before the revolving line of creditEdit

Submission ReelEdit

Dalton: "Hi, we're the Beats-Crags Family. I'm Dalton Crags, and I'm 46."

Ingrid: "I'm Ingrid Beats, and I'm 38. I have lost three husbands with names that start with T to car wreak, hemmerhoid, and murder by ninja. But it's a good thing his name doesn't start with a T, nothing bad happens to him."

Dalton: "We've been married for 10 years now, we're here to talk about our children."

Observation beginsEdit

Observation continuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit


Ask SupernannyEdit

Dozen DangerEdit

The duodecaplets VS the babysitterEdit

Jo: "I have arranged four babysitters. They are Kerry, Gina, Tracey and Melody."


DVD MeetingEdit

Jo: "I've went away for a few days, and I've brought a surprise with me. I've brung three world-class british nannies, and more."

The badly-behaved kids turn over their new leavesEdit

Jo: "It is time for the kids to change their behavior by apologizing to their family."

Time for Jo to goEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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