Preparing for the VacationEdit

Nicole: "Hi, this is Nicole Birou-Jennings. I have 6 children; 4 daughters and 2 sons. Mmm-hmm. We're traveling together as a family. Me, my husband and my 6 children."

[Orla is playing Solitaire on the computer]

Travel Agent: "Ma'am, since you have more than 5 guests in your party, we'll divide the party into several staterooms. Once you have selected a cruise, ma'am, you can add up to 3 additional staterooms to accommodate the rest of your party traveling on the same travel date."

Packing for the TripEdit

Robert: "All right, gang! Let's go upstairs and pack our stuff for the trip!"

[The family goes upstairs to their respective bedrooms and pack their things]

In Nicole and Robert's RoomEdit

In Kayla and Orla's RoomEdit

In Haidyn's RoomEdit

In Skyla's RoomEdit

In Brahm and Treat's RoomEdit

The family leaves for their vacationEdit

Robert: "Are you guys set and ready to go?"

20 miles later

[The girls are listening to music on their respective iPods]

Brahm: "I wanna sit by the window!"

Treat: "Are we there yet?"

Brahm: "I gotta go potty!"

Treat: "Are we there yet?"

Brahm/Treat: "Are we there yet?"

25 miles later

Brahm/Treat: "Are we there yet?"

Brahm: "I'm hungry!"

Treat: "I have to pee!"

35 miles later

Treat: "I'm gonna puke!"

Brahm: "I'm bored..."

40 miles later

Brahm/Treat: "Are we there yet?"

60 miles later

Brahm/Treat: "Are we there yet?"

Nicole: "For the final time, NO! For goodness sake, you two, can't you find something to do quietly?"

Boarding an airplaneEdit

[The Birou-Jennings family enter an airplane]

Robert: "All right, everybody. find a seat. Are you guys ready?"

Brahm/Orla/Kayla/Haidyn/Treat/Skyla: "Yeah!"

[Each family member selects their own seat to take]

Orla: "I'll sit next to Kayla."

Skyla: "I'll sit next to Haidyn."

Nicole: "Robert and I will be sitting together."

Robert: "Head count. One, two, three, four...wait a sec, where are Brahm and Treat?"

Captain: "This is your captain speaking. We will be flying to Miami, Florida. Have a nice flight."

At the baggage claimEdit

[At the baggage claim, Brahm and Treat are playing on the baggage carousel]

Kayla: "Mom, come look at what Brahm and Treat are doing!"

Orla: "Mom! Robert! They're playing on the baggage carousel!"

Brahm/Treat: "Wheeeeee! WHEEEE!"

Nicole: "BOYS!!!!! What are you doing?!!!"

Robert: "Excuse me, boys. Sit down in your seat immediately! That is not a ride!"

Boarding the Disney cruise lineEdit

Captain: "Everybody have your tickets ready. The Disney Wonder will depart in one hour!"

[The Birou-Jennings family is a boarding the Disney cruise line]

Robert: "All right everybody: we're gonna set some rules here."

Day 1Edit

Nicole: "Rise and shine everybody!"

Day 2Edit

Day 3Edit

Day 4Edit

Day 5Edit

Day 6Edit

Getting SouveneirsEdit

Robert: "Okay, gang. We're here to get some souveneirs. You may each pick one,"

Nicole: "Oh, look Robert! This one looks lovely!"

Robert: "What is it?"

Day 7Edit

Day 8Edit

Day 9Edit

Day 10Edit

Day 11Edit

Day 12Edit

Day 13Edit

Day 14/Last DayEdit

Coming HomeEdit

Nicole: "I do not appreciate your attitude at all. There's one alternative left...Behavior Modification Camp in Oregon!"

Brahm/Treat: "WE HATE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION CAMPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! Why are you sending us there!!!!"

Nicole: "You asked for it, you were being a pair of complete brats."

Treat: "We promise we will behave."

Nicole: "Well, you'd better, because if you don't, you will receive serious punishments."

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