Ask the ghosts (Another Reicheru, Normal Reicheru, Tokiko Shako, Ryou Shako, Sakura Shako, Dietrich Fech/ Alois Fech, Monika Fech Antonino Rossi, Alessa Rossi, Dona Rossi, Another Alessandro, Normal Kazuki, Another Kazuki, Hiro Shinozawa, and the Con Ghosts) anything to learn more about them!


  1. Do not ask any inappropriate questions.
  2. Only ask the Ghosts questions, not commands.
  3. No repeated questions.


Another Kazuki, what is your favorite Japanese cartoon?

Another Kazuki: " " (Translation: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Panty and Stocking, Kill la kill and many others)

Another Kazuki, why do you hate stuff from the 1980's (minus anime) and non-Japanese cartoons?

Another Kazuki: "彼らはこれまで愚かなたわごとであり、ケアベアのすべてのエピソードは、私は顔でそれらをパンチたくなります!" (Translation: They are the stupidest s(bleep) ever and every episode of the Care Bears makes me want to punch them in the face!)


Tokiko, what is it like in solitude?

Another Kazuki, what was your childhood like?

Tokiko, over decades after you, Sakura, and Ryou died, what do you do in modern times?

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Well, reading, playing with toys, my mommy enjoys first-person shooters, and my daddy enjoys solitude, the best thing, we go toy, food, and even video game shopping after midnight, and sometimes the day, it's sometimes mommy that takes me, the people don't realize were dead)

Sakura, what is your favorite horror movie?

Ryou, before you died, what were your hopes and dreams for the future?

Ryou: "私は実際に第二次世界大戦のように上のことはしたい、必ずではなく、余波で完全に普通の生活を生きる、しかし、私は神のいまいましい飢餓から死にました。" (Translation: Not sure, but, I'd really like WWII to be over, live a perfectly normal life in the aftermath, But I'm dead from god-d*** starvation.)

Sakura, Tokiko, and Ryou, how was air raid during when you were alive?

Sakura: "フム、申し分なく、私たちはショックを受け怖いが、登紀子は冷静された、彼女はとても勇敢です!" (Translation: Hm, Alright, We were shocked and scared, but Tokiko remained calm, she's so brave!)

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Thank you, mommy.)

Ryou: "" (Translation: Yes.)

Sakura, when you were shopping with Tokiko, what did you get?

Sakura: "それは1930's-1940年代の間に存在していなかったので、ピカチュウ人形、ラップトップ、スタンドアロンのチームの要塞のコピー、およびエイミーローズぬいぐるみが、私は要塞2をチームに新しいよ、聡子さんのつもりは再生する方法を教えて!" (Translation: A Pikachu doll, a laptop, A standalone Team Fortress copy, and a Amy Rose plush, I'm new to Team Fortress 2 because it didn't exist during the 1930's-1940's, Satoko's gonna teach me how to play!)

Sakura, what items are currently on your wish list?

Sakura: "" (Translation: Hm, Horror novels, J-horror DVDs, and I'm not too sure.)

To Tokiko, were you aware of any Japanese war crimes?

Tokiko: "" (Translation: You bet your a**, I've heard Unit 731, the Nanking Massacre that happened before WWII, I actually feel sorry for the victims and more f***ing---.)

Sakura: "" (Translation: Dear, please don't use that language!)

Tokiko: "" (Translation: But Mommy, but---!)

Sakura: "" (Translation: I'm sorry, but no buts, I know you're dead and all, but six-year old ghosts do have rules, this is still a beautiful nation and you will be respectful!)

To Dietrich, can you tell me your favorite and least favourite foods?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: I like German sausages, I hate deep-fried food, too crunchy.)

To Monika, what were your hopes and dreams for the future?

Dietrich, Monika, Alois, Ryou, Sakura, Tokiko, Dona, Alessa and Antonino, what is your reaction to Der Fuehrer's Face?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: I don't really understand of Donald Duck said, especially when he his giving the Hitler salute, I knew he said Mussolini and Hitler, but, When he said the Japanese leader's name, I didn't know If he said Tojo or Hirohito.)

Monika: "" (Translation: This isn't too bad, I've seen worse.)

Alois: "" (Translation: Hold on, I know, Hirohito was the one in the photo, and Tojo is the one playing the instrument, I've seen it on Wikipedia)

Tokiko: "" (Translation: What the h*** did Donald say, I can't really tell)

Sakura: "" (Translation: Worst propaganda short ever)

Ryou: "" (Translation: Ryou is only interested in quality animation, c***py propaganda shorts reflect badly on me!)

Antonino: "" (Translation: Do people still make this garbage?)

Dona: "" (Translation: This sucks)

Alessa: "" (Translation: God no!)

To Dietrich, If you haven't died in WWII, and the Berlin Wall was up, would you be in East or West Germany?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: I was born in Berlin, in the east, so East Germany, of course and spent work in Poland, so---)

Jonathan: "Commie!"

Dietrich: "" (Translation: F*** you! You are the sorriest excuse for a soldier I've ever seen!)

To Tokiko, Do you like the cities in Japan at night?

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Very, very beautiful, the lights are very pretty.)

To Shikoki, when Ryo and Satoshi, finally saw their older sister again, what was there reaction.

Shikoki: "Satoshi was hysterically sobbing, he missed her so much, he really wanted to see her, and when he was stabbed in the throat, he was crying, All he wanted was his sister, and parents, Ryo was just happy to see her."

To Antonino, can you tickle attack Dietrich and post his reaction to Ryou?

Antonino: "" (Translation: Okay!)

[Antonino goes behind Dietrich, then ground pounds him]

Dietrich: "Was?" (Translation: What?)

[Antonino moves his fingers up Dietrich's side, who laughs in hysterics]

Dietrich: (laughing) "" (Translation: Stop! That tickles! Please stop! have mercy! have mercy!)

Antonino: "" (Translation: There goes that laugh I never heard in decades)

[Monika I shows up]

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Monika! Help!)

Antonino: (whispering) "" (Translation: Take off his boots and gently get a feather)

[Monika gently takes off Dietrich's military boots, and gets a feather and hold his feet together]

Dietrich: (laughing between words) "Nein, bitte, Monika!" (Translation: No, please, Monika!)

[Monika runs the feather on his soles, causing Dietrich to squeal with laughter]

Dietrich (laughing uncontrollably) "" (Translation: NO! HAHAHAHA! STOP! NO! NOT THERE! PLEASE!)

[Monika and Antonino let go and stop recording via the phone with the recorded footage, and Dietrich puts his boots back on, breathing and sweating heavily]

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Please, don't do that again)

[Antonino sends the footage to Ryou]

Dietrich: "" (Translation: I am going to beat you up for this, Monika, you can go)

To Ryou, what was your reaction to the footage?

Ryou: "" (Translation: Woah, I didn't knew Dietrich's laughter was that high-pitched when his feet were touched, poor fellow, I'm gonna set it to private so I can't violate him)

[Ryou texts Dietrich "I'm sorry he did this to you, Trich, don't worry, I'll make sure no one sees it", who then texts back "Danke, Herr Ryou"]

To Tokiko, do you like Shika Koshi

Tokiko: "" (Translation: She's very nice)

Antonino, Dietrich, Ryou, what is your reaction to "Bury the Axis"

[Antonino snickers]

Dietrich: "" (Translation: I have to admit it, it's funny)

Ryou: "" (Translation: Heh, this is comedy gold! This is the only propaganda short that was hilarious)

Hiro Shinozawa, how come you hated the sight of corpses?

Hiro: "" (Translation: Made me sick, this is why I couldn't partake in the Nanjing Massacre and Unit 731, a biological warfare lab, I started hyperventilating heavily and my girlfriend tried to comfort me, her words were "Shinozawa-san, take it easy", she was Taiwanese, I met her in 1941 and married a year later, we had one child Jiao Shinozawa, she was 4, she was calm, shy, and she had to pretend she was Japanese, she was killed from the Hiroshima bombing, she was kind and wouldn't hurt a fly, Jiao died aswell, she also had to pretend she was Japanese, they were good at it, it didn't bother them one bit)

Ryou, how do you feel about the war atrocities?

Ryou: "" (Translation: I feel very regretful on what happened, I didn't want to, even though I never seen any due to my fear of leaving Japan, I didn't want to hurt anyone, neither did Dietrich and Antonino, Monika-san didn't want to hurt anyone, the Kuro Unit only done the deaths of American and Chinese soldiers out of honor, before they died, we would write apology notes, to show how sorry we are, Dietrich and Antonino did the same things, aswell as Dona and Monika, to show they never meant to hurt anyone, I'm sorry China, I'm sorry Taiwan, I'm sorry Philippines, I'm sorry Korea and I'm sorry America, please forgive me, they were found by American soldiers and some of them saw what we wrote, we only stayed because we wanted others to hear us out that we never meant to kill, in truth, we only wanted to kill Jonathan Woods, he was harassing us)

To Ryou, do you resent the Taiwanese and Americans?

Ryou: "" (Translation: No, not even a little, I never hated them, I respected them like the Americans, If I did, I wouldn't be happy that Shinozawa married a Taiwanese woman before it started, but I don't, I don't hate anyone, except the Woods family of course, but I do like Hanna, Jenni, Ann and Jack, they didn't hurt me, thank god for that)

To Dietrich, Antonino, and Ryou, do you resent your bosses during WWII?

Antonino: "" (Translation: I hated Il Duce, faulty weaponry)

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Yes, Mr. Hitler promised the Sixth Army to save them, he lied! The Battle of Stalingrad were the last time I've seen him)

Ryou: "" (Translation: Tojo? Yes, I do, His Majesty? No, not even a little, he was shy and lonely, we were supposed to respect this man, but deaths in his name, the man, Shōwa, survived WWII until 1989)

To Meimei/Meiko, what was is it like having to act Japanese in public?

Meimei: "" (Translation: It wasn't all bad, Hiro didn't force it on me, he just taught me it, Hiro was a very loving husband, but they were times, but it's alright in the end, I taught him Chinese)

To Jiao/Jiko, what is it like having a Japanese soldier as a father?

