Asian garden lockout is a YouTube series by Tellyznphonezfor Adultsonly and Kiezer Olsen. It started on February 4, 2014. Episodes are released twice a week. There has since been 34 episodes. Adultsonly and Olsen ordered a first season of 100 episodes.


  1. Overly Declined Brackets ~ The Asian children are given really hard math problems.
  2. The Spelling Flea ~ The Asian children are given a spelling contest with really hard words to spell.
  3. The Homework Blues


The series receives approximately 1.5 billion views weekly and an average rating of approximately 60% per video.

The series is a massive success in Cuba and received favorable critical reviews in the country. It was also a massive success in Croatia, the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ukraine, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Hungary, and other countries.

The series can also be poorly reviewed by critics. Sophie the Otter wrote "SUSPEND TELLYZNPHONEZFOR ADULTSONLY'S ACCOUNT NOW! THIS IS A SHOW THAT HORRIBLY OFFENDS ASIANS!" Many, many Cubans ignored the review. Olsen gave Adultsonly advice, "There's some girl making a useless review, we really don't care due to she's an a** hole!"

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