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Attack of the ****ing Super Six! is the eighteenth episode of G.I. Giuseppe. It was released on 2017 in Italy.


  • [Stacie and Giuseppe munch up Sophie the Otter]
  • Reicheru: "HEY!"
  • [Reicheru saves Sophie the Otter]
  • [Stacie Todaro and Giuseppe Todaro munch up Reicheru the Yokai Spirit]
  • Reicheru: "I can escape you know, Twitie and Twitseppe!"
  • [Reicheru goes through Stacie and Giuseppe]
  • Reicheru: "It doesn't work, and (sing-songly) respect other people's opinions!"
  • [Reicheru flies out of the room]
  • Sophie: "Besides, video games with us being the playable ones are a million times better!"
  • [Sophie the Otter unleashes a wave of water and hops on it, thrusting herself out of the room]
  • Giuseppe: "So that means she gives her games -999999999999999999999999999999999999999000000/10!"
  • [Giuseppe and Stacie take Sophie the Otter to Giuseppe's kitchen]
  • [Giuseppe is about to take Sophie the Otter in Giuseppe's stove]
  • [Reicheru touches Sophie and vanishes without a trace]
  • [Giuseppe pulls a lever]
  • cut to:
  • [Reicheru and Sophie are teleported to the headquarters]
  • cut to:
  • [Reicheru and Sophie are teleported to Giuseppe's kitchen]
  • Reicheru: "DIE!"
  • [Reicheru destroys the stove and the lever using pyrokinesis]
  • Reicheru: "LEAVE ME ALONE TWITS!"
  • [Reicheru and Sophie vanish in evanescence]
  • [Giuseppe finds another lever, that is titanium, bulletproof, and immune to pyrokinesis, it repairs the stove]
  • cut to:
  • [Reicheru and Sophie are teleported to Sassari, Italy]
  • cut to:
  • [Reicheru and Sophie are teleported to Giuseppe's stove]
  • [Sophie the Otter unleashes a huge wave of water flooding the whole scene]
  • [Reicheru takes Sophie to Australia via teleportation]

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