The Balkov Family is a fanon season 12 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Casper, Wyoming to help Sylvia (35) and Chris (38) control their wild kids: Corey (5), fraternal quintuplets Yasmin, Jessie, Eliza, Angie and Kim (4), identical twins Duncan and Kyle (3) fraternal twins Judy and Lisa (2) and T.K. [Tyler Keith] (2 weeks). The kids are driving mom and dad up the wall; both sets of twins, the quintuplets and Corey are menacing baby T.K., writing on the walls, swearing, throwing things, bullying kids on the playground, causing a scene in public restaurants, and going into their parents' private stuff. Can Jo tame these wild tykes before this family falls apart?

Discipline Techniques used: Toy Confiscation, Naughty Spot, Privilege Removal Board

Techniques used: Step Up, Step Back Technique, Baby Log, Teamwork Technique, Same Page, Limitations technique, Pirate Reward Chart, Dining Out Technique, White Sheets, Magic Play Technique

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