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Avery Family
Season 31, Episode 3
Episode guide
Foster Family (Fanon Season 31)
In this fanon season 31 episode, Annie heads to Stonehurst, PA to help Edwyn (47) and Philis (34) with 10 children: Jewell (19) Miracle (16) Laurelle & Laureen (15) Shanelle (13) Newt (9) Roberta (8) Jessica (7) Mabel (5) and Nova (1). Edwyn and Philis had 2 children before they were married. Together, they had the other 8. The 4 youngest children have unacceptable behavior. Jewell became a third parent. This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Log, Naughty Tuffet, Naughty Pillow and Naughty Pit.

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