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Barney Elliot Gabroonie (born June 28th, 1995) is the eldest child of Ryan and Tammy Gabroonie who decides to become a third parent.



Family TreeEdit

In the Theory GamesEdit

Supernanny: The Theory 2Edit

The playable characters consult Gabroonie to master the abilities. All his sons-in-law and daughters-and-law have wreaked havoc across a fictional planet called Supernannya.

Supernanny: The Theory InternationalEdit

The playable characters fix some issues in Supernannya. In other cases, they rocketed for hours to go to the Earth.


  • His full name is Barney Elliot Gabroonie
  • In Christmas 2011, he opened his presents to reveal Gas cards and a wallet. And in his stocking, he found a Visa gift card, ballpoint pens.
  • He is good friends with Lucy Burb and Kristin Langbroek.
  • He has a Visa credit card.
  • He owns a Cadiallac car and works at the sandwich shop.
  • His favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  • His favorite TV program is Girl Meets World
  • His favorite color is purple
  • His favorite food is enchiladas
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road
  • His favorite book is The Wandering Jew by Eugène Sue
  • His favorite song is "Wake Me Up When September Ends"
  • His favorite superhero is Iron Man


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