Aristotle Buford Marx (Born November 8th, 1676 in London, England. Died August 20th, 1729, age 52) is a British ghost-vampire being who is the ancestor of Youalldeservetof***ingdie Inmyf***ingopinionyouaref***ingdead. He is the main antagonist of Theory World 2: Alpha and Beta.


He was born in November 8th, 1676 in London. His all-time dream was to become King of England. Unfortunately, he failed to achieve it. Instead, he wound up becoming an abusive, haggard farmer with low amounts of money.

He was not following the advice his mentors gave to him on farming. Instead, he assaulted his mentors with tools.

His death occurred on August 20th, 1729 by hanging on the noose. Shortly afterward, he became a ghost and also gained the abilities and status of a vampire.


"YE FOOLS SHALL BECOME THE HORRID ONES WITH JUST ONE BITE ON YOUR NECK!" - Aristotle intimidating the customizable character and his/her allies, The Terrific 10.

"HOW CAN I BITE YOU?! THERE'S NO POSSIBILITY!" ~ If the character is a ghost, also applies to Reicheru, Kazuki, Another Alessandro, Another Kazuki, Another Reicheru, Dietrich Fech, Alois Fech, Monika Fech, Antonino Rossi, Dona Rossi, Alessa Rossi, Ryou Shako, Tokiko Shako, Sakura Shako, Ryo Kisho, Satoshi Kisho Jr., Shikoki Yoshiko, Wei Zhenghan, Mulan Maozhi, Jiao Xion, this goes for Alessandro and Jonathan.

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