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1st night of HanukkahEdit

[Katie-Charvet lights the first candle on the menorah]

Katie-Charvet: "Children, Hanukkah starts tonight,"

[Teddy, Kadee, Nicholas, Tim, Bryce, Carly, Lotte, Caleb, Ivan and Michael gather]

Katie-Charvet: "Who would like to play 'Spin the Dreidel'?"

2nd night of HanukkahEdit

[Katie-Charvet lights the second candle on the menorah]

3rd night of HanukkahEdit

4th night of HanukkahEdit

Katie-Charvet: "When I call your name come up and get your Hanukkah presents....Carly."

[Carly comes up to claim her presents]

Katie-Charvet: "Timothy..."

[Tim walks up to claim his presents]

Katie-Charvet: "Theodore..."

[Teddy comes up to get his presents]

Katie-Charvet: "Katherine..."

[Kadee comes up for her presents]

Katie-Charvet: "Bryce..."

Katie-Charvet: "Lotte..."

Katie-Charvet: "Ivan, Michael, Nicholas, Caleb..."

5th night of HanukkahEdit

[Katie-Charvet brings out the Hanukkah presents]

6th night of HanukkahEdit

7th night of HanukkahEdit

8th and final night of HanukkahEdit

Katie-Charvet: "Okay children! Time to open your Hanukkah presents!"

Teddy: "I got a Bugs Bunny plush!"

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