Jiao: "" (Translation: I love Daddy, he's the best daddy in the world, in modern times, we like to read books and watch films together, I like leaning about Japanese-Taiwan relations, they do have their fights, but they are getting closer than ever!)

To Tokiko, Ryou, and Sakura, did you see the Okinawans as Japanese?

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Yes, we did, they didn't deserve such treatment, they are just like us,, just on another island south of Japan)

Sakura: "" (Translation: If I didn't, Peace wouldn't exist)

Ryou: "" (Translation: I didn't like the idea of killing Okinawans, Neither did the other Kuro Unit members, I didn't like killing those soldiers, but done, out of courage)

To the Chinese Ghost children, do you miss your parents

Wei: (wailing) "" (Translation: Mother--------MOTHER!)

Jiao: "" (Translation: We'll see them, we will)

Mulan: "" (Translation: Yes, we do miss our parents, we want to see them, just over and 1800 years after our demise, I heard our motherrs committed suicide in 212 and our fathers one year later, as ghosts, they are looking for us all over China and Taiwan)

To Jiao Shinozawa, when you toured Unit 731, Hell ships, and Japanese POW camps, what was your reaction be?

Jiao Shinozawa: "" (Translation: Ah yes, Unit 731, oh my god, I almost threw up, There was a Chinese child the same age as me at the time, she was begging and pleading me before getting killed, I couldn't do anything, the soldiers there, told me to avoid eye contact with other children, Hell ships, I was too scared to look at the POWs, I was shy, POW camps, The deaths go on and on in my head, I've seen some stuff, and this is horrible, The Japanese saw surrender as dishonourable, and that's why they were treated so brutally, like the Germans to the Russians)

To Meimei/Meiko, how were you during Japanese rule of Taiwan?

Meimei: "" (Translation: When I was taught Japanese culture, I was okay with it was pretty fun! With my husband teaching me to speak Japanese, My father was objected the rule and told Japanese soldiers to f*** off, I apologised to them and they accepted my apologies, I then had a beautiful daughter with Hiro-kun, my father said he looked like Emperor Hirohito, the emperor of Japan during the 20's to World War 2 to his death in 1989)

To Ryou, are you still friends with Eric, even after his demise?

Ryou: "" (Translation: Just like Dennis Rodman and the current North Korean dictator whose name I can't really say, we are best friends)

To Hiro, how did people view you in Taiwan?

Hiro: "" (Translation: I just love the Taiwanese, I gave candy and toys to children, taught them Japanese and even helped modernise them, I get greeted with hugs)

To Reicheru, what is your reaction to Another Nicole becoming a well-behaved woman after being attacked by a pitbull on a walk and apologizing?

To Meimei/Meiko, what was the first time you saw Hiro and how was your second time?

Meimei: "" (Translation: He was very mild-mannered, he spoke in the very little Mandarin he knew, we met in 1938, He was about 15, I was 16, he couldn't speak Mandarin Chinese, but good what I was thinking, but that time, 1941 during his second visit, I couldn't speak Japanese, but I taught myself to say Hiro-kun, he could say "hello", "I love you", "goodbye", "fine", "how are you"?, and many Mandarin greetings, but I taught him it fluently, I was behind a building with my brother and parents, we saw two Japanese officers arguing if I should be a comfort woman or not, Hiro objected, since I was the same woman who introduced him to pork buns, but the other officer was having none of it, I could say Hiro, which I said "Hiro-kun?" He and the other Japanese officer turned around to look at me, he then ran and grabbed my brother's hand, we quickly go the house, packed our things, and left on a IJN boat without being caught, we landed in Tokyo, Japan, It was beautiful, Hiro gave me and my brother Japanese names and even gave my brother his surname and me, Meiko, my brother, Hideki, I was given his surname and I had a child, Jiko, and we got married at the end of the Bataan Death March)

To Jiao/Jiko, what was your reaction to the death scene in The Champ?

Jiao: "" (Translation: It felt that everything was coming back to me, me screaming at the news of the death of my father, one of the youngest Japanese officers, I wanted Daddy, I saw his corpse in the camp he was held in hours after he died, I begged him to wake up, Eric-san told me he died of starvation, but one month later, me, ojisan-Hideki and mommy died from Hiroshima, mushroom cloud, I feel sorry for that kid losing his daddy)

To Ryou, what do think of your great-great grandson Toshio?

Ryou: "" (Translation: Even for his Unit 731-like experiments, he's still a normal child, playing with his many friends and his mom and stepfather, and doing things a normal six-year old would do everyday while he is not performing disturbing s***)

To Dietrich, what is your opinion on the Angry German Kid?

To Hiro, who is your favorite animatronic character from Five Nights at Freddy's and why?

To Another Kazuki, which babyish things do you hate the most? 

To Another Kazuki, what do you hate most about Disney, since you hate it?

To Huizong and Meimei, what do you think of the one-child policy?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Horrible, forced abortion, when my sister was pregnant and she told me it was a girl, I was happy, so I could have someone to play with, and I didn't whine, I don't need a boy to carry on the name, My sister is happy, my brother-in-law was happy, I'm happy)

Meimei: "" (Translation: I'm so happy Taiwan and Japan don't deal with this kind of s***, and what p***es me off is that..........THIS POLICY CAME IN WAY AFTER MAO ZEDONG DIED! Did he want this? Did he want more children in China? Did he want baby girls in family? 2 f***ing years after he died, remember when Chiang Kai-Shek died? His successor didn't set up a strict policy like that!)

To Huizong, Meimei, and Jiao, what was your favorite part of your trip to Hong Kong Disneyland and why? What was your least fave and why?

To Hiro and Huizong, was Eric a POW guard?

Hiro: "" (Translation: Yes, I heard of the treatment the Japanese do to POWs, Me and my brother-in-law got captured but we were allowed to leave a couple months later in 1944, he was nice, Jonathan was there too, he called me and Hideki "slanted-eyed b*****ds)

Huizong: "" (Translation: He noticed I liked watermeln and gave some to me)

To Huizong, what did you think of killing Curt and Danielle's grandfather back in 1942?

Huizong: "" (Translation: I REGRET NOTHING!)

[Huizong does the victory sign and winks, while Curt glares at and growls at him]

To Huizong, did you like your role during WWII?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Yes, and no, Pros, are, I got to kick a**, two, I got to participate in battles, the cons are, STARVATION, AMERICAN SOLDIERS BEING MORONS, I'M TAIWANESE, NOT JAPANESE! And at the f***ing end, I get burnt to death in Hiroshima, and Jonathan kicks my corpse, and when I woke up, and my death, h*** no, let me describe it, you get home from China visiting the badly-ruined Shanghai in China, You go back to your dead brother-in-law's birthplace, on July 4th, After his body is given for us to deliver to Hiroshima to bury him and kept below temperature to avoid it rotting away, and when we buried him on August 6th, an atomic bomb drops, I count to 10, hoping it would be a dud, then BOOM!, I'm damaged and life threatened, I die, then Jiao, then my sister, Jonathan, that soldier that's just hated by everyone, even the Chinese, stomps on my corpse, I HATE HIM!, after that, I'm buried, when I woke up, I was a spirit, and I saw my niece and sister, and my brother-in-law, then we saw the grave which the destroyed holiday home should be, and we looked at eachother, now I'm a ghost, dead at 23, 2-f***ing-3!)

To Wei, did you like the role in the Han dynasty?

Wei: "" (Translation: You mean my death? H*** No, Let me describe it, I play with friends, parents are inside, a strange man leads me and the girls away, he then knocks me unconscious, He runs to his cottage in the woods, we're crying, and the real kick in the a** is where he kills me, the girls and dumps my corpse alongside Jiao and Mulan's corpse in water, We weren't even found until 2 days later, 2 F***ING DAYS LATER!, I HATE THAT MAN FOR WHAT HE DID, HE CAN BURN IN H***!, That man is a horrible person, and he decided to kill us, maybe he hates children or something, so he could p*** off Han Dynasty China, Screw "I hate children" as an excuse for killing some parent's 8-year old, that's not an excuse, Ri Dae-Jung got stabbed in the abdomen, Ji woong lacerated, and Cameron lacerated, but they you don't see any of them die and thrown into water, screw the guy that killed me)

To Hiro, do you like being resembled to a WWII figure?

Hiro: "" (Translation: The Emperor Showa? H*** No, I hate it, I personally don't hate the Emperor and I don't hate him, I tried removing my glasses, but it only made other officers laugh because I can't see two feet without them, and I kept bumping into things, I'm not allowed to shave my mustache because my wife thinks it's adorable, it p***ed a lot of people off, but the Chinese and Korean members of the team are taught to respect this, they see me as a teacher, my wife won't let me shave my mustache and won't let me change my parted to the side, slicked back hairstyle, she thinks the mustache is cute)

To Huizong, how did Imperial Japanese Army troops behave to you?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Taiwanese, they obeyed me just fine, Japanese, uh, not as much, I would yell in Mandarin so I can get them to listen, and they think it's scary when I do that, because, even though I had that "Pretty Boy" voice, It was also harsh and brutally cunning when p***ed, and the Koreans, I was friends with a few, even though I sucked at Korean language, they gave me the nickname of "Taiwanese Cobra", because, they reminded me of a cobra, they were least-likely to obey me because Taiwan got better treatment than Korea during Japan's rule, but Taiwan did have beheadings and comfort women there and there, in modern days, I prefer the nickname "Starscream", it's more fitting, if you ask me, it was after this character compared to Loki, popular with women, my brother-in-law said it suited me, because he said I was a liar and good at leading POWs to death, no, not the ones during WWII, the ones during Supernannya)

To Huizong, how many times did you prank Curt Scar?

[Huizong pushes Curt down a flight of stair]

Huizong: "" (Translation: More than many times I can count!)

To Huizong, while you were in the UK for a visit, what could you watch on TV?

