Avery Bones (born August 1, 2028 in British Columbia, Canada) is one of the Canadian vigintuplet siblings adopted by Joanne and Louie Bones. At the age of 2, they lost both their biological parents due to the fact that they both died in a plane incident.


He has brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin.


Family TreeEdit


Joanne Bones -

Louie Bones -


  • His full name is Avery Kevin Bones
  • He and his vigintuplet siblings are fans of Rolie Polie Olie
  • For Halloween 2030, he was dressed up as Spider-Man
  • His favorite sport is hockey
  • His favorite TV show is
  • His favorite book is
  • His favorite color is
  • His favorite activity is
  • His favorite movie is
  • His favorite store/brand is
  • His favorite toy is


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