Ask the Strauss FamilyEdit

Ask the Strauss Family from Winnipeg, MB in Canada anything to learn more about them!


  1. No inappropriate questions
  2. You have to ask the family some questions, not commands

Questions for Louise and AshleyEdit

Questions for the 15-year-old quindecapletsEdit

  • To Craig, Nathan, Rob, Chris, Sheldon, Chad and Dylan, how often did you get along with your quindecaplet brothers?

Questions for the 11-year-old quindecapletsEdit

  • To Leanne, Rochelle, Laurie, Eva, Steffi, Katy and Sarah, how often did you get along with your quindecaplet sisters?

Questions for Joey (age 10), Shane (age 6) and Teya (age 3)Edit

  • How often did you get along with both sets of quindecaplets?

Shane: " "

Teya: " "

Joey: " "

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