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[The Birou-Jennings family, friends and relatives are gathered at a funeral for Robert Jennings' grandfather]

Priest: "My friends, we are all gathered here today, to honor the memory of..."

[Treat pees into the casket]

Treat: "I done a wee."

[Nicole is talking to her friend on her cell phone]

Nicole: "You should have seen him, Nancy. He looks very lifelike, and..."

[Brahm is plucking the petals off of all the flowers on the funeral wreath]

Nicole: "Oh, my lord!"

[Brahm changes the music to Drop the World by Lil' Wayne]

Madeline/Nicholas/Catherine/Bianca/Melody: "Aunty Nicole! Aunty Nicole! Look what Brahm and Treat are doing!"

Orla: "Mom, my cousins want you!"


Priest: "What is going on here?"

Orla: "Mom, look at what they're doing right now!"

[Friend of Robert's Grandfather delivers a eulogy]

Great-Grandfather Jennings' friend: "Er-hem. I'd like to take this moment to say a few words about my good friend..."

Mourner: "Oh, my lord! Look at what those boys are doing!"

Nicole: "Naughty boys!"


Haidyn/Skyla/Kayla: "Aw!"

Nicole: "Come on girls, let's go!"

Haidyn/Skyla/Kayla/Orla: "Aw!"

Kayla: "Already?"

Orla: "Why do we have to leave?"

Nicole: "We have to leave now because Brahm and Treat spoiled this somber event."

[The family is gathered in their vehicle]

[Robert steps on the gas and drives away from the church]

Nicole: " "


Robert: " "

Treat: "You're poo-poo!"

[Once they get home, Nicole places both boys in their respective Naughty Pits]

[Nicole discards 10 beanbags into each Naughty Pit]

Nicole: "You do not change the music, pluck the petals off flowers, or pee in the casket. Like I said for 3 minutes. Do not move."

[Nicole walks away and confiscates Brahm's Diego plush doll, Treat's Barney plush, Brahm's Geo plush, Treat's toy firetruck, Brahm's Elmo plush, and Treat's Boots the Monkey plush.]

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