Huizong: "" (Translation: I didn't watch TV that often, Jiao had Disney Junior, Cartoonito, CBeebies, and all that s*** a toddler would watch, Hiro and Meimei didn't seem to mind, she would watch Doc McStuffins, Numberjacks, Teletubbies, and blah, blah, blah, Toddler's s***, wait, that didn't sound right, she would also watch Nina and the Neurons, she has a couple of those annoying f***ers from Waybuloo, they just are annoying, but the song is nice, I guess, she also watches those stupid educational s***, she doesn't actually mind me hating them almost like a billion suns, she just thinks it's a part of growing up and young adult behavior)

To Huizong, do you like Amanda Higgleburg?

Huizong: "他媽的不,讓我描述,並告訴了這個婊子一樣,她很討厭,她認為日本只是一個他媽的動漫工廠,我說日語,因為我是在台灣的該死的殖民統治在二戰期間教導我的,她開始跟我時,調情我告訴她,至少有100次,留下我一個人,我想單獨和我的家人,她綁架我的侄女,而我們購買奶油奶酪百吉餅,我們花了5個小時他媽的,他媽的5小時,找到她!她叫我日本至少有90次,只是因為我有日本國籍並不意味著我是日本人,我是台灣人,從1895年至1945年期間,日本的殖民地,她生氣我了,而我是親吻另一個貝婭特麗克絲,我愛的興趣,他說她不應該有一個“性感的亞洲男孩”,她告訴她滾開,別煩我,她一陣痙攣,幾乎傷害了她,她是個混蛋,她需要傑克瓊斯,我恨那個婊子為她做到了!聰子薩莫被認為幾乎是越來越騷擾,紀敏在看她,她生氣,和肖嬌被騷擾,但你沒有看到任何自己的孩子得到綁架了她,擰那個婊子和她的“日尖叫'狗屎" (Translation: F*** No, let me describe and tell what this b**** did, she is annoying, she sees Japan as nothing but a f***ing anime factory, I speak Japanese since I was taught it during WWII during Taiwan's godd*** colonial rule, She began flirting with me when I told her at least 100 times to leave me alone and I wanted to be alone with my family, She abducts my niece while we were buying cream cheese bagels, took us 5 f***ing hours, 5 F***ING HOURS TO FIND HER!, she called me Japanese at least 90 times, just because I HAVE Japanese citizenship doesn't mean I am Japanese, I am Taiwanese, from a colony of Japan during 1895-1945, She p***ed me off while I was kissing Another Beatrix, my love interest, saying she didn't deserve to have a "Sexy Asian Boy", She told her to f*** off and leave me alone, she threw a fit, and almost hurt her, she was an a**hole and she needs to p*** off, I HATE THAT B**** FOR WHAT SHE DID! Satoko Samo was seen almost getting harrassed, Ji-min was watching her and annoyed her, and Jiao Xiao was harrassed, but you didn't see any of their kids getting abducted by her, screw that b**** and her 'Japan-squealing' s***)

To Hiro, what were Huizong's cons?

Hiro: "" (Translation: If you take away his decent and bada** weapon use, ability in battles, and combat skills, you are left with the worst money management skills in history, when we were separated during a battle against American soldiers, and if it was in a town, he would go hungry for days, so he sort of steals American soldier's rations, this is what I find hilarious)

To Huizong, what is your opinion on Transformers: The Movie?

Huizong: "" (Translation: The 80's one? Game of Thrones, you know, FOR KIDS! Yeah, all your favorites f***ing die and are replaced with new ones, I just hate that!)

To Meimei and Huizong, what is your opinion on the Chiang Kai-Shek statues in Taiwan?

Huizong: "" (Translation; I don't mind, Nationalist China is now Taiwan, and I don't even f***ing mind!)

To Huizong and Hiro, remember the XBOX 360? how many consoles did you go through?

Huizong: "" (Translation: 7 of them, The first one had the E74 error, I actually have a 'System Error, Contact Xbox Customer Support, Jump in, Crash out' T-shirt, I wear it sometimes, I actually cosplayed as a human E74 error in one of the team's conventions, with the code I made myself, the T-shirt, and a temporary tattoo with E74 on it, My sister thought it was awesome, Jiao thought it was cute, the 2nd had a three red lights, the third wouldn't read games, the fourth kept crashing, the fifth had the E78 error, the sixth had a potential of deleting your game saves when you put the disk in and scratching the disk, even when you're not moving it, and the seventh one is me and my brother-in-law use, we use it for playing GTA 5)

Hiro: "" (Translation: To be honest, Huizong makes a bada** E74 error cosplayer)

To Meimei, do Hiro and Huizong throw any wild parties?

Meimei: "" (Translation: Dude, like once a month, it starts with cards, Hiro and Huizong and the other Kuro Unit get drunk, so they start singing, Junichi sang "Barbie Girl" by Aqua with Satoshi, that was hilarious and my brother was laughing his head off)

To Meimei and Huizong, do you celebrate Chinese New Year or any other Taiwanese events?

Huizong: "我們從德豐世界,它是慶祝在台灣,為什麼不呢?" (Translation: We're from the Sinophone World and it is celebrated in Taiwan, why not?)

Meimei: "我們慶祝和平日,這是2月27日至28日,我,我的丈夫,侄女和弟弟養旗對死者的尊重,我愛台灣的標誌,藍色的天空,白色的太陽,和一個全資紅色地球,它非常適合以及與台灣,台灣是一個美麗,繁華的城市,充滿了快樂,開朗的人,和許多日本的參考,它就像中國和日本之間的搭配組合,但它喜歡日本,並不真的很喜歡大陸那麼多,我中國大陸遊客聽說做報告愚蠢,噁心,或完全錯誤的廢話,撒尿,拉屎,粗魯,是的,但是當我來到中國,我的哥哥和丈夫,還有嬌,我的丈夫能說流利的中國國語,我好不乖,所以是我的家人" (Translation: We celebrate Peace Day, which is February 27th to 28th, me, my husband, niece, and brother raise flags in respect for the dead, I love the Taiwan flag, Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth, it fits very well with Taiwan, Taiwan is a beautiful, bustling city, filled with happy, cheerful people, and many Japan references, it's like a mix between China and Japan combined, but it loves Japan and doesn't really like the mainland that much, I heard reports of mainland Chinese tourists doing stupid, disgusting, or downright wrong c***, peeing, s***ting, rudeness, yep, but when I traveled to China with my brother and husband, also Jiao, my husband can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, I was well-behaved, so was my family)

To Ban Young-chol, Cha Min-Ki and John Lumi, what do you feel about Maria Tachimi's death?

Ban Young-chol: "" (Translation: Okay, Her ancestry maybe from the two countries my nation hates the most, but it's really ridiculous on how these people don't even care about this beautiful, wonderful girl, filled with life, violently taking a young child's life away and destroying their family's life aswell, Murder is not acceptable to anyone, especially young children like her, I got on with her very well, she would call me the Japanese term for older brother, I was also her psychiatrist and ChildLine-like helper when I came to her parents' house, I run a company called SGCWWKF, Support Ghost Children Who Were Killed Foundation, where I help children deal what happened to them)

John: "Mine? It's bad enough that this world is filled with horrific violence, it's bad enough when innocent people are killed for senseless reasons, but when a child's life is brutally taken away, that's when it goes too far, No child like her ever deserves to have their life snatched away, This is unacceptable."

Cha Min-Ki: "" (Translation: This girl, why? Children are our future, Those cruel, disgusting people don't realize when they kill a child, they're killing their parent's or their future, The future is the only reason to live, without a future, what's the point of living?, No children means no future)

John: "We feel for this child and her parents, as well as her grandpa, even though he was a POW guard that tortured POWs in WWII, he soon regretted his actions, but didn't have the ability to talk to the former captors that hated the Japanese for the POW treatment, he loved his granddaughter very much, She was killed for one thing, for being a tomboy, and not doing girly things, Ban met Satsuki at one time when they were in school, he was just around 7-8 years older, he met Satsuki when they were in Malaysia, she found him to be a kind, shy person who likes jokes, Maria found him to be very kind and friendly."

To Maria, did you hate it when your grandfathers argue?

Maria: "Yeah, it was scary, Ichi-Ichi's side of the room they both sleep in has a Rising Sun Flag, don't worry, it's the IJN flag, pictures of him as a WWII soldier, he looked very pretty and cute, he looked like me a little when he was a WWII soldier!, and a few Japanese posters he collected, Mikey's side had a USA flag, pictures of him as a WWII soldier, he looked a little like daddy, and a few American posters, mostly Anti-Japanese posters, It's like the Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands, just, d*** worse, I would often watch one of my Transformers VHS tapes to calm me down, my mommy would often watch me because I was so scared of them arguing, the worst one is where I got a Transformers T-shirt for my 6th birthday, in 1987, and he screamed that I was gonna get shot for it, he told me that many times, then my daddy said "Dad, anymore talk like that and you don't get to hold Maria anymore!", while holding on to me, he was then banned from going near me for a month for confiscating my Starscream figure that I was playing with when both of my grandfather's friends came, I liked them, they were friendly, they respected what I liked, that didn't like how Mikey behaved, he's now the friend no one likes, not even Ichi's Japanese friends, like him, Ichi-Ichi was the only one to torture Mikey during WWII in Changi Prison Camp, he also worked in Omori for a short time before his promotion."

To Ichiro, why isn't Mikey able to forgive you?

Ichiro: "Okay, listen here, He doesn't like me, Everytime I try to, he just yells at me to shut up, and I start crying, his friends try to comfort me as they were spared from my beatings during my time working there, and so did my friends, who tortured other POWs, They, except Mikey, before they became POWs saw a more lighter side to me, They saw me watering plants and petting a puppy, they said "Awwww...", This startled me, I spoke perfect English, as I was taught it in the USA, I was there during the time I was 10 until 14, in 1939, during the Nanking Massacre and invasion of China, I was born in Japan, we moved to the USA for a short time, I liked nature and science, other soldiers and officers described me as a "sweet, calm, senere person, who loves nature and science", I was often rather shy with other soldiers and officers and refused to speak to them, I still had the accent, so, many people when I was in the USA made fun of my accent, even Mikey did, I hated him for that and that was the reason I tortured only him, none of the other soldiers knew, I spoke both Japanese and American, Mikey was quite oppressive over me, he wanted her to like and watch girly things, while I was happy with her whoever she wanted to be."

