Jo Frost-11-25-11

Nanny Jo heads off the Princeton, West Virginia to meet the Appletons. 29-year-old single divorced mom Agnes Appleton is at wit's end with her chaotic out-of-control 3-year-old nonuplets, Ice, Ember, Misty, River, Glenn, Starr, Sage, Orchid, and Jett. These Nonuplets refuse to give up their pacifiers, still drink out of their bottles and wear diapers run amok in public, swear, fight, scratch, pinch, spit, throw toys, pull hair, push each other off the trampoline, climb and pee on the furniture, refuse to eat their meals, leave clutter in every room! Can Jo tame these tots with the Naughty Pit or will everything crumble and fall apart?

Other techniques: Bye Bye Bottle, Paci-Fairy technique, Safari Reward Chart, Sweethearts Technique, Roaming Technique, De-Clutter Technique, Potty Training, and Toy Confiscation