In this episode, Jo heads to Ponte Vedra to help Nicholas (27) and Melissa-Anne Birou (29) and their four children. While oldest child Jordan (8) is well-behaved, his three younger siblings are far from it. Karise (5) likes to draw on the walls and spend hours upon hours watching TV, Samantha (4) likes to behead Karise's Barbie dolls and acts violent towards her parents and siblings and the youngest child Jett (2) refuses to sleep in his own bed at night, give up his pacifier AND his bottle. Has the family's relationship gone down the tubes? Nicole Birou-Jennings and Orla Birou make an appearance.

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Square (for Karise and Samantha) and Naughty Stool (for Jett)

Other techniques used: Thought Box (for Jordan), Family Time, Shared Play, Stay in Bed, Chore Buddy System, Paci-Fairy Technique, Bye Bye Bottle, Block Violence, Reward Chart and White Sheets