To the WWII ghosts, what is your least favorite foods?

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Taffy, I suppose, it gets stuck in my teeth)

Hiro: "" (Translation: Bread, bland and tastes horrible)

Junichi: "" (Translation: Umeboshi, I hate pickled foods)

Huizong: "" (Translation: Ain't too fond of American sweets, I got sick after eating lots, I'm sill amazed I still weigh 104 lbs and still have a petite stature, so, when I got ill, that put me off them)

Meimei: "" (Translation: Jinhua Hams, They smell like cow s*** and they taste like how dog food smells)

Alois: "" (Translation: Almonds, too bitter)

Monika I: "" (Translation: I, um, hate beetroot)

Dietrich: "" (Translation: I'm not really fond of American fast food)

Antonino: "" (Translation: I'm not that fond of Mexican cuisine)

Alessa: "" (Translation: Possibly pork buns, I still don't understand why Huizong likes that)

Sakura: "" (Translation: Not too fond of celery, I like vegetables, but not this)

Toshio: "" (Translation: I f***ing hate kimchi so f***ing much)

Jung-il: "" (Translation: Pizza, not too fond of it)

Satoshi: "" (Translation: If I have to talk about American-made Chinese food again, I'm gonna staple my f***ing testicles to the celling)

Takashi: "" (Translation: I hate white chocolate, it ruins chocolate for me)

Eric: "Not too fond of spicy food."

Jenni: "I don't like sourdough bread."

Hanna: "I hate wasps, the edible ones."

To Another Beatrix, do you think Huizong is handsome most of the time?

Another Beatrix: "Well, he is lean with very little muscle mass, has an awesome, pretty voice, and looks good in both Imperial Japanese Army uniform and in his leather motorcycle-punk gear, and is well just over the typical hot guy by my standards, youthful appearance, dark brown eyes, and has a very chivalrous personality with the ladies, What isn't handsome about him? I anyone would point out not only he does look dangerous but very handsome too, After all, he is from East Asia, and is the Hóng Zhīzhū and everyone knows spiders are dangerous and beautiful, Spiders are beautiful, venomous or not, I'm lucky to call him my boyfriend."

To Huizong, do you hate epilepsy?

Huizong: "" (Translation: F***ing yeah, I had a seizure during an IJA meeting and I usually cry after having an episode and it was scary, I WISH I NEVER HAD IT!)

To Maria, what kind of names did the girls call you other than LGBT terms?

Maria: "Well, when I'm nervous, I'd speak Japanese, They would call me a Jap due to my Japanese ancestry, an Imperialist due to Ichi-Ichi, granddaughter of a war criminal, my grandfather wasn't tried because beat up Mikey and nothing else, Nip, Hiroshima, Hirohito, when he died, I kept telling them to call him Showa, but, they kept doing it, the worst was Tojo, I am not a bald, bespectacled man, and Hiroshima, and a d*** half-breed, freak, disgusting, all that stuff."

To Maria, did you ever wear a kimono or any traditional Japanese clothes?

Maria: "I love the kimono, Mine was one with Autobot and Decepticon faction symbols on them as patches, I wore it many times, Mikey hated it, saying donate it or burn it."

To Maria, do you like Pokémon?

Maria: "Yeah! I love the ones based of Japanese mythology, Ninetales, Espeon, Arcanine, I'm all over it!"

Mikey: "Ichiro, what have you done?"

Ichiro: "There's nothing wrong with innocent fascination."

To Maria, what is your reaction to those Popeye Anti-Japanese episodes?

Maria: "Oh....I find them hilarious, despite my ancestry, Ichiro thought it was hilarious too, he's like "Is this what Americans thought of us, Japanese?", I am still laughing, I read somewhere that Japanese kids love Popeye the Sailor."

To Huizong, did you ever try Vegemite?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Oh yeah, I hate it, it tasted like s***!)

To Maria, does Mikey hate the Koreans and the Taiwanese?, they were men of those nationalities in the Imperial Japanese Army.

Maria: "Hai, he does, some of the guards that tortured him were either Taiwanese or Korean, this is why he holds such a fear of Jung-il and Huizong, even little Jiko-chan, because, Jung-Jung told me he was in a upset mood at the time in 1942 and he wasn't cheerful today as he usually was, but quite distressed, I asked him why and it was "D****ed Jonathan harassing me.", and he took it out on POWs, he actually snapped and attacked a few, and even killed them by breaking their necks, Hiro said he should calm down a little, Hiro was the least violent to POWs and usually ignored them, unlike Starscream and Skywarp while Jung-il was the most violent, Hai, Mikey was on the Burma railway, and built it was others, According to what I read, Korean guards during the Death Railway were even more sadistic than Japanese guards, I'm shocked actually!"

To Mikey, do you get on with the WWII Ghosts?

Mikey: "Those guys, Nah, I hate all of them, Huizong needs to stop being a little b**** about the One China policy, Jung-il is annoying, Ryou is nothing but a coward, Toshio needs to shut up, Junichi thinks he and get what he wants, Takashi is whiny, Satoshi is a horrible person for taking the heir of Shako in after his father's death alongside a US soldier, Tokiko needs to grow up already, Dietrich is pathetic, Antonino is annoying and rude, Monika is a wimp, Eric needs to start hating these guys, Jonathan, even though I don't like the Japanese, he's taking it too far, Dona is a b****, Meimei needs to stop being such a b****, Jiao needs to stop roaming Unit 731, Alois is whiny and Alessa needs to stop being a daddy's girl, these guys are like the average teenagers, hanging out in alleyways, and attacking random people."

Huizong: "" (Translation: We don't do that all the time stupid!)

To Huizong, did Amanda throw any tantrums while she was in the team?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Yeah, one time, she got angry because she wasn't allowed to join an anime club for medium-ranking officers and soldiers, high-ranking officers and officials, She was low-ranked, Hiro is mildly confused about anime, he says he liked the beautiful animation)

To Huizong, do you and the other WWII ghosts throw any parties?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Yeah, It starts with cards, poker, then everyone gets p***ed-a** drunk, Junichi and Toshio sang Barbie Girl, Toshio doing the Barbie parts and Junichi doing the Ken parts, me and my brother in law sang What I Got by Sublime, it was awesome)

To Huizong, did Ichiro beat any other POWs other than Mikey?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Nope, only him, he didn't beat any other, It's like, he is interested in him, other soldiers and guards were confused, we thought it was his young age of enlistment, he was only 17 when enlisted, he still remained shy and sweet-natured, his love of nature and science, but he didn't like experiments on live humans, he admitted, he started beating Mikey, who was also 17 years of age, but he was a month older than him, He was also outcast from soldiers, they didn't bully him, but he was the odd one out, he was friends with a few, but, he liked watering flowers, and nature, if a POW dropped rubbish, he, instead of beating the s*** out of them, he would pick it up and put it in the nearest bin, even with Mikey)

To Mikey, what is your favorite nickname for the Kuro Unit?

Mikey: "D*****bags, 8 Deadly War Sins, those are my favorites."

To Jiao/Jiko, do you forgive the Americans for Hiroshima?

Jiao/Jiko: "" (Translation: Yes, at first, the only Americans I saw were POWs)

To Toshio Kuroko, what are your thoughts on the Chinese?

Toshio: "" (Translation: I must confess, I don't hate them, I actually married a Chinese woman I met in Shanghai in 1942, Her name was Shou Mei-Sha, She was later called Satoko Yoshizawa when I married her, later Kuroko, I taught her Japanese, I told her she wasn't allowed to speak Mandarin, she accepted that, she was 27 when she died, she died after being shot by US soldiers in July of 1945, She died in my arms, I saw her frightened by her friend's death, I was in a military uniform, she thought I was gonna kill her, but I told her to take my hand and I will help her, and promised her I will never force her into sexual slavery, then she adopted a Japanese name and I taught her Japanese, and I had to claim she was from Taiwan to avoid death, So Hiro wasn't the only one that married a Chinese-speaking person)

To Another Beatrix, did you ever try to massage Huizong?

Another Beatrix: "I tried, but he is extremely ticklish when it comes to those, I could only do the head, neck, and arms, every time I touched the chest, he started laughing hysterically, his words were "STOP! TRIXIE! THAT TICKLES!", If I touched the sides and thighs, he would laugh until tears come out of his eyes, When we were done, he was sweating from laughing too hard, I said "Huizong-kun, you never told me that you were ticklish...", He told me never mention this to anyone, and I promised him."

To Maria, what is your favorite Pokémon generation?

Maria: "I like Generation 2 and 4, Pokémon Gold and Silver were so fun to play with!"

To Ichiro, did you move around a lot during the POW camp that you worked at?

Ichiro: "Iie, I was very passive and wanted to sit alone, since Mikey had known me since I was in the USA, he was the most frequent victim, and POWs that startled me were given some of the most brutal beatings ever, Mostly Mikey, I would attacking by slashing with my shin gunto, leaving scars, he still has them, they called me "The Passive One". p***ing me off lead to almost near death, one time, Mikey accidentally tipped water on me, and I beaten him almost to a pulp, he was bleeding, then I ran off crying, because I managed to injure another POW when he tried to stop me, some guards used this in their favor, such as pushing Mikey-san towards me and me attacking the s*** out of him, Guards called him "Ichirō-kun no okiniiri no omocha" or "Ichirō-kun no ōryoku omocha" meaning "Ichiro-kun's favorite toy" and "Ichiro-kun's stress ball" respectively, POWs called him "Tachimi Attack W****", as I barely reacted to other POWs, as they had to be very careful, and Mikey, wasn't so careful, as he done such stupid things to p*** me off like landing a rock near my foot, tipping water on me, or dirt, and um, trying to take my sword."

