The Ayu Family is an episode of season 27, Annie travels to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time to meet a Musilm Family whose 5 teen children who misbehave, Aini, age 39, and Adi, age 37 have 6 children, Awang age 17, Ali, age 16, Aisyah, age 15, Ahad, age 14, and Azura, age 13, Ahad and Azura are well-behaved and are allergic to nuts and bee stings, their siblings are far from it, they swear, fight, Awang is also starving himself and is failing in school since he hasn't done his homework, Aisyah behaves the worst, she is spoiled and cruel to animals, she is also very whiny, Ali takes drugs and hangs out with his friends too much, what's even worse is Aini is pregnant with an upcoming daughter, can Annie help before it gets even more chaotic?

Displine Techiques: Naughty Swivel and Lose What You Like Chart

Other Techiques: Thought BoxReward Chart, Chore Buddy System

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