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Barbara Simpson (born May 17, 1978) is a wife of Max Simpson and a mother of Lester, Eliza, Maybel and Ross Simpson.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Aloysius Davis ( -)
  • Mother: Carlina Davis (née: Northwood ) ( -)
  • Sister: Edwina Davis-Meadowfields ( -)
  • Husband: Max Simpson (1975-)
  • Father-in-Law: Ernest Q. Simpson ( -)
  • Mother-in-Law: Michaela Simpson (née: Collins) ( -)
  • Brother-in-Law: Edward Simpson ( -)
  • Sons: Lester Simpson (2004-), Ross Simpson (2017-)
  • Daughters: Eliza Simpson (2006-), Maybel Simpson (2013-)


  • Her full name is Barbara Sonja Davis-Simpson
  • She enjoys watching Food Network programs, including Cutthroat Kitchen

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