Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny,"

Stevie: "Shut the f*** up!"

Brian: "You better watch your language."

Announcer: "Gloria heads to Los Angeles, California to meet the Beckett family, whose four kids are driving them completely crazy.

Brian: "I am very disappointed with your behavior, Stacie."

Announcer: "Can Gloria help those four kids turn their life around?"

[Stevie throws a cup of water in Brian's face]

Announcer: "Or will this happen forever?"

Stevie: "You're all stupid. Even you, Supernanny!"

Submission ReelEdit

Gloria: "Here I am, in Los Angeles, California ready to meet a stay-at-home father and a working mother, who need my help."

Brian: "Hi, I'm Brian Beckett. This is my wife, Rhonda. My wife works all day to pay the bills, while I stay home and clean. We have six kids, John, our oldest, is 18, Amber is 17, Amanda is 15, Stacie is 13, Peter is 6, and our youngest, Stevie is 4. John and Peter are well-behaved, but the other four are all far from well-behaved."


Brian: "Amber likes to hang out with older boys that Rhonda and I don't know, Amanda likes to stay out past her curfew, Stacie finds a wall and colors on it and Stevie, who is the worst, eats junk food and misbehaves 24/7."

[We see Amber kissing one of her boyfriends named Orson]

Amber: "I love you so much, Orson. You deserve my love."

[Stevie throws a tennis ball at John, but misses]

John: "Stevie, you almost hurt me!"

Stevie: "I'm supposed to, John."

[Stevie laughs]

Rhonda: "What happened this time, officer?"

Officer: "Amanda has been disobeying curfew again, like she always does. Not only that, she was seen loitering at a local convenience store."

Stacie: "I like to f***ing color on walls!"

Brian: "Please, Supernanny, help me get this family back together again."

Gloria: "Don't worry, I'll be there, Mister."

Observation BeginsEdit

Gloria Arrives at the Beckett DoorstepEdit

[Gloria arrives at the Beckett home and rings the doorbell]

[Brian and Rhonda answer the door]

Brian: "Hello, you must be Gloria. I'm Brian Beckett, and this is my wife, Rhonda."

Gloria: "Nice to meet you, Brian and Rhonda."

Rhonda: "Hello, I'm Rhonda and I'm leaving for work in thirteen minutes."

[John and Peter come in]

Brian: "That's our sons, John and Peter."

John: "What's up?"

Peter: "Hello."

[Stevie hits Gloria with a toy baseball bat]

Stevie: "Welcome, Miss Piece of S***."

Rhonda: "Steven Daniel Beckett, watch your language, you're only 4."

[Stevie runs off laughing]

Rhonda: "Excuse me, get back here right now, please."

Stevie: "No way!"

Rhonda: "Stevie."

Stevie: "Fine. Hello, Gloria. Sorry I swore at you."

Gloria: "Apology accepted."

[Amber, Amanda and Stacie arrive]

Rhonda: "That's our other three kids, Amber, Amanda and Stacie."

[Gloria sees drawings on the wall]

Gloria: "Who drew on that wall?"

Stacie: "I did."

Brian: "Stacie, drawing goes on paper, not on walls. Do I make myself clear?"

Stacie: "Yeah."

Brian: "John, can you take your brothers and sisters upstairs, because Gloria wants to talk with your mother and me."

John: "Okay, Dad."

[John takes his brothers and sisters upstairs to his room]

Talk with Mom and DadEdit

[Gloria, Brian and Rhonda sit down]

Gloria: "What were the kids kicked out of school for?"

Brian: "Some for beating up students, some for swearing constantly, and some for flipping off people."

Gloria: "What about the holidays?"

Rhonda: "Well, we had Thanksgiving last year at my sister, Helen's house. We made the food. Later at dinner, the kids were having a food fight, which Stevie started. Stacie ate the entire cherry pie, which was considered greedy. Also, Amanda smeared gravy on the walls, and Amber hogged all the juice from Peter. They ruined Halloween last year too. John and Brian stayed and gave out candy, while the other five went with me trick-or-treating. Peter behaved the entire time trick-or-treating, but the other four had tricks up their sleeves. Stacie was covering all the houses and trees with toilet paper, Amanda was flipping off the other trick-or-treaters and swearing at them, Amber took off her cat costume and ran around naked across town and Stevie went off on his own, getting more and more candy. As soon as we got home, Stevie ate his treats and then his other siblings' treats, telling me he wanted more candy. He also ruined Peter's ghost costume by ripping it into pieces and throwing it in the fireplace. Amber, Stacie and Amanda backed him up in it. So Brian, John and I grounded those four for a week."

Gloria: "He only ruined Halloween and Thanksgiving?"

