In this episode, Jo heads to Miles City to help single divorced mother Violet Beauregard (42) and her three daughters. While youngest child Jennifer (6 1/2) is well-behaved, it's the oldest children Melissa (16) and Diana (12) that misbehave. Melissa is out-of-control and drinks alcohol with her friends at school each week, while Diana refuses to go to school. Melissa has been kicked out of one school, while Diana is on the verge of getting kicked out of her second school. Can Jo save this family?

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone, Lose What You Like Chart and Get What You Hate Chart

Other techniques: Family Time, See Me, Hear Me Technique, Chore Buddy System, Thought Box, Trust Technique and Reward Chart (Selena Gomez for Melissa and Diana, Daisy Duck for Jennifer), Essay Order

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