He kept disrespecting opinions by also wanting people who are for the nonbusiness themes to be against them. Mister C F lied by saying he never di…

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  • IceCreamFanatic2001

    I am leaving the wiki for a few weeks. Why? Because I am too busy with other stuff.

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  • IceCreamFanatic2001

    This episode is my very first adopted child episode. You guys can give me an idea for the kids, the countries ( only the ones I did not do yet ), their ages ( has to be the same ages, except the Japan children ), and type in their behavior. If they are well-behaved or an amok runner. If you choose amok runner, type in what they do that is bad. Any name except the ones I used or planned to use. I planned to use Jennifer Parker, her age will be 5, she is well-behaved and she is adopted from Venezuela. This episode is from the US, the location is Alexandria, Scranton, PA, the nanny is Jennifer Gardener and the family is very big! Parents Jenny Parker and Ian Parker, both 24. They have over 56+ children from different countries. They are:

    Side …

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  • Plankton5165

    So, Sophie the Otter went to the building in South Carolina where they did Xtreem Judging and texted the hosts to give Jamie "Tellyznphonezfor Adultsonly" Hulbert, a judge from Xtreem Judging and one of the longest-running judges, a pop quiz. Let's see how well he did! He also had 15 seconds to answer each question. All questions and the hint appeared on the TV screen.

    1. What is 30 times 30? - He said 900. Correct.
    2. Name a president who won the popular vote four times. - Franklin D. Roosevelt. Correct.
    3. Name a president who won the popular vote three times. - Grover Cleveland. Correct.
    4. Name a president who won the popular vote twice. - Ronald Reagan. Correct.
    5. Name a president who won the popular vote once. - Jimmy Carter. Correct.
    6. Name a president w…
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  • IceCreamFanatic2001

    This is my first future episode ideas. This means that they might be created in late June 2016 since I have been busy lately making Birmingham Family which is a fanon Season 24 episode from the UK. Some of my amok runners I made can be found on my page called List of amok runners.Here we go!

    Parents: Kimberly ( age 24 )

    Location West England, England, UK

    Nanny: Irene Anna Taylor

    Children: 1 girl and 1 boy

    Joel , age 3

    Hatty , age 6

    In this episode ( not to be confused with the canon Season 6 episode of the same name ), Irene returns to the UK to help out single mom Kimberly, age 24. Hatty, age 6 and Joel, aged 3. Hatty is well-behaved but Joel is the straw that broke the camel's back. He throws tantrums for toddlers, swears, gotten so aggressive …

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  • Plankton5165

    This is for 100 selfish people. 100 stubborn parents/guardians will be given 15 questions.

    1. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or the logo of Milan Restaurant in Pine Brook, New Jersey?
    2. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or Da Tree Elementz?
    3. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or Lake Hoohaw?
    4. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or the Boston Massacre?
    5. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or the Exorcism of Anneliese Michel?
    6. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or the WNET closing logo from 1973?
    7. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or the band The Vamps?
    8. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or Flappy Bird?
    9. What do you have a higher opinion of? ABCDEFGH or the Peter…
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  • Plankton5165

    This is not a joke. When I recommended ABCDEFGH to hundreds of thousands of users, literally everybody ignored it. They are missing out and don't even realize it. They had the nerves to kick me out of the Google+ Pokémon community with hundreds of thousands of users instead.

    I made ABCDEFGH for myself, however, more importantly, I made it for the Pokémon fans, and they rejected it. Had they not refuse to check it out, they would be playing the Pokémon games for even longer amounts of time. But no way. They had to choose the regretful path nor do they even realize it. Believe me.

    Leave a comment, maybe more.

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  • Plankton5165

    Poll time!

    May 22, 2016 by Plankton5165

    In the United States, it is still Brittany Soler's 21st birthday, as of the time this was posted. Here now is a poll related to the highest scoring fictional character of ABCDEFGH's Top 100 aka the birthday girl:

    GoAnimate version MLP: Equestrian Girls version
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  • Plankton5165

    Epic Character Opinion Battles has officially arrived. In it, 125 characters will battle a unique item disliked by various people/characters 40 total times.

    Here are the four links to the battles. Actually, four. Well, here they are:


    Let me inform about the choices:

    • The character ~ You will see a specific character in the left corners of a particular row. That character will challenge the unique item disliked by various people/characters.
    • As for the column to the right of the character's column, that column will display the opponent the character will be facing.
    • Tie ~ Both opponents tie.
    • Pass ~ W…
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  • Plankton5165

    Coming on May 21, there will be a showdown between 125 people/characters and 40 disliked items.

    So, technically, you will be asked the following question 5,000 times: "Who do you have a higher opinion of? The character or the often disliked items?"

    I'll tell you five items. Two of them will be battling all 125 characters.

