Birou Family Revisited is a Season 6 episode of Supernanny. Jo revisits the Birou Family. Orla (7) no longer acts up, Nicole (24) is married to Robert Jennings (24), who portrayed Joshua in the Juritin Family and is a Youtuber, and they now have twin sons named Brahm Jennings and Treat Jennings (both 3) , the twin sons who copies Orla's old behavior, but much worse. These boys disturb Orla while she is trying to do her homework, swear, break things, terrorize the family's pet dog Lucy, and do other odd stuff around the clock. In addition, these boys were kicked out of 30 schools and 25 daycares. Orla is a straight-A student and a genius with an IQ of 135. It turns out that Nicole's IQ is 140. Is it? Can Jo get these two boys to tidy up their acts before it's too late?

Discipline techniques: Naughty Pit (for Brahm and Treat), Toy Confiscation


Bad Language

Other Techniques: Reward Chart (Kept princess for the girls since the first visit and Cowboy for Brahm and Treat), Thought Box (for Orla, Kayla, Haidyn and Skyla), Homework StationWhite Sheets (leftover), Vandal Disposal (leftover)

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