In this episode Gloria meets the Bedingfield-Remano Family. Kieran Bedingfield (47) and Sabrina Remano (36) just got married 2 years ago. Kieran's children are Macaulay (14), Robert (12), Peggy (10), Rita (8), Ben (6), and adopted son Yoshi (4) (from Japan). Sabrina's children are Roxie (12), Thomas J (11), adopted daughter Soo Mi (10) (from South Korea), Kelsey (9), Hunter (8), Olivia (7), Jake (6), Andrew (5), Mikayla (4), and Kimmy (3). Macaulay fights, spits, hits and yells. Robert takes off his clothes in public,runs amok,swears,spits,pee on furniture,tortures younger siblings,run in to the street, and fights. Ben disrespects home and snacks. Thomas J fights and attacks his younger siblings. Soo Mi listens to heavy metal and trashes the household. Kelsey is diagnosed with Asperger's. Hunter defecates furniture and punches the womb of Sabrina's baby boy. Olivia rules the roost, snacks, plays violent games on her Playstation 8 and spends too much time on FaceBook. Jake hits,kicks,spits and hits. Andrew does the same things as Hunter. However, Peggy, Rita, Yoshi, Roxie, Kelsey, Mikayla and Kimmy are 100% well behaved.

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