Brian: "Actually, he ruined other holidays. The four ruined Christmas as well. The four were knocking all the snowmen down at the park. One morning, they ate gingerbread men for breakfast instead of regular breakfast. We went shopping at the mall, and Stevie, Amber, Stacie and Amanda were all shoplifting from every store. They also ruined Peter's Christmas play by holding a bucket of water and Stacie was the one who pulled the rope, dumping the water. On December 20, we went to my parents' house for Christmas. At dinnertime, Stevie spit all the food we served him at my mother's face. Peter brought some plum pudding from the store, and Stacie ate it. Also, Amanda ate one whole pie and threw another at the wall. Amber brought one of her boyfriends over and they causing havoc, by playing the Motley Crue song "Kickstart My Heart" on the stereo, eating some of the food and eating all the desserts. We soon got up on Christmas morning to eat our breakfast and open our presents, Stevie, Amber, Amanda and Stacie all got coal in their stockings, because they were all on the naughty list. They stole everyone's presents, claiming them as their own. They threw the tree on Peter. They made a huge scene at dinner that night. And on New Year's Eve, Amber went out to spend it with one of her boyfriends, Stevie snuck an alcohol bottle and mixed it with juice, Stacie and Amanda spray-painted one of my friends' vehicles. They also ruined Easter by breaking every egg during the easter egg hunt."

Gloria: "That doesn't look good at all."

Rhonda: "Well, now we gotta find a way to improve Stevie, Amber, Amanda and Stacie's behaviors."

Brian: "Sounds like a good idea, Rhonda."

AM MorningEdit

Gloria: "After Rhonda left for work, "

Observation ContinuesEdit

Gloria: "Later that afternoon, Peter and Stevie were playing Battleship, which then they started fighting when Stevie found out Peter was sinking his battleship."

Stevie: "F-6."

Peter: "Missed. A-10."

Stevie: "You sunk it, you little s***!"

[Stevie starts punching Peter and then hits him with a stuffed lion, as Peter starts to scream and cry, Brian then comes upstairs]

Brian: "What is this? Both of you, enough."

Stevie: "He deserved it! He sunk my battleship!"

Brian: "Steven Daniel Beckett, you don't ever hit your brother. Now say you're sorry."

Stevie: "I'm sorry, Peter."

Brian: "That's better. Don't ever do it again, then. OK?"

Parent MeetingEdit

Gloria: "That evening, after Rhonda got home from work, I had a meeting with mom and dad and talked about implementing discipline, house rules, etc."

Gloria: "So I hear that only two of your kids, John and Peter are well-behaved, but Stevie isn't and neither is Amber, Stacie or Amanda."

Brian: "Yeah. In fact that's all that happened for at least a month or more."

Gloria: "I came up with the discipline things, Naughty Swivel, which is for Amber and Amanda, Naughty Tuffet, which is for Stacie and the Naughty Chair is for Stevie."

Rhonda: "That's a good idea."


Naughty SwivelEdit

Gloria: "One day, Peter was blowing up a balloon just for fun. And he bounced it, and then Amber comes in and pops it with a pin."

Peter: "Dad!"

[Brian comes to Peter's room]"

Brian: "What happened, Peter?"

Peter: "Amber popped my balloon with a pin!"

Brian: "Amber Scarlett Marie Beckett, you do NOT pop your brother's balloon. Now say you're sorry."

Amber: "No f***ing way!"

Brian: "That's it, Amber. Naughty Swivel, right now."

[Amber is sent to the Naughty Swivel]

Brian: "You stay right there. As a result for popping your brother's balloon, I'm taking away your cell phone for the rest of the day."

[Brian takes Amber's cell phone from her]

Amber: "I didn't like it when my father confiscated my phone."

[Amber gets up and snatches her cell phone back from Brian]

Brian: "Amber, no. I mean it. You're done with your phone for the rest of the day."

[Brian grabs the cell phone from Amber and takes it into the bedroom with him]


[Brian hears a scream from Peter's room and he rushes back into Peter's room to find him and Amanda fighting by punching each other and Amanda spits on Peter's face and kicks him]

Brian: "Are you alright, Peter?"

Peter: "Yeah."

Brian: "Amanda, you are sent to the Naughty Swivel too, because you fought with Peter and you spit in his face. And your iPod is gone for the rest of the day."

[Brian confiscates Amanda's iPod]

Naughty TuffetEdit

Gloria: "One day, Stacie was coloring on another wall."

[Stacie colors on one of the walls and writes obscenities on the wall, and finishes it by writing "F*** YOU YOU MONSTEROUS B****!" and then walks off]

Gloria: "A few minutes later, Brian walked to the wall to find Stacie's obscenities on the wall.

Brian: "What's this stuff? F*** you, you monsterous b****? Anastacia Deborah Joy Beckett, come here at once!"

[Stacie comes to Brian]

Brian: "What's this about?"

Stacie: "I like to color on walls."

Brian: "What did I tell you about coloring on walls?"

Stacie: "I don't know and I don't care."

Brian: "Be rude again, and you're at the Naughty Tuffet."

Stacie: "F*** YOU! YOU SON OF A F***ING B****!"

Brian: "Right. Naughty Tuffet now."

[Brian walks Stacie to the Naughty Tuffet]

Brian: "And stay there. Your iPhone is gone for the rest of the day, because you colored on the walls and you swore at me."

[Brian takes Stacie's iPhone and walks away]

Naughty ChairEdit

Gloria: "One day, Stevie and his siblings were playing a game of tag."