To Huizong, what did you think of the firebombings and air raids?

Huizong: "" (Translation: I f***ing hated it)

To Huizong, Why do you need a translator for the Camp of Spiders and talking to Chinese members?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Many of the inmates and colleagues don't understand my dialect, so, Xiao, widow of Mr. Xiao, helps me to know what I'm saying in my dialect)

To Mikey, what do you think of Satoko Samo?

Mikey: "I hate her, she's a c*** and a b****! Remember my hatred of Japs due that d*** camp? She's included, okay, thanks for asking though."

Ryou: "" (Translation: SHE'S NOT A C*** NOR A B****!)

Mikey: "She acts like a woman with permanent PMS!"

Ryou: "" (Translation: Abuse from 2 husband, equals, easily p***ed)

To Hanna, what was your brother's opinion on the Shako Family Line?

Hanna: "My brother despised them, saying "I can't believe they allowed their piece of s*** heir and his uncle to live for so long, and I cannot believe that w**** Satoko is ruling.", I don't really hate them, I know what happened."

To Ichiro, how did you pet fox die?

Ichiro: "Maria-chan the fox got shot in the head by this woman because she thought it was a wild fox, I cried as she died in my arms, I still have my pet fox as a ghost, and I never forgave that woman, I loved Maria the fox with my heart and soul, I named my granddaughter, after her, but she died the same age as my fox, 8 years old!"

To Wei, do you hate Bridget Spotlow-Garbiel?

Wei: "" (Translation: Yes, She's being a little too harsh on her position, I may hate animal cruelty, but, not in a way like that)

To Wei, do people object your relationship with Maria?

Wei: "" (Translation: Yeah....I'm like, over 1800+ years old and Chinese and she's like 30+ and Japanese-American, due to WWII issues and one of her home countries killing Chinese civilians, over 1770 years apart, but we were both 8 when we died)

To Huizong, do you like riding tanks?

Huizong; "" (Translation: H*** No, I get nauseous using them and when I was in one, I vomited)

To Hiro, where did Huizong get his love of Cream Cheese Bagels?

Hiro: "" (Translation: In a POW camp in 1944, he found a US officer's rations, found a tub of cream cheese and two bagels, he then got his bayonet and sliced the bagel in two, and use it to put cream cheese on it, I think he put too much on, as his mouth was covered in cream cheese, and he licked it off, I remember his exact words "Why can't we have rations like this?")

To Hiro, what was you and your squadmates reaction to Devils in Mao-er Mountain?

Hiro: "" (Translation: We were laughing, Is this how the Chinese see us, 70 years after the war, According to Huizong, Japanese soldiers were quite short and skinny, sometimes anorexic due to mostly feeding on rice, and Huizong himself was underweight due often running out of rations, in my own words, This cartoon does not offend me or my squadmates, at all, it's funny as h*** though)

To Hiro, where you banned from any WWII events in the ghost world?

Hiro: "" (Translation: Yes, I was banned from a Burma Railway anniversary meeting, where I meet the war dead POWs that died, ONLY to be told I could not go, because of an overdue soldier report, my report was due 3 days but never had a return date, I was looking forward taking lots of pictures with other POWs and soldiers, I remember one time I was banned from a Battle of Okinawa anniversary meeting because I was in modern clothes and I failed to change them into my uniform)

To Ichiro, did you ever go to the Burma Railway Anniversary Meeting in the Ghost Galaxy?

Ichiro: "Hai, I like it, I get to talk to the POWs I never knew, and I bring Maria with me, the guards and POWs love and adore her."

To Maria, do you hate Amanda?

Maria: "H*** Hai, One time, she took my Masterpiece Megatron, Starscream, Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Bumblebee figures and Dae-Jung-kun found them in her room, they were in various sexual positions, AND THEY WERE AN 8-YEAR OLD CHILD'S TOYS!"

To Everyone Do you guys like Yandere Simulator?

To Ban Young-chol, how do you get on with Satsuki Tachimi?

Ban Young-chol: "" (Translation: I'm her daughter's psychiatrist, That day in 1989 would be the last time Maria's mom, Satsuki, ever saw her daughter, We get on well, I met her once but we couldn't talk quite a lot due to Japanese-DPRK relationships)

To Wei, how was your first day on the team?

Wei: "" (Translation: It was good, but the one thing is that Me, Mulan, and Jiao couldn't register our birthdates and had to lie about them because it had to be four numbers, I was born in 203, Mulan in 199, and Jiao in 204, If I tried on the computer, it would add 1 to 203, 199, or 204 making it 1203, 1199, or 1204 and an message that says "unknown error", It really p***ed me off, same error with Jiao and Mulan, until they released a patch that allowed a birthdate and deathdate to be three numbers long)

To Maria, was any broadcast intrusions used during the Bobbalu-Team Terrific 10 War?

Maria: "Yes, during when an Anti-Team Terrific 10 propaganda on the South Supernannya station was shown, we hacked it into the station and replaced all of it with very disturbing c***, violently and sexually explicit, we used Turles x Goku hardcore bondage yaoi porn images which was Satoko's idea and she drew a few pornographic Dragon Ball dojins, She uses them as weapons or hacking, scenes of execution, rape, and even footage of a rape scene from Tokyo Demon was used, and we even used Starscream x Megatron porn to it, and at the end, it shown Huizong killing a teacher's wife and raping her before shoving a bayonet into her genitals, we even used hentai anime footage, and the start of Corpse Party: Missing Footage, all in the tune of the full opening of Attack on Titan, sped up to a blistering 8x played in a loop, it was awesome seeing their reactions, it lasted 23 minutes."

To Huizong, what's it like having a twin sister?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Before we were born, even though babies can't think, I thought Meimei was a boy until I saw that she had no d***, and I love and adore her)

To Meimei, how is your brother and husband still powerful despite their small stature?

Meimei: "" (Translation: Well, I was more well-fed than my brother due to me not being in the army, and my brother lost weight from malnourishment, if he was starved for more than 3 months, I had to feed him milk until he could eat solid food again, well, he took out US soldiers that were 2 times his size, but, his weight was below average, and when my husband died, he was so badly malnourished that he was like a half-walking skeleton and half-corpse, when I heard a recording on the radio, I heard the last moments of his life, he said "Shut up, stomach", "So...hungry....", and screaming, when I saw him with Huizong at my side, I couldn't recognize him anymore, he was a lot thinner and emaciated, his ribs were showing, his hair was badly tousled, his uniform was tattered, and his glasses were missing, he resembled a Japanese-kept POW, and Jonathan got discharged for allowing him to starve to death, but later mocked a dying Ryou)

To Maria, what was your reaction to Wei, Jiao, and Mulan's deaths?

Maria: "It feels like I'm watching a slasher horror film or a snuff film, I saw three kids, all of them screamed in Mandarin Chinese, then the first to die was a boy, no older than me, he cried horribly as his chest was stabbed, then he went silent, then the next was a little girl, her throat was slashed as I averted my eyes, then I heard weakness in her voice, then her voice, faded with every stab, and the next girl, who was supposedly older than the last 2, the killer spread her legs, then he grabbed a hold of her right, and stabbed it dozens upon dozens of times until she died."

To Maria, what is your opinion on Wacko's goal to get rid of every child in Johnny Test?

Maria: "You'll have to get rid of every female and since a baby is born in 3 seconds worldwide, then the world would go extinct, Does this show make sense anymore, It's like trying to get rid of every Japanese-made game that comes to America."

To Huizong, what was your reaction to the Anti-Japanese propaganda shorts aired in WWII?

Huizong: "" (Translation: It's alright, I'm not Japanese myself, I'm full Taiwanese, I'm not really offended, we find it more funny than actually racist, my buddies find it more funny than hilarious, when Jiao was watching, and saw one of the stereotypical Japanese soldiers, she said "That looks like daddy!", and he went red-faced while the other boys were laughing at him, and he said "Jiko-chan, I think that's supposed to be either Tojo-sama or His Majesty, or some random Japanese soldier".)

To Ichiro, did animal rights activists try taking Maria the fox off you?

Ichiro: "Yeah, I was in modern clothes, you know, in 2015, Outside the ghost world, her tail goes back to one and I kept her on a leash, And when I sat down on a bench, an animal rights activist, it was a woman, claimed I had no right keeping her as a pet, then I said "No, go to h***", The woman and other people were members of PETA, so annoying, and I got into a fight with them, I won."

To Maria, do you hate crying children in public places?

Maria: "H*** Hai, In 1986, I saw The Transformers movie 3 times in a week, on the third time, there was this baby and he wouldn't shut up! He cried throughout the film, who thought it was a good idea to bring babies and toddlers to movies, and there was a toddler that wanted my Skywarp and Thundercracker figures, I held them both up to the air, yeah, I was very overprotective of my Transformers, I know you shouldn't bring toys to the cinema, but I done it to entertain me, and when I was taking a 12 hour to Japan with grandpa and mommy in 1989 to go to Showa Emperor's funeral, there was this crying 1-year old behind me, 12 f***ing hours, my mommy couldn't listen to music for a week."

To Ichiro, did you have to deal with those too-perfect girls around your age that win pageants and other stylish stuff?

Ichiro: "Yes, it's annoying, There was one called Bella, she threw temper tantrums at the age of 19 that were fit for a three year old, I went to an American university after the war, I didn't like her, she was a bully, annoying, she even bullied the girl I married years later, Matsuko, because her father was a Bataan Death March participant, I didn't participate in it though, I was 17 at the time, and Matsuko, despite Bella calling her "an ugly Jap b****", she was beautiful and pretty, she was intelligent, and Matsuko-chan got her revenge, she pulled her hair so hard some of it came out."

Maria: "You just described Josephine B****face."

To Maria, does having an American POW grandfather and a POW guard grandfather feel like being split in two?

