• This is the first episode ever to mark the first issue on the Naughty Pit, White Sheets, and Vandal Disposal.
  • This is the oldest revisited episode.
  • The Birou children are all fans of Dora the Explorer. Orla's favorite character is Swiper the Fox, Skyla's favorite character is Diego (which is not Dora-exclusive), Haidyn's favorite character is Boots the Monkey, and Kayla's favorite character is Dora.
  • In Halloween 2010, Orla was only one of the Birou children who wore a costume that is not Disney nor Dora related. Orla was dressed up as a witch.
  • In Christmas 2010, Orla received nothing but coal in her stocking.
  • Orla gets kicked out of the Applebee's restaurant for her bad behavior
  • Orla gets kicked out of Touchstar Cinemas for her bad behavior
  • The Birou Family Revisited was the second-to-last episode of season 13.
  • 11 of Orla's things have been confiscated for her bad behavior during Jo's visit:
    • Swiper the Fox plush toy
    • Dora the Explorer coloring book
    • Dora the Explorer DVDs and videos
    • Princess Jasmine doll
    • Fisher Price Dora the Explorer Tunes Guitar
    • Barbie Doll
    • Toy firetruck
    • Cabbage Patch Doll
    • Dora Swing Into Action VHS
    • Barbie Volkswagon Beetle play car
    • Crayola crayons

List of Schools Orla has been expelled from:

  1. Meadow Woods Elementary School for constantly using profanity and stealing (3/9/11)
  2. Vista Lakes Elementary School for bullying 5 other children in her class who got a part in the school play and she didn't (3/17/11)
  3. Sunrise Elementary School for starting food fights at snacktime and fighting (3/24/11)
  4. Timber Lakes Elementary School for threatening to kill the principal (3/31/11)
  5. Bay Meadows Elementary School for destroying the furniture (4/6/11)
  6. Pine Castle Christian Academy for continous disobedience (4/15/11)
  7. Riverdale Elementary School for throwing books at her teacher and sexual misconduct on a little boy (4/22/11)
  8. Morning Star Catholic School for hitting her fellow classmates (4/28/11)
  9. Palm Lake Elementary School for typing inappropriate language on the computer (5/5/11)
  10. Primrose School of Hunter's Creek for assaulting the staff (5/13/11)
  11. Toys N Tots Academy for setting her classroom on fire (5/19/11)
  12. Noah's Ark Christian School for stealing (5/25/11)
  13. Precious Gems Crown of Glory Pre-School for throwing several cherry bombs across the cafeteria (5/31/11)
  14. Faith Christian Preschool for shoving 4 desks to the wall (6/8/11)
  15. Orange Blossom KinderCare for flashing her private parts to her fellow classmates and sexually assaulting a young boy (6/15/11)
  16. StarChild Academy for bringing a firearm (9/7/11)
  17. Discovery Zone Preschool for setting her teacher's car on fire (9/14/11)
  18. La Petite Academy Preschool for flushing cherry bombs down the toilet in the girls' bathroom (9/22/11)
  19. Little Fishes Preschool for stealing money from the collection plate (9/30/11)
  20. St. Mary's Preschool for excessive aggressive behavior towards the teacher and other students (10/11/11)
  • Orla is currently attending Story Book Nursery School
  • Skyla's favorite drink is Hot Chocolate
  • Orla's favorite food is Suzy Q's cake snack
  • Nicole's favorite snack is passion fruit. She also enjoys tabasco sauce.
  • Kayla, Orla, Haidyn and Skyla's late grandfather was an inventor of a portable carousel.

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