    • Bludgeoning
    • SpongeBob Episode "The Splinter"
    • Onigiri
    • THX Closing Logo
    • WNET 1973 Logo

    Why don't you guess which two items will be in COB? Anyone who guesses correctly before May 21 will have 3 times the voting power.

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  • Sonic2007

    Response needed

    May 7, 2016 by Sonic2007

    Sophie, I needed your response. Someone called Hedgehog Davidson raped you, put gasoline over you.

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  • Plankton5165

    There would be a total of 2,842 delegates, with 1,422 being the lowest majority. The totals come from all 51 worlds and 5 other locations. (just like the presidential primaries have 50 states, D.C., and 5 territories.)

    Training Centre is 18 delegates.

    1. Grassland - 27
    2. Thunder Meadow - 40
    3. Volcano - 40
    4. Desert - 35
    5. Forest - 33
    6. Mountain - 22
    7. Cavern - 38
    8. Meadow - 20
    9. 1930's-Themed World - 25
    10. Cusswordville - 92
    11. Construction Site - 34
    12. Yoyleland - 50
    13. Snowy Plains - 27
    14. Moon Grove - 47
    15. Extra Loud Palace - 63
    16. Hotel - 50
    17. Icy Lake - 27
    18. Hudson Pueblo - 39
    19. Lake Hoohaw - 33
    20. Steampunk Town - 50
    21. Ye Olde Golf Course - 32
    22. Dragozilla - 43
    23. Frontline Park - 32
    24. Swinging Hammer Palace - 95
    25. Abandoned Aquarium - 30
    26. Abandoned Playground - 20
    27. Abandoned Orphanage - 20
    28. Mucky Marsh - 15
    29. Creepy Sea - 47
    30. D…

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  • IceCreamFanatic2001

    This is a May vote and it is due by May 17th. 

    There will be 4 theory games ideas. You can only vote ONCE.

    Anyway, anyone who does not want to vote, I respect your opinion.

    Theory Games:

    Vote 1: Peter, Payton, and Lillian Get Sent to Behavior Modification Camp

    Vote 2: Peter throws a temper tantrum because he needs to do his homework

    Vote 3: Peter, Payton and Lillian Get Sent to Military School

    Final vote: Peter gets kicked out of Emily Kimbette Intermediate

    Voting begins now! 

    Voting ends May 17th!

    Happy editing!

    Read more >
  • Plankton5165

    Last Tuesday, I recommended ABCDEFGH to the ultimate leader of the list, NitroG MacRae. As of now, he hasn't given a response. So, did he even ever try ABCDEFGH? I doubt it. That is what I get from the winner of the ultimate list, in comparison to 1585? No responses? This is unacceptable! I presumed he would like ABCDEFGH more than GoAnimate, especially since GoAnimate is migrating to HTML5, but then that wants to become a profit? Yeah, right HTML5 is going to work, it's going to make GoAnimate become the second Trump Steaks. Can I guarantee that? No, but it would be disastrous if it isn't. If there's anyone I could imagine would like ABCDEFGH more than anyone else, it's NitroG MacRae. Well, is he ever gonna try it? I really don't know.


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  • Igor the Mii

    He's innocent, it isn't his fault that we don't have the nonbussiness themes anymore, it's because HTML5 couldn't work with the old themes.

    Most voices were removed because The license expired for the voices, so they had to be removed.

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  • Plankton5165

    Poll Day 2 of 2016

    April 10, 2016 by Plankton5165

    I've got good news, more good news, and bad news. I'll give you the bad news first. The bad news is there are only six polls. The good news is, you will actually give more than 200 responses. More good news is, there is no expiration date set.

    Here is a link to the six polls:

    Good luck to all of the users taking them!

    In the comments, you should explain why you chose certain options. You don't have to explain why you chose all of them.

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  • Plankton5165

    I will now announce which worlds will be in The Theory Immense, and what bosses will be encountered.

    BTW, World 0 is Training Centre, where players will battle Samantha Fee. Like I said, there will be 10 stages in each world, including two boss fights with the same boss from the world.

    1. Grassland, Lauren Tiniathan.
    2. Thunder Meadow, Sharpay Finster.
    3. Volcano, Harold and Parker Verdin.
    4. Desert, Adrian Megnet.
    5. Forest, Imogen Panizza.
    6. Mountain, Holly-Cynthia Zagart.
    7. Cavern, Hailey Cloud.
    8. Meadow, Satoshi Hoki.
    9. 1930's-Themed World, Ainsley Mazar.
    10. Cusswordsville, Octavius Ball.
    11. Construction Site, Oliver Pringle.
    12. Yoyleland, Orla Patterson.
    13. Snowy Plains, Candice Tucson.
    14. Moon Grove, Louis Cooper.
    15. Extra Loud Palace, Brendan, Thomas, and Dalton Ryder-Butter.
    16. Hotel, Catali…
    Read more >

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