December 17Edit

Before the Christmas PlayEdit

Nicole: " "

[Jennifer is in her Nursery Magic Fairy costume for the school play, The Velveteen Rabbit]

Violet: "Why, Jennifer. Look at you, honey!"

Jennifer: "Don't I look pretty?"

[Melissa and Diana mess with the controls]

Jennifer: "My costume! It's got holes in it!"

[Melissa and Diana set the prop toys on fire]

Christmas Play AftermathEdit

Violet: "That was such spectacular performance tonight, sweetie!"

Jennifer: "I'm happy you liked it, mommy!"

December 18Edit

[Violet is wrapping up presents and writing Christmas cards for her friends Lizzie Dunleavy and Cornelia Prinzmetal]

Violet: "I do hope Cornelia isn't still sore at me about beating her gum-chewing record."

December 21Edit

Time to Go to Grandma and Grandpa's HouseEdit

Nicole: "Violet took her daughters to visit their grandparents."

Violet: "Girls, it's time to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house!"

Jennifer: "I'm so excited to see Grandpa Sam!"

Arriving at Grandma and Grandpa's HouseEdit

Grandpa Sam: "Are you looking forward to Christmas, baby?"

Jennifer: "I am!"

Grandma Scarlett: "And I can't wait to see you in your flower girl's dress tomorrow!"

Grandpa Sam: "That's right, Fauna loves you. Want to see a photograph of you and Fauna?"

Jennifer: "That's me! And that's her."

Grandpa Sam: "This was taken weeks before her wedding tomorrow."

Violet: "So dad, would you like to see a photo of Jennifer in her school play?"

Grandpa Sam: "So, what was the school play?"

Jennifer: "It's called The Velveteen Rabbit."

Violet: "And she played the Nursery Magic Fairy."

Christmas ShoppingEdit

Nicole: "It was time to go Christmas shopping."

[Diana shoplifts an iPhone]

[Melissa shoplifts a Nintendo 3DS]

[Jenifer gets a teacup for Grandma Scarlett]

The Cousins ArriveEdit

[The doorbell rings]

Grandma Scarlett: "Oh good, they're all here!"

December 22Edit

Fauna's Wedding CeremonyEdit

Nicole: "Violet's cousin Fauna was getting married."

Fauna: "Here Jennifer, you hold my hand and stand beside me."

Jennifer: "Okay."

[Jennifer stands beside Fauna and Fauna holds Jennifer's hand]

Violet: "Smile, sweetie!"

The Wedding ReceptionEdit

Violet: "Girls, not so loud please."

[We see a humongous beautiful wedding cake]

[Diana smashes the wedding cake in Ethan's face]

Wedding AftermathEdit

Violet: "I have never been so embarrassed in my life."

Jennifer: "How could you two do this to Fauna's wedding?!"

December 23Edit

[The Beauregard cousins are watching a Tom and Jerry Tales short, "Ho-Ho-Horrors."]

[Grandma Scarlett's cat, Simba, climbs up on the recliner and watches T&J Tales with them]

Jennifer: "Hello, Simba."

Christmas EveEdit

AM MorningEdit

Nicole: "It was Christmas Eve morning."

[Grandpa Sam, Grandma Scarlett, Melissa, Diana and their cousins leave for church]

Violet: "Don't worry Jenny, Fauna will send you a nice postcard and when you get it, you can tell her what you did at Christmas."

[Jennifer and her mother are in the kitchen making Christmas cookies]


[Jennifer is watching Barbie in the Nutcracker]

Christmas DayEdit

Time to Open PresentsEdit

Nicole: "Christmas morning came once more, the Beauregarde daughters hurried down the stairs to see what was in store."

Violet: "Morning girls and MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

[Jennifer looks inside her stocking]

Jennifer: "Hey, I've got a Tom and Jerry: Nutcracker Tale DVD, a Nutcracker doll, a ballerina doll, peppermint bark, candy canes, and lots of candy!"

[Melissa and Diana look inside their stockings and find nothing but big, fat, dirty lumps of coal]

Melissa: "Ugh, coal????!"

Diana: "What are we supposed to do with these?! Are we supposed to throw these at our next door neighbor Brittany's pet ferret named Rascal?"

[Jennifer opens up all her presents]

Jennifer: "Cool! I've got Bratz dolls, Bratz movie DVDs, ballet slippers, a gift card to Toys R Us, a Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse DVD, Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes DVD, Tom and Jerry & the Wizard of Oz DVD and a gift card to Build-a-Bear Workshop!"

[Melissa opens up her present to find a note from Santa saying, "Melissa, you have been anything but good this year. You stole from stores, used bad and nasty language, terrorized your younger sister Jennifer, tortured your mother and got expelled from school. Signed, Santa" in cursive]

Melissa: (screaming and crying) "THIS IS THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!"

[Diana opens up her present to find a note from Santa saying, "Diana, you have been very bad this year. You hit your mother, attacked Jennifer, shoplifted from stores and got kicked out of school. Signed, Santa" in cursive]

Diana: (screaming and crying) "NO, NO!!!!"

Melissa: "You know what, Diana? LET'S KILL JENNIFER!"


