Jo Frost-11-18-11
In this episode, Jo heads off to Los Angeles to help an extended family that has gone out of control. Abby (41) and Jake (38) have a combined total of six children. Mary (17) and Leon (16) are Abby's children from her previous marriage. Benji (10) is Jake's son from his previous relationship. And finally, Abby and Jake have three children together. April (4), Jordan (3) and Daisy (1). While the oldest three are well-behaved, the youngest three are anything but. April is a fussy eater and constantly wets the bed. Jordan likes to torment his sisters and hit his mother. Finally, Daisy is starting to show signs of April and Jordan's behavior. Can Jo's Naughty Pit stop the kids from misbehaving? Or will everything be chaotic? Other techniques used: Good Eater, Chore Chart and Shared Play