• Satoko and Yoshi both like Pokemon
  • Satoko played the role as Mowgli in The Jungle Book in a local Youth Theatre

The following schools Jack has been expelled from:

  1. Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School
  2. George Washington University Online High School for computer hacking
  3. Science Focus Program for blowing up the science lab
  4. Unl Independent Study High School
  5. Lincoln Northeast High School
  6. Pius X High School
  7. Bryan Community School
  8. Information Tech Focus Program for the hazing incident
  9. Lincoln Southeast High School
  10. The Keystone School
  11. Special Education Yankee Hill Program for causing an accident in the school parking lot
  12. Southwest High School
  13. Lincoln High School
  14. North Star High School
  15. Lincoln East High School

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