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To Jiao and Song, when you heard about Ryou Shako, what was your reaction?

Jiao: "" (Translation: I was scared, I was expecting a racist bigot, but I started to warm up to Ryou after I met him, he was shy, humble and very sensitive)

Song: "" (Translation: I know, since were from Nanjing ourselves)

To Mingzhui, what is your opinion on Tokiko, Sakura, and Ryou?

Mingzhui: "" (Translation: I find Tokiko to be very cute, like my siblings, I used to be scared of Ryou, but when I found out he was very shy and sensitive, Sakura's pretty nice, I feel very sorry for them, I heard about Unit 731, but neither of it was their fault, I don't hate the Japanese, neither do my niece, parents, and siblings, I feel like I want to give Tokiko a hug, she's just a child that suffered in Shōwa-era Japan, even though I'm from Harbin myself)

To Morgan, how often do you get along with Hailey?

To Song, do you have an Another Counterpart of yourself? If so, tell me the similarities and differences between you and him.

To Agatha Sr. and John, what are your opinions on Mao Zedong?

Agatha Sr.: "Please don't ask us this, he killed his own people."

John: "Please, don't, it is an insult to those who died while in his reign."

To Agatha Sr. and John, what do you think of Toshio Samo and his medical team?

Agatha Sr.: "No offence, but that boy, is really disturbing, He performs gruesome and cruel torture methods on prisoners, it reminds me of Unit 731, without the anthrax and all the toxin, aside from cyanide, lethal injection, which he uses, he's pretty cute though."

John: "His experiments are just disturbing, he once removed a male Gadadhara Bobbalu School teacher's genitals and reproductive system and replaced them with a female's reproductive system, and then he reattached the genitals and reproductive system on a female Gadadhara Bobbalu School teacher, if people could become transgender."

To Agatha Sr. and John, what do you think of the Chinese Ghost Children's deaths in Han-era China

Agatha Sr.: "Their deaths were horrible, they were only children! Innocent children! No one! Not one child deserves to go through something like this."

John: "I feel concern for the their parents, d***, that is horrible and brutal, an 8-year old Chinese boy, and 11-year old Chinese girl and a 7-year old Chinese girl, woah, that's just sickening."

To Mei, why do you beat up prisoners?

Mei: "" (Translation: Them, inferior, us, superior, following orders)

Zhao: "" (Translation: Mei's following orders)

To Agatha Sr., what was for favorite toy as a child?

To Zhao, What is your opinion on Toshio's occupation, which is based of the Angel of Death and Unit 731's occupations

Zhao: "很紧张,那个男孩,炭疽股价的食物,手术无需麻醉,致命的病原体,和门格尔先生和731部队的思想真的让我很紧张,但是,俊男,是一个相当不错的男孩,尽管他的残忍,在实验囚犯在气室中丧生,我可以看到烟雾上升,实验被用于刺刀练习,细菌弹,火焰喷射器和更多,女装,男装和儿童,但俊雄明白,如果他看到了我的兄弟姐妹1或任何其他的士兵,如任何一个中国,韩国,俄罗斯,美国或者,如果他们看到,他去了,并给他们一个拥抱,告诉他们这将是很好,而且他又回到查杀实验" (Translation: Very nervous, that boy, anthrax-laced food, surgery without anesthesia, deadliest pathogens, and the thought of Mr. Mengele and Unit 731 really make me nervous, however, Toshio, is a pretty nice boy, despite his cruelty, The experimented prisoners were killed in a gas chamber, I could see the smoke rise, The experiments were used for bayonet practice, germ bombs, flamethrowers, and more, Women, Men, and children, but, Toshio understands, and if he sees one of my siblings or any other soldier, such as any Chinese, Korean, Russian, or Americans, if they are witnessing, he goes up and gives them a hug, telling them it's going to be okay and he goes back killing the experiment)

To Agatha Sr, can you explain your daughter, Mei's "special interests"

Agatha Sr.: "Um, She likes Transformers, the films are pretty popular there, learning about Communist China and before that, learning calligraphy, she writes in Simplified Chinese, which is the today's Chinese writing script in China, She also likes animation, Chinese history, she also loves Dynasty Warriors."

To Agatha Sr, what is it like having a daughter with Asperger's and ADHD?

Agatha Sr.: "A little hard, she avoids eye contact with me and she rarely speaks, when I adopted her when she was 4, I noticed the signs of ADHD and Asperger's and bought her to a doctor and he said she had Asperger's and ADHD."

