The Beats-Crags Family is a fanon season 14 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Georgia to help a blended family and helps out Ingrid Beats (38) and Dalton Crags (46). Reginald (19) and Alicia (11) are Dalton's children, as they are well-behaved. Chantelle and Tasmin (17), Abbey and Stefano (15), and Helga and Serena (12) are Ingrid's children. Ingrid's children are defiant, selfish, and aggressive. Ingrid lost three husbands with names that start with "T". Chantelle and Tasmin lost their father to hemorrhoid, Abbey and Stefano's to car wreak, and Helga and Serena's to murder by ninja. Ingrid and Dalton have been married for 10 years. Jacquelynn (8) is extremely spoiled, domaint, bullies her older siblings, and disrespects home. Colby (6) swears, refuses to eat healthy foods and always eats unhealthy foods and drinks alcoholic drinks. Their 5-year old duodecaplets that means 12, are the most badly behaved children Jo has ever encountered. The Naughty Swivel is introduced for the first time.
Discipline techniques: Naughty Swivel (for Chantelle and Tasmin), Reflection Room (for Abbey, Stefano, and Jacquelynn), Naughty Tuffet (for Helga and Serena), and Naughty Platform (for Colby and the duodecaplets)