Ban Young-chol (December 15th 1956-January 11th 1984) is a murdered North Korean JSA border guard, he is killed from repeated stabs to the abdomen, most of his innards dug out, his dead body was never found and was dumped in North Korean waters along with John Lumi and  Cha Min-Ki,


He is a slim man of average height and average weight, he had dark hair covered by a peaked cap, he wore a Korean People's Army uniform.

As a ghost, his uniform his torn, there is blood running down his mouth from the tounge cut out, he has a large stab wound on his abdomen.


Unlike the other two, Ban Young-chol was very shy and didn't speak as much, he also never socialised with others, he enjoyed the solitude.


  • Due to the removal of most of his internal organs, including the intestines and stomach, he can't feel hunger, this confuses the other two ghosts on how he can't eat with them, this happens until after he is appeased.

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