In this episode, Kendra heads to Sarasota to help the final family this season, the Balsamo's. Marco (31) and Amy Balsamo (35) have three children, with the oldest one misbehaving 24/7. Anna (12) throws massive tantrums when things don't go her way, hangs out with high school kids, smokes cigarettes and even breaks other people's property. Meanwhile, Elijah (9) and Francesca (5) are well-behaved. Will Kendra be able to save this family before she returns for recordings for season 5 of MultiNanny 24-7? Ola got back from maternity leave, but Gloria is also returning to Supernanny and the other previously said TV programme.

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone, Lose What You Like Chart, Get What You Hate Chart and Essay Order

Other techniques used: Family Time, Work Out Your Anger Chart, Cigarette Disposal, Vandal Disposal, Trust Technique and Chore Buddy System

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