Maria: "Yeah, Ichiro was very gentle, even to former POWs that were captured by Japan, but, he doesn't seem to like Mikey that much, because he told me Mikey bullied him in the 30's for his accent, because he was jealous because Ichiro, even as a child and teen was popular with the ladies, even Mikey's future wife, he even shakes hands with British POWs and acts very gentle to them, and even tries to be friends with them, he once picked up flower and a message saying "I'm sorry for Japan's brutality" in both Japanese and English, so, he was quite popular with POWs."

Huizong, do you hate taking medication?

Huizong: "" (Translation: Yes, I have to take 3 different drugs, my epilepsy medication tastes like s***, I also have to take vitamin tablets due to malnourishment during WWII, and and for my lower abdominal cramps, all three taste disgusting)

To Ichiro, what was your parents like?

Ichiro: "My otosan was a First Lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Army, he taught me himself and he didn't like fundamentalist Christians either, He speaks English and Japanese, my okasan was a stay-at-home with my younger sister, who was 9 when the war started and 15 when the war ended, she died in Hiroshima with okasan and otosan, while we went off to war, while my dad fought British and US soldiers, while I just stayed watching POWs we captured, if disease was too much, I would be sent back to Japan for a short time, my dad didn't want me getting sick or catching diseases, so, I would be cleaned, hair washed, and my otosan tried to keep me disease free, he also hated Mikey."

To Ichiro, did you take drugs or alcohol when Maria died?

Ichiro: "The answer is no, I never drank or smoke, I drew pictures to show my grief."

To Maria, do you like video games?

Maria: "Yes, I liked Famicom or Nintendo Entertainment System if you live outside Japan, I was a complete Nintendo person and I did have a Commodore 64, I played my Transformers games on it, I like Mario because he is so cool!, Mikey didn't want me using Nintendo devices, how does he know it is Japanese when Ichiro never told him the country of origin?"

To Maria, why do you love Transformers so much?

Maria: "Well, I thought they looked brilliant and when I saw the commercials, I said to mommy in Japanese, "I want one of those!", My first one was a Prowl and Thundercracker figure, I got Optimus, Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, and Bumblebee for my 4th birthday, Mikey disapproved because he thought I would grow up to be lesbian, I had most of the one's available at the time of my death, Most of them were placed on my shrine."

To Maria, do you hate Moana and Zootopia?

Maria: "H*** to the Hai, I don't know what the d*** hype is all about, they are just Disney films!"

To Meimei, is your daughter mentally disturbed by Unit 731?

Meimei: "" (Translation: Yeah, she even reads Deadman Wonderland, which shows lots of mentions of it, one of the main characters is named Shiro, prisoners are experimented on, and have their organs or body parts removed, being injected with toxins, and the character Ganta, his kanji can be read as Maruta, which means logs, which were used to call experiments and he even had a picture of a wood with a leaf on his phone, and she still has nightmares of suffering vivisections and witnessing them, she even kills prisoners of the camps if they disturb her, she may have some cute interests, but disturbing like a goth girl)

To Maria, do you like the Terminator films?

Maria: "H*** yes, It's the movie that my grandfathers can watch together without fighting, I watched the film with my parents at home, Ichiro-oji did too, They were pretty amazed I wasn't scared to s*** of the endoskeleton of the cyborg, hearing the bad language, a naked Arnold, and the guns and c***, I thought it was awesome, and Mikey still wonders how I was still able to sleep peacefully after that, I was 2 1/2, I died before the second and third film came out, the end of the second, I did not cry, I was basically emotionless, the third, was cool as h***."

To Maria, what was your reaction when you saw Ichiro again as ghosts, but as an 17-20 year old man?

Maria: "I was shocked, he looked so baby-faced and doll-like, He was more younger when I last saw him, at the age of 63, Heisei 1, he looked liked what he was in World War II pictures."

To Ichiro, have you heard of foreigners in Supernannya sexually assaulting female soldiers?

Ichiro: "Yeah, I heard when Meimei, walked the streets at night to go shopping, a migrant groped her breasts but she fought back, he said "Asian women are just there for sex", Meimei cut his penis and testicles off, that's how soldiers at night punish rapists, instead of arresting them and decapitating."

To Maria, did the team have to deal with crazy Christian fundamentalists?

Maria: "Yeah, It is so hard for Ali to read the Qu'ran and she says all other religions are going to h*** if they do not convert to Christianity and says God is going to use the GBS to punish us for having pro-gay, pro-abortion laws, and multicultural religions, no, it's not Jann."

To Dietrich, why do you hate Adolf Hitler?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: It's very sad to tell, well, one of my friends was killed in Kristallnacht, she was a Jew, she was only 16 years old, I hid with my wife, my mother committed suicide after she was sacked from her job as a doctor, she had beautiful, jet-black hair that reached her shoulders and was slim, she was the most beautiful woman ever, during those times, he thought that the place for a woman was the home, and he banned them from working, my mom was a doctor for 23 years, she hung herself and when I came back from school, she was hanging by a noose, the paramedics couldn't revive her, and the worst was my sister's hair had to be in plaits or a bun, they didn't like it because they had such a hard time getting it out and he thought a slender woman would have trouble giving birth, This is not true at all, Monika gave birth to our sons without difficulty, I even hate him for that horrible battle in Stalingrad, I pretended to be dead by covering myself with snow, I even hate him for the Holocaust, killing all those people, My wife was neither and didn't like being a housewife, she prefered working because it boosts self-esteem, she was one of the many female guards at the camps, but, she didn't do much, except dress codes, she didn't like him either, we kept this to ourselves, but now, we can show our say in the toothbrush moustached f***er that ruined my family)

To Ichiro, why did you kill yourself?

Ichiro: "Hm, I lost everything I loved, my sister, my parents, my old college friends, Maria-kitsune, Maria-chan, Satsuki-chan, I didn't know where my great-grandchildren and grandsons lived, my lovely son-in-law, Zhiyu died in a road traffic collision in 1987 because of a speeding mainland Chinese driver, Matsuko-chan died in 2012 after she pushed me out of a way of a speeding car when we were in Texas, Ronnie died in a motorcycle accident when he was traveling in Vietnam with friends in 2000, Huy died from tuberculosis in 1946, which he had since he was a kid, Sally died after she mistook industrial cleaner for cocao mix in 2012, so, the only way I could get out of this misery, was to kill myself, a neighbor noticed my body days after I died, my body was cremated and was scattered on my granddaughter's shrine."

To Satsuki, have you've ever explained death to Maria or Ichiro?

Satsuki: "Well, during our ghostly life on earth in our human disguises while in the TT10, we watched the Japanese version of Jirachi: The Wishmaker, and she said that she liked the actress, Tomiko Suzuki who played Jirachi and wanted to meet her, and I said this "Maria-chan, sweetie, the girl that played her died, it was her final movie" and she was like "Well, I'll meet her when she comes back", then Martin said "Maria, Tomiko-chan's not coming back", and she said "Why not?", and I told her "when people die, they don't come back, since she's not bounded and died peacefully, she has passed on to the afterlife", she seemed to accept it though without denying it, Well, we used Japanese anime voice actor's deaths to help my father and daughter with the issue of death, when we were watching Dragon Ball: Bardock, The Father of Goku in Japanese, I explained to my dad that the guy that played Tora, Kazuyuki Sogabe, who played a handful of characters, Dr. Myuu, South Kaioshin, Juusangou, and Tora aswell, and from a lot of anime, the actor that played Bardock's best friend Tora died, and it's very helpful, I give them their cause of death, I said to Maria-chan that Tomiko-chan died of a heart attack, only to ask me what it was, and I told her that's when your heart stops working and fails, but their voice actors are usually replaced, especially in newer media involving the deceased voice actor's characters, so, they are pretty relaxed about it."

To Ichiro, can you explain your liver condition?

Ichiro: "It was quite fatal, it didn't develop correctly and was wired incorrectly and was larger that usual, so, it was diseased and should have killed me before the age of 5, unfortunately, no doctors at the time knew it's name because it was recently discovered in newer generations back when I was born and some other kids had it too, but 90% never survived past their 5th birthday, so, they just called Polling's Disease, named after the guy who discovered the disease when doing an autopsy on a dead child, and they looked that his liver had failed to develop and was wired incorrectly, according to a doctor, I was quite lucky, but it was undiagnosed for 17 years until I got acute stomach pains months after joining the army, when I was brought to the hospital because my stomach hurted so bad, and my mom thought it was from hunger, but when a captured US doctor saw me, he confirmed I had a liver birth defect, he told my mom and dad my liver failed to develop correctly and this defect should have killed me before my fifth birthday as sufferers died from their liver crushing their organs because it was so enlarged that it crushed their intestines and most of their digestive tract, and he had my entire internal organs scanned, and he said my liver was a bit larger, and he told them I would never live past the age of 25 as it was so advanced, starvation would worsen it, and when my parents died, my condition worsened and doctors said I had only a few weeks left because of the malnourishment, and when I was X-rayed in America when I was sent there, one doctor asked if I smoked, because my liver had gone black,

To Ichiro, were you and Mikey able to participate in the Korean War?

Ichiro: "No, my liver condition and transplant, my doctor said I shouldn't participate in a war past WWII, Mikey couldn't participate because of permanent damage done to his leg, leaving a limp, we were both kind of thankful."

To Dietrich, How did you hide your family maid during the Third Reich era?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Well, I had to make it look like she was sexually assaulted, she was only 27 when the war began and started working for my family before the Nuremberg laws took place, my dad had to make it look like she was raped and had to make her look brutally abused as possible, and we hid her during the Crystal Night to stop her from being killed)

To Dietrich, why did Dona and other close friends call you by your middle name, Heinrich?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Dona pronounced my name so awkwardly I actually told her to call me Heinrich, as everytime she was in my bunker, she seemed to pronounce Himmler the nerd's name better than any other name, Ichiro, who wasn't apart of the Kuro Unit, couldn't pronounce my name right, Mi Jung-il couldn't even get past the first syllable, so, I generally allowed anyone who couldn't pronounced my name to call me Heinrich to make it a little easier)

To Satsuki, what was the most insecure thing about your grandfather?

