This is the family reunion from updated versions of the Supernanny: The Theory 8, Supernanny: The Theory of Space, and Supernanny: Strictest Offer Requests. It costs 11000 jewels in the Theory 8, 10500 jewels in the Theory of Space, and 330000 points from the driving-step money board in SOR. That automatically unlocks the SBSP episode The Harshest Comeback, but with Nicole's family reacting to it as well.

The story takes place on Madonna's 56th birthday, which is August 16, 2014. Mary-Ellen, Nicole's mother, decided that the family would watch one of Madonna's movies in Nicole's house, and she knew the kids love SpongeBob, so Mary-Ellen thought The Harshest Comeback (released the same month as the reunion) would be perfect.


Princess Mindy and Queen AmphitriteEdit

Haidyn: "Who voices the queen?"

Mary-Ellen: "Maria Brink voices her."

Haidyn: "Oh."

SpongeBob gets a restraining order and gets firedEdit

Nicole: "While Amphitrite and Mindy left with food and money, my kids were in shock about what was going to happen."

Bald: "Since you work in a place 100 yards near the mall, and you cannot come within that limit, you are automatically fired from the Krusty Krab."

SpongeBob: "(chuckles) You're gonna have to talk to Mist--WHAT?!?!"

Bald: "I shall talk to your boss about it."

[Kayla and Orla gasps]

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