Ask the Parkhurst FamilyEdit

Ask the Parkhurst Family from Durban, KZN in South Africa anything to learn more about them!


  1. No inappropriate questions
  2. You should be asking the kids and their father some questions, not commands

Questions for SamEdit

  • How were you feeling since your wife's death?

Sam: " "

Questions for Tara (age 10) and Alex (age 3)Edit

  • To Tara, how were you feeling since your mother's death?

Tara: " "

  • To Tara, are you still having fun being a conductor and choreographer for your choir?

Tara: " "

Questions for the Female Duodecaplets (age 7)Edit

  • To the girls (except Natasha), how often did you get along with Natasha?

Questions for the Male Duodecaplets (age 5)Edit

  • To Nicky, how often did you get along with your duodecaplet brothers?

Nicky: " "

Questions for Rebecca and Joseph (age 4)Edit

  • To Rebecca: How often did you get along with Joseph?

Rebecca: " "

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