Satsuki: "According to dad, He had a high-pitched laugh and was highly ticklish despite his baritone to tenor voice that was highly contagious, to test his endurance in torture, Kenta would actually allow Aiko, my grandmother, to tickle his feet in their private bunker and multiple other forms of torture, and she found out that he was highly ticklish, and succeeded in hiding this, now as a ghost, it's now a little painful and ticklish to touch the sole of his right foot, I found this out the hard way, he was giggling, but wincing in pain at the same time."

To Hiro, what happened to your body after you died?

Hiro: "" (Translation: Well, they removed my glasses, which were still in good condition, and I actually still had the glasses as a ghost, and on the right handle, there was a note in English that said that was written by my mother "Hiro-kun's old glasses", and Jiao's customised doll of me ended up in a Korean auction, I managed to buy it back, it wasn't too damaged, as it was not with Jiao by the time the bomb went off)

To Mairead, what were your interests?

Mairead: "Unlike those girly girls who prefer girls who twerk their a**es, pop bands, and other s***, my interests were much more innocent in nature, such as teddy bears, cartoons and my own culture, and was yet bloody than pornographic, and I was still a modest young teenage girl, yet to be tainted by corrupting influences, when I was little, Mom dressed me in Irish Volunteer uniforms, in 1996, I was called the "Cutest Revolutionary ever", and my favorite Easter Rising rebel to learn was Joseph Plunkett, when I saw a picture of him, he looked more like an amiable nerd than a leader, mom told me he was only 28 years old, he had tuberculosis, which was life threatening back then, and was married before death."

To Mairead, what were your last days of school like?

Mairead: "Not as pleasant as you may think, It was from the eighth to the eleventh, on the eighth, it was the anniversary of the Eniskillen bombing, my uncle was a survivor, but he never recovered and always had nighmares, I wore a poppy in remembrance, keep in mind, my birthday is on the 24th of April, which is the anniversary of the Easter Rising, My ma is from Dublin, and my dad is from Shankhill, so I am mixed, one the ninth, he continued the harassment, on the tenth, he once stole my book on the Easter Rising until he was told off by a teacher, on the eleventh, I died."

To Kenta, what are your thoughts on Huizong?

Kenta: "He is one of the most annoying men in history, I mean, really d*** annoying, he's so annoying, my fellow officers wonder how I deal with him everyday, he is so annoying he gives Hogan from Hogan's Heroes a run for his money, since Huizong mostly spoke Chinese, he did a lot of things to p*** off people, the rest is just as bad, except maybe Hiro and Ryou, I find Hiro the most tolerable."

To Dietrich, how did you get along with Leopold?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Despite our differences, me being in the Wehrmacht and him in the Waffen-SS, He prefers to fight honourably than murder, sometimes, and he got on great with my family, when he was captured by the Allied forces in 1943, according to the Geneva Convention, they couldn't treat him like s***, but he refused food from them and would often go hungry for days because he mainly liked mainland European cuisine, until he couldn't even help it, he didn't die in captivity, but had his weapons confiscated, and American soldiers nicknamed him "The Man Who Is In A Hurry To Die", He didn't realise he married a Jewish woman until he found out what happened in Poland, and chose to protect her instead of ratting her out)

To Dietrich, How did Sofia survive the Holocaust?

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Physical appearance, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and was very beautiful, she was considered the 'perfect Aryan woman' despite her being a Jewish woman, SS soldiers were far too attracted to kill her and she ended up marrying Leopold, Leopold had brown hair and blue eyes, it was love at first sight, it was difficult to pass her off as my sister because none of my siblings had her hair or eye colour, but she was my maid)

Mairead, Why was the Easter Rising and Somme important to your family?

Mairead: "My dad's side fought in WWI, mom's granddad was an IRB volunteer, he was in the Anti-Treaty forces before deciding to settle down and relax a little and deciding to stay out, deciding he had enough of this, when he was captured, a British Army officer kicked him in so hard in the stomach, he threw up, he wasn't sentenced to Kilmainham, because any rebel under 18 was sent home, but another officer told him off for it, telling him to leave the younger rebels alone, keep in mind, he was 17, the officer must of been at least 45, my mum doesn't hate the British, she told me that when the Hunger Strikers died, she stayed inside the house the entire time because she was too scared to leave, dad's granddad was in the Battle of the Somme, he got a toe shot off."

To Mairead, how did your parents meet?

Mairead: "My mother went up to Belfast and was almost killed by a loyalist when they heard her Irish accent, my father protected her, yelling at them that just because "they are superior, doesn't mean you cannot treat people from the Republic like s***"."

To Mairead, why do you like Tamagotchi so much?

Mairead: "Easy, my mother had dustmite allergies and we couldn't have pets, so my mom got me my first one when I was 8 to teach me about responsibility, it's name was Katie, and I really liked it."

To Tran Thi Kim, What was one of the dumbest people you denied from North Supernannya?

Kim: "" (Translation: I once denied what people called Social Justice Warrior, she didn't have a valid gender or nationality down, which was something called a bigender, she even crossed out the gender and put that there, and black even thought she was clearly Caucasian, and she threw a tantrum that I was sexist, racist and she also didn't have a valid weight down, passport clearly said "112 lbs." But the scales said "234 lbs", and she threw a tantrum that I was "fat-phobic.", when she was denied for false information, Took her five guards to arrest her)

To Patrick, were you shocked when Mairead developed psychokinetic abilities unknowngly as a ghost?

Patrick: "Yes, She didn't even tell me, and no one ever told me she had these powers, according to Toshio, they were undiagnosable and could happen at will, She once crushed a GBS teachers head because Samuel was so stupid he tried to make her fight when she was suffering severe migraines."

To Patrick, what was one of the worst video game or film store experience?

Patrick: "Me, well, This store owner refused to sell me a copy of South Park Season 7 because he thought I was buying it for Mairead, who looks a lot younger, a lot of people mistook her to be 14 and as ghosts, Mairead was refused a copy of Rick and Morty because the cashier wanted wanted her to pick out something more girly."

To Maria, how did strong hatred between you and Josephine start?

Maria: "Okay, when we me and her were three, Josephine, I'd like to bare in mind, is biracial, her dad is African and her mother is Caucasian, my dad really loved watching Dukes of Hazzard, and her dad took offense to it and angrily demanded he changed to show over, daddy said it was his house and he decides what he watches, and it became nasty, and during a Civil War reeanactment when I was five, he and him got into a fight, because daddy was acting as a Confederate soldier."

To Maria, what was one of the worst shopping experiences ever?

Maria: "I was with Saoirse and Joe, Joe prefers to wear his Confederate uniform without the coat to look more modern while Saoirse loves modern day fashion, Saoirse is more outgoing and she is less-likely to get sick unlike her twin, there was this boy that threw a temper tantum on Miami City streets, and Joe really dislikes noise, and he actually kicked Joseph in the.........testicles, and his mom did nothing until Saoirse gave him the belt, which exactly what it said on the tin, beat his a** with a leather belt, and no one stepped in afterwards because she told passerbys that he kicked her brother, and Saoirse is pretty protective of him."

To Maria, what is one of the worst experiences of racism in your family?

Maria: "When we were in Scotland, we met this Rangers fan who really hated Irish people, He also kept calling Joseph a Fenian and a Saoirse a Nina, Both are not very familiar with the terms and watching their faces go into shock, bare in mind, Joe's one of the nicest people to exist, while Saoirse tends to go on the snarker side, he was very cruel to Joe, he refused to let him eat cookies in the cabinet and even gave him just a potato for dinner, and He knows nothing of the Easter Rising, which is a little hard to believe, and everything about it is alien to him."

To Joseph, what was one of the worst BLM protests ever?

Joseph: "Oh, I went to a convention with Maria, and they were BLM protesting about the lack of diversity in comic books and it went onto a straight out riot, one protester grabbed a gun of a policeman, he fired three bullets and he accidentally shot a 18-year old Loki cosplayer when the bullet ricocheted, he died on way to hospital, his last words were "Annie, Annie...." very weakly, I can still hear the screams of his Black Widow cosplayer girlfriend at night, they blamed the police even thought they've clearly seen him grabbing the gun and firing it, other cosplayers he was with were also traumatised, the Thor cosplayer committed suicide three days later and the Captain America cosplayer never went to a convention again."

To Wei, what do you use your adult forme for?

Wei: "" (Translation: Performing murders and executions on targets, the BLM protester that shot Patrick in the back was killed by me)

To Mikey, did you really hate Ichiro until you died?

Mikey: "It was an on-off switch, me and he were into the same things, Marvel and DC, he even liked classical music, we even read newspapers, just like me, our relations slightly improved in the 60's, but fell slightly in the 70's, and became the same level as it was in the 1940's in the 80's when Maria was born, and our relationship never recovered."

To Annie, how is your and Patrick's marriage?

Annie: "We love eachother, but it's very unstable, I still suffer nightmares from what that horrible Redmond did to him."

To Mikey, what was the POW camp like?

Mikey: "Search up Andersonsville Prison and you know the rest, but sometimes, even I took pity on Ichiro, if he had his shirt off, he looked like a POW, I could see his ribs poking through his chest and his arms and legs were thin, he was often trying to fight off hunger by eating rats and other small animals, some POWs called him "Ghost of Omori", as he was hardly seen by anyone, he was also sickly."

To Annie, have you heard of weeaboos?

Annie: "Yeah, me and my friends prefer American comics over manga, in 2015, Patrick was 16 and I just turned 16, This weeb snatched my plush off me and Patrick actually had to punch her to get it back, Now, Patrick's a very sweet and nice boy, you take my Winter off me and you're gonna get it."

To Annie, have you ever heard of Dmitry Volodin?

Annie: "Yeah, We were at the beach, and man, he's attractive, too bad I can't speak Russian."

To Annie and Patrick, what do you think of Amanda (Kawaii-Chan) Higgleburg

Annie: "She's a f***ing b****, Now, I wasn't a huge fan of manga, and I prefer Marvel comics, when I was reading my new copy of Black Widow #1, Patrick hates what she spends her money on, She spends her money on anime c*** instead of buying food, Patrick spends his somewhat bad income on food and sometimes on comics, but not all of it is comic books."