Nicole: "Diana and Melissa's jealousy took to the extreme."

Melissa: "You..."

Diana: "(long bleep)!!!!!!!!"

[Diana slaps Jennifer extremely hard across her face, causing her to cry]

[Melissa and Diana begin to attack Jennifer viciously, scream and swear at her and call her rude names]

[Melissa throws a chair, which causes the Christmas tree to fall on top of Jennifer]

Grandpa Sam: "What the-?!"

[Violet, Grandpa Sam and Grandma Scarlett run to the living room]

Jennifer: "Grandpa Sam, get me out of here, please!"

Grandpa Sam: "It's gonna be okay, Jenny."

[Grandpa Sam pulls the Christmas tree back up]

[As Violet and Sam try to console Jennifer, the cousins come downstairs together with Aunt and Uncle ]

Grandpa Sam: "Well kids, let's go see who took them."

Nicole: "Violet, Grandpa Sam and Grandma Scarlett found out who stole the presents."

Melissa: (laughing evilly) "THEY'RE NOT YOUR COUSINS' PRESENTS NO MORE!"

Violet: "Oh my gosh!"


[Diana laughs and cackles out loud]

Violet: "Melissa Sophie, Diana Florence, how could you?"


Grandpa Sam: "Jennifer, LOOK OUT!"

[Diana whacks Jennifer's head with a wooden hammer]

Melissa: (screaming) "We're gonna kill you, Jennifer!"

[Melissa repeatedly beats Jennifer really hard across her face with a hard book]

Jennifer: "Mama, help me!"

Melissa: (continuing to beat Jennifer extremely hard across her face) "YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE (bleep)! YOU ARE REALLY FINISHED NOW!!!!"

Diana: (screaming) "DIE JENNIFER, DIE! DIE RIGHT NOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! DIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!! YOU STUPID LITTLE (long bleep)!!!!!!!!!"

[Diana repeatedly smacks Jennifer's head incredibly hard with a rolling pin]

[Violet takes the rolling pin off Diana]

Violet: "That is not nice, you could hurt somebody."

Jennifer in CasualtyEdit

Nicole: "That mid-afternoon, Violet gathered her daughter into the car, and they drove quickly far. She took little Jennifer to see a doctor in casualty to treat her injury which her sisters laid a blow to her, driven by their own jealousy."

[In the waiting room]

Violet: "Hi, my daughter Jennifer Beauregard has been terrorized by her two jealous sisters and terrorized her."

Receptionist: "Take a seat right over there."

[Violet and Jennifer sit in the waiting room]

Violet: "It's alright, baby, mommy's here."

Jennifer: "Mommy..."

[Violet puts Jennifer on the bed]

Doctor: "So what brings her here?"

Violet: "Well doctor, on Christmas morning, Jennifer was terrorized by her two jealous sisters."

Doctor: "Don't worry, sweetie."

At the Toy StoreEdit

[Violet and Jennifer arrive at the toy store]

Violet: "Because you have been very brave in casualty, what treat shall I get you for this?"

Jennifer: "A Snow White doll! Oh, she's so beautiful!"

Violet: "Okay then! Let's buy it."

Christmas DinnerEdit


Jennifer: "Thank you mommy for taking me to the toy store to get me a treat after going into casualty."

[Jennifer hugs Violet]

Violet: "You're very welcome, sweetie. Let's go have some scrummy yummy Christmas Dinner!"

Jennifer: "Yay!"

[Jennifer arrives at the dining room]

Jennifer: "Hi Grandpa Sam!"

Grandpa Sam: "Hello Jenny!"

[Grandpa Sam hugs Jennifer]

Grandpa Sam: "I'm so glad you're okay, baby."

Jennifer: "The doctor saved my life."

Grandpa Sam: "How did he do that?"

[Grandma Scarlett is seen petting her cat, Simba]

Jennifer: "Look!"

Nicole: " "

[Melissa and Diana arrive with the dogs]

Melissa: "Sic 'em boys!"

Diana: "Yeah, SIC 'EM!"

Grandma Scarlett: "Oh, my word."

[Violet screams]


Jennifer: "DON'T LET THEM GET ME!"

[Simba hisses]

[Grandma Scarlett takes Jennifer and Simba somewhere safe away from the attacking dogs]

Jennifer: "I don't want to be in casualty again."

[Grandpa Sam tries to keep the dogs away from the turkey and his grandchildren, but no success. The dogs eat up the whole entire bird]

Grandpa Sam: "SONS OF (bleep)ES!"

[The dogs try to attack and bite some of the cousins]

[Melissa and Diana laugh and cackle]


Diana: " "

Jennifer: "Did you like your new teacup?"

Grandma Scarlett: "Why yes, I did."

Nicole: " "

[The ambulance arrives]

Grandpa Sam: "The ambulance is here."

[The neighbours arrive]

Paramedic #1: "Coming through."

Grandpa Sam: " "

[The cousins who are bitten by dogs are taken away on stretchers while their bawling and wailing parents try to comfort them]


[The steaming Violet and Grandma Scarlet drag Melissa and Diana straight to the couch]



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