Antonio Hudson (born August 12, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico) is one of the adoptive sons of single mother Katie Hudson and the identical triplet brother of Juan and Jose Hudson.


He is usually dressed in gang colors; he wears a red bandanna on his head, a long white t-shirt, a pair of grey baggy pants, and a green baseball hat.


Rebellious and disrespectful; he and his two brothers work together as a team by doing things that are illegal or unacceptable. He has gotten into more trouble with the law than his two brothers.

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  • His full name is Antonio Francesco Hudson
  • He and his triplet brothers receive coal for Christmas 2030
  • For Halloween 2030, he was dressed up as a Wicked Jester
  • He and his triplet brothers were expelled from 10 schools:
  1. Martin City Elementary School for smearing red paint on school property
  2. Lincoln College Preparatory for arson
  3. Barry School for vandalism
  4. Congress Middle School
  5. Academie Lafayette
  6. University Academy-Middle for cyberbullying
  7. Lakeview Middle School
  8. Northgate Middle School for selling drugs
  9. Allen Village School
  10. Plaza Middle School
  • He is currently attending New Mark Middle School
  • He and his triplet brothers were adopted from Mexico before the tridecaplets were born
  • He can play the drums well
  • His Facebook link is Antonio_Hudson 2331
  • He and his brothers are smoking marijuana


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