Black Sun of Supernannya (JP: Toshio Samo: The Medic Marvel) is an anime thriller-horror film about Toshio Samo's cruelty to the Japanese Todaro Vigintuplets and his human experimentation on Gadadhara Bobbalu School teachers


Six-year old Toshio Samo leads the medical and prison unit, where he performs brutal torture and human experimentation, it focuses on the POV of the team and the POV of prisoners and experiments, aswell as his team


Musical NumbersEdit

There are several songs that are sang in the film as musical numbers. They were released on an album called Best of the Terrific 10 Medic Unit.

  1. Dr. Cold-Blooded Killer
  2. Japanese Child Medics
  3. Why Are You So Cruel, Toshio-san?



It is banned in Northern parts of China due to similarities to Unit 731's atrocities.


It is rated NC-17 for intense brutal cruel bloody violence, suggestive themes, and strong language.


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