[The kids are running around during a game of tag]

Gloria: "Suddenly, Stevie pushed his brother Peter into a thorn bush."

Peter: "JOHN!!!! Stevie pushed me into the thorn bush!!!!"

John: "Stevie, you do NOT push your brother into a thorn bush. Come with me, you're going to the Naughty Chair."

[John sends Stevie to the Naughty Chair]

[Brian gets a crying and wailing Peter from the thorn bush and takes him inside]

Gloria: "Now I'm gonna tell you something, Stevie, and you're gonna listen. Pushing your brother into a thorn bush was NOT the right thing to do. Pushing him there was dangerous. You could've sent him to the hospital. But you're lucky he didn't get sent there."

John: "She's right. And as a result for pushing Peter into a thorn bush, I'm taking away your toy truck for the rest of the day and you will sit on this chair for 4 minutes."

[John takes Stevie's toy truck]

Stevie: "That's mine!"

[Stevie snatches his toy truck from John]

John: "Stevie, let go of it. I'm serious. You're done with your toy truck for the rest of the day."

[John takes the toy truck from Stevie and takes it with him]


Gloria: "Just ignore it, John."

[A few minutes later, Brian walks to the Naughty Chair]

Brian: "Alright, Stevie. John put you on the Naughty Chair because what you did to Peter today was totally unacceptable. Are you ready to say you're sorry?"

Stevie: "Of course."

[Stevie walks to Peter]

Stevie: "Peter, I'm sorry for pushing you into a thorn bush. I knew I was wrong to do that."

Peter: "Apology accepted."

Brian: "And what do you say to John?"

Stevie: "I'm sorry for what I did."

John: "I accept your apology. Next time, don't push anybody into anything dangerous. OK?"

House rulesEdit

Gloria: "As of today, I introduce to the Beckett family, the rules."

Gloria: "Here are some house rules, everyone. The rules are: no swearing, no destroying people's property, no embarrassing people, no making fun, no biting, no name-calling, no tattling, no being rude."

Brian: "That's cool."

Stevie: "I disagree with that!"

Stacie: "So do I!"

Amanda: "Me too!"

Amber: "I strongly f***ing disagree with that! I STRONGLY DISAGREE!"


Gloria: "Kids, those are the rules."

Brian: "I agree with Gloria."

Beckett family issuesEdit

Gloria: "Earlier today, Peter was building a clay dragon when things went wrong."

[Peter is building a clay dragon]

Stevie: "I hate it when people make things out of clay."

[Peter gets up to go to the bathroom, Stevie goes in the room and destroys Peter's clay dragon by smashing it to smithereens]

[After Peter leaves the bathroom, he finds his demolished clay dragon]

Peter: "Dad!!! John!!!!"

[Brian and John come upstairs]

John: "What happened this time?"

Peter: "Stevie smashed my clay dinosaur, when I was just about to finish it!!!"

Brian: "Steven Daniel Beckett, come with me immediately!"

[Brian walks Stevie to the naughty chair]

Brian: "I'm taking away your toys for the rest of the day. And you can forget about playing with your friends this afternoon!"

Stevie: "I was gonna play with them this afternoon!"

Brian: "Well, you should've thought of that before you smashed Peter's clay dragon!"

[Stevie gets up from the chair]


Stevie: "NO!!!!"

[Stevie runs to his friend Jason's house]

Jason: "Hey, Stevie."

Stevie: "Hey, what's up, Jason?"

[Stevie and Jason are about to walk into the yard as John and Brian catch Stevie and John scoops up Stevie]


Brian: "Sorry, Stevie, but you're punished for the rest of the day."

[Jason's parents and arrive outside to get Jason back inside]

Jason's mom: "Jason "

Jason: " "

Jason's dad: " "

[Brian places Stevie back in the Naughty Chair]

John: "And stay there!"

Stevie: "F*** YOU!!!"

John: "You do not use that kind of language towards me or anybody else in this family."

Trip to the marketEdit

Gloria: "The Becketts were taking a trip to the supermarket, and the four kids were ready to cause some mayhem."

[Brian gets a cart]

Brian: "Be sure to stay with me while we're shopping."

[Stacie rides another cart into a roll of paper towels, causing them all to fall over]

[Amber grabs all the jars of salsa and pours them all over the floor]

[Amanda picks up a nail file from a shelf and slices all the flour bags open]

Friend techniqueEdit

Gloria: "I introduced the Friend Technique."

Snack jar techniqueEdit

Gloria: "This is the Snack Jar Technique to get Stevie to eat foods that are good for him."

Eating at the restaurantEdit

Gloria: "One night, The Becketts were out eating a restaraunt."

[Stevie belches]

Brian: "Stevie, that's not good table manners. When you belch, say excuse me."

DVD meetingEdit

Gloria: "The next day, we had a DVD meeting."

Stevie's friendsEdit

Gloria: "Here, we meet Stevie's friends."

Stacie, Amber and Amanda's friendsEdit

Gloria: "We also meet Stacie, Amanda and Amber's friends."

Peter and John's friendsEdit

Gloria: "We meet Peter and John's friends as well."

Epic tantrumEdit

Stevie vs. the babysitterEdit