Jo Frost-11-11-11
Baxter Family is an fanon episode created by an 'IP'. In this episode, Jo goes to Plymouth, MN to help the Baxter Family. There is 2 parents and 6 kids in this house. There is Murray, who is 38 years old, and Christine, who is 34 years old. With their listening kids, Tanner, who's 13 years old, Leroy who's 10 years old, Mark who's 8 years old and Kyle who's 8 months. And the 2 terrors of the house, Cassandra and Leo, Cassandra is 5 years old and Leo is 3 years old. Cassandra is a girl who misbehaves alot, but is attending school next year, as she insults her mother, Christine and sometimes slaps her brothers like Tanner, Leroy and Mark, causing them to tell her parents on her. And Leo is like the worst one who misbehaves in the family, he is the terror of the house! He is 3, he does extremely big temper tantrums, he slaps, he spits, he swears and he refuses to eat his dinner almost every night. Well, in this episode, Murray and Christine are sorry for Jo, because they tried everything, they put Leo and Cassandra on the Naughty Room, Naughty Corner and etc. So Murray and Christine are calling Supernanny to help them win the everlasting battle. The worst part of all, is that, Cassandra and Leo never get money from their parents how good they get to be, normal, because they misbehave alot. Kyle let does because he is a baby (which is put into his savings account in the bank), but Tanner, Leroy and Mark always get money. Tanner, the best of all, got it right to complete 7th grade, the 2nd year of Middle School, and even has $500 in his good money pocket. But Leo and Cassandra are always mean and nasty, they slap their parents and almost everyone in the family. Have the two terrors dashed all hopes for family peace or can Supernanny put this family back on track?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Platform (for Cassandra), Naughty Corner (for Leo).

Other disclipine techniques used: Reward Voucher, Toy Confiscation, Trust technique, Allowance Chart

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