Patrick: "I don't like her, when Annie told her how I died, That woman had no sympathy, she blamed us for "wearing baka American comic costumes", What a b****."

To Patrick, do you like DC comics?

Patrick: "Yep, I like both Marvel and DC, Annie does too, she actually had a shirtless poster of the anti-hero, Jason Todd, who is the Red Hood, yeah, I hate fanboy fights, there was a riot at a convention I was at last year who was better, Nathan got pretty distressed."

To Cuong and Jane, you both growing up in countries with left-wing policies, what are your thoughts on the murder of Patrick McCormick?

Cuong: "Patrick's killing disgraced all left-wingers, back in Vietnam, it was considered far-left, but even I know when the left goes way too f***ing far."

Jane: "The fact he was terrified of the KKK and White Power groups really p***ed me off, this man, apart of a group who is considered to be anti-racist, like most left wingers, but kills people that aren't apart of the ethnicity."

To Annie, what are your thoughts on making Thor a woman?

Annie: "Rather dumb to be honest, most girls I know read comic books for the sexy guys."

To Annie, what brand was your Winter Soldier plush?

Annie: "It was not the Bleacher Creature one, It was the one available through purchase via purchase, Patrick bought the Blu-ray edition of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he gave it to me as an early Christmas present."

Patrick: "She loved it since and she had taken very good care of it, she brushed the hair so it wouldn't get matted, she even has a album dedicated to the doll and the places she's taken to."

To Cuong, what are your thoughts on the GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend campaign?

Cuong: "F***ing dumb, In North Vietnam, It's not the most pro-LGBT, These aren't fans, well, what I only knew of America is that they killed my sister and mother, My family only owned a radio that tuned into North Vietnamese stations, Well, Steve is awesome I admit, but making him gay is stupid."

To Patrick and Annie, did you wish you two could have kids?

Patrick: "They told me ghosts aren't sterile, but Annie had been diagnosed with PTSD as a ghost, which would stop her from having sex, or refusal to, but I think her doll makes a good substitute, I sometimes hold it if Annie needs to do something like climb a wall or some other things, Satoko wrote an adorable comic of her doll and the timeline, where she drew it coming out of the box."

To Maria, where did you meet Joseph?

Maria: "At a Star Wars-themed birthday party in 1986, it was for a classmate, I was dressed up as Darth Vader, including his red lightsaber while he was dressed as Luke Skywalker, we had a lightsaber duel, then he accidentally knocked off the helmet and he was shocked, a girl, playing Darth Vader, the helmet completely masked my voice."

To Annie and Patrick, who was the most spoiled kid you've ever met?

Patrick: "It was 2006, I was seven, it was the first Easter Rising commeroration in 40 years since 1966, there was this kid when I was in Dublin and he would not shut the f*** up, my brother was thirteen, he went up and yelled at the kid to shut his mouth, the Easter Rising and basically anything beyond that is a memorable thing, my dad's side was in the IRB and later the IRA, some of my family members fought for both pro-Treaty and anti-Treaty."

To Annie, what was the funniest movie experience ever?

Annie: "Me and the boys went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier and some guy's ringtone went off, the song?: Barbie Girl by Aqua, the whole theatre roared with laughter, and during the mindwipe scene, a girl my age next to me whispered "abs......"."

To Annie, what was the worst movie experience?

Annie: "Me and the guys went to see Captain America: Civil War and this stupid four-year old was yanking on my doll and touching my hair, his mom didn't do jack s***, and she was later kicked out, then when we find out who killed Tony's parents scene, some nerd who I think was on Team Iron Man tried taking Winter off me, but was stopped by another guy, now, Sean's a Team Iron Man person and he would never do something like this, we are a mix really, Patrick understands both sides."

Patrick: "Another one was when we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, There was this girl who wouldn't shut up and was on her phone, Alex got up and yelled "WILL YOU SHUT THE F*** UP?!", he got applauded and she stayed quiet."

Annie: "Janice told me this time when she and her family went to America when Patrick was 1 1/2 and Michael was 5, when they saw Digimon: The Movie, He told me about the Angela Anaconda sketch, and Michael stood and yelled "PUT THE F***ING DIGIMON MOVIE ON!", the whole audience burst out laughing, Janice said she was laughing too hard to be angry at him, Patrick's first words ended up being "F***", We still joke about it."

To Maria, have you ever been to Ireland?

Maria: "Not when I was alive, if we were going to the UK, We stayed the h*** away from Northern Ireland, but, with Jane, the GPO Witness History is my favorite."

To Mairead, what else did Tómas do to you?

Mairead: "He once gave me a copy of They Shoot Children, which is about plastic bullet usage, and a vile message on the back of the cover, saying 'For a Protestant b**** and blood-stained poppy supporter", I even got sent photos of children killed by the British Army in Christmas and Valentine's Day cards with vile sectarian messages, on the backs said "H*n b****, out of Ireland", Here was the problem, my daddy didn't support the DUP, he hated them, I was just there for him to unleash his anti-British rhetoric on, His mum made him pay over £15 to buy the bookshop he shoplifted the book from, the shopkeeper, who I know was a republican, was angry at him, he invited me into his shop and allowed me to pick any book I wanted, Tómas got a lifelong ban."

Sinead: "My daughter got sent some pretty graphic photos, She got a photo of a dead Carol Ann Kelly in her coffin that he printed out, my husband committed suicide because there was a ton of cold calling and these pictures in our mailbox, the worst one was that horrible picture being pasted all over our house, The book shopkeeper was a really nice bloke and he condemned Tómas' horrid actions and 5-year hate campaign, the PSNI warned him to leave my daughter alone and was on warning multiple times."

To Mairead, what was your worst experience you had with Another Nicholas?

To Mairead, did you ever play Pokémon when you were alive?

Mairead: "Yes, Platinum, Pearl, LeafGreen, FireRed, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, I really liked Pokémon, not to the extent of a superfan because I loved Tamagotchi more, but, my favorite Pokémon in my Platinum was a Weavile, which was male that I nicknamed Kama, I even had a plush toy and called it Kama, it was a Poke Doll."

To Jun, Why did you have trouble with the parties you threw?

Jun: "I was actually nicknamed 'The Dictator" because I actually banned people from playing Pokémon GO at my Sun/Moon Release Party, Ryu, my Ghetsis cosplayer said "they were too annoying and when we had them, they would be around catching Pokémon and pushing past guests", Akira, my Giovanni cosplayer absolutely dislikes Pokémon GO, he actually broke his right collarbone after a Pokémon GO player pushed him into a table, I still have the images of his broken arm in my head."

Alexei: "The animal rights activists and parents was also a huge issue, They would scream and protest over the music, We also had a no five or under policy because during our Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby party, there was screaming kids everywhere and parents not doing jack s*** and Ryu hates that."

Jun: "Ryu once mocked PETA by dressing up as Black and Blue Ghetsis and it was extremely hilarious watching, me and the other boys were laughing hysterically at the whole thing, Bridget was there and threatened to throw blood on him since the cloak was made of faux-fur designed to look realistic, he also carried a fake bloodied dead animal around, when I told Julie, she said that Ryu must if been a funny guy, he was a hilarious guy, he mercilessly trolled PETA, by holding a sign saying "Team Plasma hates PETA", Kazuko helped too."

To Patrick, what are your thoughts on the Irish tricolor being banned at St. Patrick's Day parades?

Patrick: "A bloody disgrace, The political correctness is out of control, The Provos weren't the best people back in the 60's to the 90's, but the Irish tricolor is our source of pride, the Brits had a café focusing on Churchill stormed and protested, now, Churchill wasn't the best lad to Ireland, Search up the Black and Tans, but he was very essential to the British in stopping the Nazis, but, I would never do something like this, if we can commerorate Tom Clarke, then the Brits can commerorate their wartime Prime Minister, I want them to stop removing history because they find something racist or sexist about it."

To Jun, how many times were you accused of pedophila?

Jun: "More times than I can count, I once booked a three-bedroom room in Florida and I got pulled over by the police."

To Maria, did you like Godzilla movies like your mother?

Maria: "Yep, My first word was King Ghidorah, Yeah, I am not making this up. i was two when I first watched the 1964 film, by the time I was three, I could remember the names of the monsters, Mothra, Godzilla, Rodan, King Ghidorah."

To Reicheru, how was Ryu when he was brought into the hospital.

Reicheru: "Almost hysterical, He was incoherent and I couldn't understand what he was saying and he poor guy was traumatised, after the death of Masaru, Ryu, Akira, Satoru, Kouta were all on suicide watch, Tariko felt really sorry for him, he saw one of his closest friends, two little girls he befriended die infront of him, when he found that Jun had died, he burst into tears at the medical ward."

To Maria, have you ever been to Build-A-Bear Workshop?

Maria: "In the ghost world with Mick, Never try to rip off a guy's Confederate uniform, ever, a college student tried this and he punched her, I was getting a Pikachu."

To Mikey, what do you think is the most unusual about your family?

Mikey: "My father's side, Instead of fighting in WWI like most families back then, my family were fighting for the IRA, 1920's, my two great-uncles were Irish republicans, Liam and Ailin O'Hare, Mia went back to Ireland before the boys were born with her husband, they went back to Ireland, Liam was described as lively, but resourceful."

To Jun, did you ever play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game with Ri Dae-Jung?

Jun: "Yes, he is absolutely brutal, I lost in 10 turns, it's like he can predict what your next move is."

To Michael, what do you think of Tómas MacSherry?

Michael: "He's a disgusting little brat, he is a disgrace to Irish republicans everywhere, Liam and Ailin would never treat WWI soldiers like that, Liam yelled at Tómas in the greatest Reason-You-Suck speech ever, saying "You are NOT an Irish republican! being an Irish republican isn't about who is Catholic or Protestant!, I wouldn't treat poppy wearers or even WWI soldiers like s***, I had friends there that had died!"."