The following is a parental guide consisting of scenes and terms in the game that are not suitable for younger players.

Sex and NudityEdit

A man is seen nude on the top half with his abdomen bleeding in the intro

A corpse of a nude woman is seen

A man says some disturbing things to a 20-year old before killing him

A male adult ghost rapes a woman, his genitals are seen briefly (Limited Edition only)

A Japanese woman is killed when a young boy stabs her bare breasts until blood and breast milk are all left (Limited Edition only)


Violence and GoreEdit

This game is considered to be one of the most graphic Theory games of all time.

Three ghost boys are seen, one with a stabbed throat, one with his eye cut out, and one stabbed in the abdomen

A character is killed in one of the dealer stalls in a wrong end

A ghost is stripped into insanity and kills her friends

A boy decapitates a woman

They are corpses everywhere

A man snaps a woman's neck

A character's legs and arms are cut out in a wrong end

The characters are teleported into the ghosts' flashback, they see them blindfolded and bounded hand and foot, one of the boys is stabbed in the throat, another one is stabbed in the eye and the other is stabbed in the stomach, very depressing and gruesome scene

A character dies vomiting blood from contaminated food in a wrong end

A man is disembowled by a ghost boy

A girl's neck is snapped by a young ghost boy

A corpse of people are seen around



30 uses of f***, 29 uses of s***, 10 uses of motherf***er, 59 uses of god***it in Standard Edition

40 uses of f***, 40 uses of s***, 30 uses of motherf***er, 80 uses of god***it in Limited Edition




A male ghost is seen smoking

Frightening/Intense ScenesEdit

This is a game not for kids, it is very graphic and gory, where ghosts kill and injure people and the main characters

Not recommended for younger Theory fans

Standard Edition Suggested Game Rating: M for bloody violence, strong language, sex references

Limited Edition Suggested Game Rating: AO for extreme bloody violence, explicit language, strong sex, and sadistic behaviours

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