To Mei, what do you think of people pretending to be autistic?

Mei: "" (Translation: Offensive)

To Ai, what is your view on the Diaoyu/Senkaku dispute?

Ai: "" (Translation: My family uses Japanese products, such as Sony, Nintendo, and other things, It's Japan's islands, our country has no right claiming what's not theirs, such as Diaoyu or Taiwan)

To Ai, why is Mei nicknamed The Terminator and Mikasa even though the film and Attack on Titan are banned in China?

Ai: "" (Translation: She reminds me and my family of a cyborg, and the fact she wears black, sunglasses, and in the Team Terrific 10 Army, armed with shotguns, and Mikasa, it's her emotionless personality)

To Ai, When you are going to China, what was the plane like?

Ai: "" (Translation: Mei sleeps on the plane, especially long trips and doesn't wake up until the plane ends, there was a tantruming child around my age, he was screaming because he wanted Mei's seat, Mei usually sleeps with her Jibanyan doll because she doesn't feel safe if it is not by her side)

To Agatha Sr., Why does Mei like Yo-Kai Watch?

Agatha: "Well, when we were going to buy her new toys the time we adopted her and a few days after, it was her fifth birthday, we got her a 3DS and I told her what games she wanted, she pointed at Yo-Kai Watch, and it's sequels, Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls, which is Ganso and Honke in Japan, so, she gets lots of Yo-Kai Watch things for her birthday, when she started school, and attended therapy for her mom and dad's murder, she said Yo-Kai Watch helped her, it actually does, she plays it when stressed or upset, when we were in Japan, where Yo-Kai Watch came from, ironically, there was this Japanese nationalist who tried to take a recently-brought Komasan plush out of her hand and he said something like "Foreigners should not play Japanese games", Mei kicked the testicles, and the shop owner told me that he and his right-wing nationalist gang were causing problems for tourists in front of her shop and she actually gave Mei a free Robonyan plush doll, which she takes a great liking too, and still has, when she turned 5, she got a Yo-Kai Watch-themed birthday party, but with a old Asian theme such as lanterns with the creatures, or as Song used to call them in a humorous way "annoying b*****ds", she would make cakes with Jibanyan's face."

To Song, why do you call the Yokai in Yo-Kai Watch "annoying b*****ds?"?

Song: "" (Translation: Hey! I don't mean it like that! I do not hate the series, I think the characters are cute, but annoying, it's only in a "humorous" way)

To Song, how did Mei celebrate her birthday when she arrived in America?

Song: "" (Translation: We went to Japan days before her birthday, she loves Yo-Kai Watch, and some of her classmates and their families went along and we paid for them, but there was this girl in her class that was mean and nasty, she thought the whole world is about her, she threw a tantrum because she wanted a Sailor Moon themed party, but, Mei does not like Sailor Moon, while there, all she talked about was Yo-Kai Watch, and this girl actually punched and beat her to the floor, since Mei is an emotionless girl and she didn't even cry, she actually punched her back, and she said this, "Not everything is about you", She got a USApyon doll, which looks like an otter wearing a spacesuit with rabbit ears, a couple figures, she also bought her 3DS with her, she names her Yokai after things she really likes, she got this one that looked like a young boy around 11 that wore ancient Japanese clothing with teal, long hair, a scarf with serpent heads at the ends which his mouth, Mei said this was one of her favourites because of its design, and you know what she called it? "Eight", yep, "Eight", here's a little problem, Mei cannot buy the Japanese versions of the games, reason is because it is region-locked and Japanese games will not work on a US 3DS)

To Mei and Zhao, what would happen if you've met Chunhua and Bao Xingkuo from the Arakawa Family?

Zhao: "" (Translation: Since they hate all things Japanese, and since Mei loves Yo-Kai Watch, I keep her away from them, I was very appalled at the way they treated Ryota, when his disgusting mother in law denied him food, Mei actually had a Yokai Watch chocolate bar, like the ones Jibanyan eags, and gave it to him, she doesn't really hate Japan, despite what most Chinese say, they believe Yokai Watch causes children to support Japan, Mei doesn't really like Japan's government too much, she compares it to Sinn Féin, which is an Irish Republican Party from Ireland, and since Mei loves her Robonyan plush doll, which she affectionately nicknakes T-1000 after her favourite Terminator character, anyone that takes it off her is met with doom, or as I like to call it, "Judgement Day")

To Agatha, how was Mei's first years in America?

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